Mark Comings: Free Energy Physicist
Apparently Mark Comings invented a device powered by crystals as proof that they could be used for free energy...

This dissertation is dated 2006...

I can't find anything new from this guy.

Is he even still alive???

He's listed on this page too:

Somebody by that name died in 2010...

This is from 2005...

11 year old video and the only one on this channel which appears to be his 'official' channel:

I can't find anything else with him on YouTube.

Quote:"We are Piezo-electric crystals full of living light."



So is this guy dead or what? Seems like it...

The obituary said he was 46.

That's awful young.

You'd think if he was dead there would be SOME KIND of page out there clearly stating and linking that.
And if you think the part about the 'men in black' showing up is total BS, I'd have to say, it may not be...

There are other stories about the MIB specifically, showing up and taking free energy devices wherever they may pop up...

(04-19-2018, 01:05 PM)MO Wrote:
Just where the hell is Mark Comings?

And if he's dead...

How did he die?
Yeah I was looking this up, I don't know whether its the same guy you listed in obituary.
His partner did die.
Her boyfriend, Mark Comings, was a theoretical physicist. He felt that an eight-dimensional universe could explain how a healer in Santa Fe could influence a patient in San Francisco: In our ordinary three-dimensional world, healer and patient appear far apart, but in one of the as-yet-unmeasurable extra dimensions, they'd be in the same place. Targ would shake him off – speculation wasn't for her. She had patients to care for.
(06-30-2018, 12:04 AM)MO Wrote: And if you think the part about the 'men in black' showing up is total BS, I'd have to say, it may not be...

There are other stories about the MIB specifically, showing up and taking free energy devices wherever they may pop up...

Well what ive seen is there is this front company called evergreen energy or something based in Asia that buys up over unity devices from people and they seem to have unlimited money.
And the devices are never heard from again.
Have a read of this guys I know this is an old topic but this has some interesting stuff about him in it.
Perpetua Energia!
I study from Classical masters like Davinci and leonardo and archimedies in applying physical shapes into desgins with my 3d printerrrrr

And I have also research and do expirement on magnet perpetua wheel

As I find magnets to be intresting in Magnetic strength and A tiny powerful magnet can lift its own weight by 10 Times.

The Power is there it just needs to be translated into or from Hidden knowledge
must do so much serious thinking.

I fukn hate what oil is doing to my PLANET
both economically and physically to my well being.
The oil Holds a monopoly over my Region and peoples. Like a DARK PLAGUE!!!!
He’s still working on his experiments but he’s gone into hiding somewhere in the Far East. He was threatened by government agents to stop what he was doing regarding his zero point energy experiments or else they’d expose the “CCTV he set up to spy on women in the campus gyms locker room” which clearly scared him out of country and underground.
What’s so bad about having a free energy device ?
It's FREE energy...

TPTB can't make retarded amounts of money off it and keep us in the dark ages of tech if we have free energy.

Watch The Secret of Nikola Tesla (1980)...

1:34:10 "I'm still waiting."

That's it in a nutshell buddy...

No free energy for us...

Too much freedom, and they want us to be slaves.

They stole all Tesla's tech when he died and they use it in secret for their own benefit.

The technological advancements over the past 80 years came from Tesla tech.

But they don't give him credit...

And now when you say "Tesla" everyone thinks of some stupid cars instead of the father of electricity.
i think you gotta be dumber than a sack of rocks to believe in free energy
(01-27-2019, 02:18 PM)Guest Wrote: i think you gotta be dumber than a sack of rocks to believe in flat earth

Hi, Anyone that had anything that was successful natural healing or had some serious promise was either bought out by the FDA or the work was confiscated and the person was either tossed in jail or mysteriously died early- bottom line ruined.  FDA and USDA both work for pharma and friends not the government, they have been doing this for decades.. See the Hoxley method (he survived but he went through hell). There has been over 87 natural doctors and scientists that have had questional endings that were anything but what was listed on their death certificate.. and most of them that I heard of were when Obama was in office.

The naturalist doctor/researcher kill-off has been happening since about 2004 that I know of.

It was becoming so prevalent around 2005 and 2006 that I actually wrote a 'fictional' short-story about scientists researching natural cures being killed off.
I'm so confused. I just saw a post from a friend who's way into conspiracies about this guy. Googled him and wound up here. Since this is an active thread, let me just ask this;

Why would the government not want free energy? Just because free energy exists doesn't mean the average person would have access to the "free" part of it. If there was free energy, that would.mean more money for the governments. Less spending on acquiring the energy so they can make straight profit. I'm not at all saying that there are no conspiracies. There are tons. But this? Seriously? It makes no sense for the government to be against it. Abduction and seizing of assets makes sense. The rest doesnt. And also, what's with this assumption that the government/companies are smarter than the people? That's idiocy to assume they're that intelligent when they fuck up all the time. Again, conspiracies are a thing. But this one seems like a distraction for the real problems. While you all are trying to prove when and where this guy died, I'm not even sure he ever existed. Sounds like total fake b.s. to lure in the stupid people from noticing what's actually going on. The government is arguing about a wall for show. It's a sham. You're telling me Trump and his supporters can't come up with 5 billion themselves? Bullshit. You think the government would actually shutdown when most politicians thought "hey that's a bad idea."? Bullshit. The real conspiracy is the theatrics going on in politics right now.
(02-06-2019, 04:43 PM)Guest Wrote: It makes no sense for the government to be against it.

They're not "against it"... they're hoarding the tech for themselves and making a lot of serious advancements aimed at putting THEM at a massive advantage over the masses if free energy ever is eventually released.

(02-06-2019, 04:43 PM)Guest Wrote: While you all are trying to prove when and where this guy died, I'm not even sure he ever existed.

Pretty valid point, there isn't any proof. But I personally think he was real, regardless of the legitimacy of his 'free energy' claims. I think he's dead... under suspicious circumstances, or not.

(02-06-2019, 04:43 PM)Guest Wrote: The real conspiracy is the theatrics going on in politics right now.

The political scene is the biggest distraction out there... so is ANYTHING the mainstream media ever discusses. Everything that goes on in the political scene is some totally made up shit. And really, anything widely discussed that receives a lot of attention generally tends to be layers upon layers of distraction and deflection.

"They" are using the free energy tech to advance themselves and they're keeping the masses hundreds of years behind in development on purpose. The kind of tech they have now is mindblowing...

Truth of the matter is, they're under the impression that they're going to leave the planet and colonize other worlds using this tech. It's doomed to fail though, because they don't grasp some pretty basic principles of existence. Like you said, TPTB just aren't really that damn smart.

(01-28-2017, 08:06 PM)MO Wrote: Interstellar travel is not possible because different stars emit entirely different particles. Beyond the magnetic field of a system's own star, there's nothing but dead space. The star system is like a bubble, and everything inside is powered by the particles of the sun. Different star systems' particles are incompatible.

Likewise, in every planet is a core that can essentially be thought of as a miniature sun. That's what it is. It's a tiny piece of sun. It has its own magnetic field, the earth's magnetosphere for example. The lifeforms which come to exist on each heavenly body do so with the elements present in the point at which they reside. For example, today's human is a surface creature, it's come to exist on the surface. The relationship with the surface and the sun, the relationship with the surface and all the surrounding elements. These relationships are precise in what they form. Humans can't exist up in the sky because the air gets too thin, they can't exist deep in the earth because it's too hot. They're lifeforms equipped for surface existence.

Therefore, they are not equipped to live in space. The farther away from their native position in the earth's magnetic field (and also the relation between that field and the sun's magnetic field), the harder it is for them to survive. There are so many threats to them in space. There's no surviving without machinery and special materials, and these materials and machines are ultimately fragile, doomed to fail because of the severity of conditions in space and on other planets.

Where humans cannot live naturally... they will not live. They will stagnate and decay, whether they "survive" for any period of time or not.
Anyone hear anything new?
I truly believe the man is dead.
This man is dead. I ended up here after extensive web reaserch to my surprise an active thread. So what I do know is that he made free energy of crystals which is true, energy is real from a spiritual perspective,& can be applied to all science of life. But what really intrigues me is why the men from the government I'm assuming killed him confiscated all the equipment and left. I'm pretty sure if you could access crime scene photos it wouldnt even show a lab. How did he have access to this type of knowledge trial and error? No, he litterally took quatam physics and discected each and every varible to understand on a level where he was able to invent free forming energy. This is a topic that I've came back and always thought about for years..... Would love feedback from those of you that have done your reaserch ? let's keep this positive. ✌️

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