Mark Comings: Free Energy Physicist
so... there's a big difference between the types of power generation we currently use publicly, and the type of `free` energy / over unity / zero point / tesla / whatever buzzword devices.

everything we currently use is based around explosions, however minute. all of the suppressed stuff is based around implosions. these leave very different signatures in other dimensions. that's how the MIB or whoever find them so quickly. it'd almost like the sky suddenly turning green when it had been blue. there is a natural balance between explosive and implosive forces in this construct. destruction and construction. both require and provide energy. when there is an imbalance between these energetic forces, this is manifested as different eras of the ages, like the bronze / iron / silver / gold age paradigm. or the yugas.

we have been in a negative yuga, so the allowed energies are explosive. people are dumb, shitty, and negative. to change the electric energy paradigm is to change the mental/emotional/spiritual paradigm. they are linked. tesla wasn't just a nerd makin shit, he was an idealist. that's how you can tell which of the free energy / zpe people are legit. they have a completely different mindset and view of the world that most that have incarnated. such people cannot be bought off, or really bullied away... thus, they die.

btw, if you really REALLY want the good energy tech, you want to oscillate some special matter from a state of explosion to a state of implosion, continuously re-ploding it. it creates this plasma core inside of a perfectly aligned crystal formation, facets must be accurate to the molecule. temps, pressures, electric fields, magnetic fields, gravity, all must be aligned just right.

if you remember bulla the rainbow man, and his special sapphires, that's what he was talking about. still kinda pissed off about that. i think i was the only one that knew what he was talkin about, everyone else just fucked with him.
(04-04-2019, 03:44 AM)genba Wrote: if you remember bulla the rainbow man


I fucking hated Bulla at first, but then he started making sense.

He called rainbows “hetrodynamic electromagnetic hydrowaves”... or maybe it was “hydra”.
Hi folks - Mark Coming is a charlatan and a criminal. He has stolen hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from unsuspecting folks through a "spiritual" scam that has gone by different names over the last 15 years. Google cult forum, mark comings carl jensen, gabrielle klonek. There are legit voices out there but this guy isn't one of them. I knew Mark personally for a few years in 2004-07 in California.
Dancing Banana 
(04-27-2019, 11:21 PM)Guest Wrote: He has stolen hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from unsuspecting folks through a "spiritual" scam

Stop making me like him more
My research has led to the death of this man. Extensive research and also experiments myself, show that the 'free energy' part is not really true.
The crystal DO produce energy in the form of electrical charge but, if you look to own a crystal, I'm certain you will not find a free one out there and the crystal would need regularly renewing. So the materials required come at a cost and the cost would shoot up if how, was released to the world.
It's a simple process but it's not quite there yet. I'm still using the Tesla coil in my outbuildings, by far the best source of controlled 'free' energy to date.
Why doesn’t else try recreate his experiments and live stream everything so it’s logged
It should be somebody who already has a sizable audience.

They would need plenty of supportive eyes on them right out of the gate...

And even with that support, well...

I mean, we saw what happened to Alex Jones. You can't have a much bigger audience or more support than that... yet, still, he was censored.
Mark McCandlish knee Mark Comings and you can read about him here.

I trust David Wilcock and all of his books and interviews are very interesting especially about the secret space program, confiscating all this amazing supposedly “impossible” technology makes sense when you realized the whole picture of who the “powers that were” are and why everything is not what it seems. Corey Goode and Emery Smith are important whistleblowers to understand before the controlled LARPERS come out soon to discredit the real whistleblowers. Corey’s story seems so far fetched but the way he explains his testimony comes out genuine and will take his story with a grain of salt. But man if it’s true, the future is exciting! Keep our co-creative consciousness positive and look into the light!
It’s an interesting article...

For the most part, I believe David/Corey are just capitalizing on a VERY popular topic...

Mark Comings is the one of the most often clicked through search terms for my website...

Traffic = money.

Corey Goode particularly is known to be a money hungry sycophant...

Here is some info about how Corey, his weird cult, and Gaia TV all tie together...

(12-29-2018, 04:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

7:40 she's addressing Corey Goode and his blue space chicken cult, which we've heard Clif High talk about being total disinfo.

(12-25-2018, 08:18 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

He says that David Wilcock and Corey Goode are disinfo agents, whether they're paid, or whether they consciously know it or not.

(11-24-2018, 04:49 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

1:15:00 he says that the strange energy from space is impacting us through the "hormonal antenna" of the vagus nerve (which branches throughout the entire body) and that this strange energy is causing all the cult-like belief in subjects being spread around by people like Corey Goode etc.

(10-05-2018, 05:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

8:00 he basically asserts that the "secret space program" touters are actually disinfo agents and that "Gaia" (the brand/channel) is infiltrated with disinfo.

15:30 more comments on Gaia.

28:04 he starts talking about Antarctica, specifically what he called "Roswell, Antarctica" and he essentially says Gaia could be fabricating 'whistleblowers' related to this topic.

1:00:10 see this is another reason I love Clif High the way I do... he's all about WORDS. Anyway, he says that these, as he calls them, "blue chicken cult" people involved with Gaia TV (people like Corey Goode) are trying to copyright words and phrases... nefarious, if not just downright evil.

(07-20-2018, 11:01 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

2:24 so David Wilcock alleges that Gaia TV is promoting a luciferian agenda, eh?!

Not surprising. One has to be curious of a popularized entity which comes up and gains sponsorship, especially when its subject matter is of an esoteric nature.
Say what you will about Corey/David/Gaia TV, but Mark McCandlish is a respected aerospace illustrator who’s worked for every major aerospace company there is. He’s been privy to some of the biggest secrets and is familiar with the military’s hidden reverse-engineering programs. His testimony alone in regards to meeting Mark and getting the full story gives MAJOR credibility to the events described.

There are contactees unrelated to Corey and co, some from other countries and they have validated many of the things, but not all, that Corey talks about. The problem in my eye is, yes they are likely affiliated with certain 3-letter agencies who have infiltrated them to a certain extent to cause confusion and make people think EVERYTHING they say must be a lie, because some info is off, they’re monetizing it, etc.. so people like “High Clif” proclaim the whole thing is a scam so not to be trusted at all. This is a trick, very well played one- but it’s an error in judgement based on other research I’ve done, and that of Michael Salla. The problem with them is not so much Corey as it is Wilcock who does things like posts videos with other researchers’ content then takes credit. They are probably being mind-controlled to an extent as well. But I hesitate quicker to trust those screaming “disinformation!” When it’s clear they are biased and haven’t done the real work needed- like really study all the other testimonies to compare/contrast.

My 2¢
I knew him for years and worked with him and suddenly he disappeared. I last talked to him around 2006 and he claimed he was living in East Asia.
I think he scammed a lot of people. He certainly wasted a lot of  my time. Mark was delusional.
(10-06-2019, 11:00 AM)Guest Wrote: he claimed he was living in East Asia.

They need to make a device to harness all that wasted energy from lonely, horny guys wanking.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
A billion dollar idea.
(10-06-2019, 11:00 AM)Guest Wrote: I knew him for years and worked with him and suddenly he disappeared. I last talked to him around 2006 and he claimed he was living in East Asia.
I think he scammed a lot of people. He certainly wasted a lot of  my time. Mark was delusional.

Hey here’s a theory. Every person calling Mark a “scammer,” with no actual details is actually just trying their best to discredit him. If he “scammed” you, please explain how? And who are you? 

Nice to know the disinformation machine is alive and well.
Explains all the granite monolithic monuments around the world. I think the revelation of this technology would undo hundreds of years of deception and lies.
(04-26-2018, 02:19 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Dear Mister Obvious
Yes the phony physicist who dropped out of UC Berkeley is most likely still alive. The obituary you cite is about a totally different Mark David Comings than the one who famously ripped everyone off with his so-called "Abundance Ray"  The Mark David Comings your are interested in was born in 1960 not 1963. The obituary is just another guy with the same name.

This is in answer to the following post:

Apparently Mark Comings invented a device powered by crystals as proof that they could be used for free energy...

This dissertation is dated 2006...

I can't find anything new from this guy.

Is he even still alive???

He's listed on this page too:

Somebody by that name died in 2010...

This is from 2005...

11 year old video and the only one on this channel which appears to be his 'official' channel:

I can't find anything else with him on YouTube.



So is this guy dead or what? Seems like it...

The obituary said he was 46.

That's awful young.

You'd think if he was dead there would be SOME KIND of page out there clearly stating and linking that.
I knew Mark Comings for several years before his marriage to Elisabeth Targ. I worked with him at the "ISSO" laboratory in San Francisco... or rather, we set up a facility for him to use to reproduce his claimed Berkeley crystal experimental phenomenon as well as some other projects he pitched to the lab coordinator who was at that time a NASA scientist. But Mark did not spend more than a few minutes in "his" lab and of course never reproduced anything of interest other than lots and lots of verbiage. He had 2 uncanny powers: He could cause computers and test equipment to fail just by walking past them, and he could hold even educated people in hypnotic fascination while he talked about his conjectures and delusions. (I on the other hand could make faulty equipment start working again by touching it, and could bore whole classrooms of students into falling asleep within ten minutes. So I know whereof I speak.)
I had moved on to other things by the time Elisabeth found out about her glioblastoma and married Mark out of some kind of desperation. During her last days at Hayfields, Mark was around, as well as many other friends of hers. I was dismayed by his attitude towards the whole thing, and that was the last I saw of him.
Later on I tried to find him and found out that he had gotten involved with something called the "Hathor Ascension Movement" led by Gabrielle Hathor (aka Gabrielle Wilson, Maha Devi, others) which later morphed into the "Mahi Ascension Movement" and "Ananda Health Resort" cult. A lot more of this story can be found in comments at,27266,53744
I have no idea where he is now, whether he is alive or dead. Certainly the obituary for "Mark David Comings" that has been linked is not the same fellow at all.
Thanks for allowing my post to come through so quickly. I'm kind of hoping that shaking the tree may make some newer information about Mark to fall out. As far as I have been able to determine the trail goes cold in Hong Kong a decade or more ago.
One other point about the Berkeley crystal overunity experiment that has been reported so many times. It was the impression, shared by me and other people at ISSO, that Mark did not actually have the technical expertise and practical knowledge necessary to conduct an experiment of that kind, or perform proper measurement and analysis. I don't think he actually understood how to operate an oscilloscope or an arbitrary waveform generator, for example. Certainly I never observed him to do anything the least bit technical at ISSO's SF laboratory, even though we had specifically set up various workstations (electronic, electromechanical, chemical) for him to use. When his bluff was called, he just sort of faded away.
I don't think he was lying, exactly, in his accounts of the Berkeley experiment and the subsequent raid and the night spent in detention at the campus police station. Rather, I think his psychological state at the time may have caused him to... er... misinterpret events and make unwarranted associations, which he later reported as facts that he himself believed, but which had little relationship to consensus reality.
You sound way more interesting than Mark.

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