Alternative Influencers: 80 YouTube accounts accused of "Right Wing Radicalization"

Society is at a pathetic level of pussification at this point...

Absolutely pathetic.

They don't want any dissenting opinions on the YouTube platform...

They're phasing out ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE on YouTube and will make it 100% stooges put in place to provide the most banal dogshit ever seen by humanity...

Even the most mindless, useless tripe on network TV will look like genius level IQ shit compared to what's coming down the pike on YouTube TV.


Like I said...

At this point, YouTube is clearly "phasing out" the community aspect of its site...

The plan to kill YouTube deader than a box of rusty nails...
Styx is a libertarian. Sargon is a classical liberal. The only thing right wing about them is they have the common sense that cultural Marxists lack.
I've been seeing some links being used lately. It gives me hope.
Styx looks at the map, pisses himself laughing.

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