List of people who disappeared mysteriously...

A search for 'Jimmy Hoffa' led me down the rabbit hole of famous missing persons...

I find it rather fascinating. The most notorious disappearances of all time.

Wonder what the heck happened to these people, and what is the significance of not knowing for sure?
(04-13-2018, 08:27 PM)MO Wrote: . . . what is the significance of not knowing for sure?

I mean in an esoteric kinda way, what is the meaning of not knowing what really happened to these people, or anyone else who mysteriously disappears?

What is there to learn from that? What is the meaning behind it?
i think its like any other tragedy in life , you just do not know when your number is up so enjoy every day
Well said!
Me I disappeared although no one gave a fuck I still did

5:20 this one is very interesting...

Judging by the many pictures of her...×tamp=1422998536

Very rare for the time... I can tell she was a pretty big deal back then.
Given the circumstances surrounding Hoffa's disappearance, it's a near certainty he was killed by the mob. The real question is: where did they bury the body?

37:24 re: Jimmy Hoffa, "It was put in a car crusher."

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