Space Force: A program already underway for decades, finally made public...
(01-20-2020, 05:13 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I mean...

The fact is...

"Space Force" in all its various forms is the future.

Most of the future several generations' adult lives will be about space work.

I'd say there'll be one more upcoming generation which only about ~20% of whom will work in the space field.

The ones following though, 50% and beyond will have space related jobs, whether it's conducting earth-side assistance or actually going to space in one capacity or another.

There will have to be a generation (or two) of hardcore pioneers...

It won't be so fast at first, but once it's forged, it will be exponential.

Then everybody will probably die (no matter where they are) but...

Those who wish to will get to have fun in space or whatever before that happens.
Update on the Space Force Prophecy...

(03-23-2020, 04:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Most people who have babies in the next 10 years will be having the Space Force soldiers.

Especially those in the next 20 years.

But the next 10 years' babies will be the Space Force pioneers.

(03-23-2020, 04:33 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I personally know some people who have disembodied recently so they could come back and be in Space Force...

Watch out though, these Space Force kids are real assholes...

They will have one focus...

In the old world paradigm they would be called "autistic" and all other kinds of stupid shit...

But just because they have laser focus on what the fuck they wanna do doesn't make them defective...

Watch out because these coming kids about to fuck some shit up.

(03-23-2020, 04:40 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They will be very hard to deal with...

It doesn't mean they don't/won't love you.

But people out there who have ever been hellbent on a mission should understand the kind of preoccupation that comes with that desire.

Be ready for these Space Force kids to hurt you and break your heart really bad if you hold onto them too hard...

You have got to let them do what they wanna do.

This upcoming 2 generations are going to be extremely hardcore individuals and you're gonna have to accept straight away they will not obey you (or anyone).

They will show these traits IMMEDIATELY. Don't be shocked or surprised.

(03-23-2020, 04:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: We have to be ready to fully sacrifice ourselves for these kids too...

Some of them are coming into the world with such extreme force of will that some of the portals they step through will be destroyed...

If I have a child within the next 12 years (all that's left of my childbearing viability), I fully accept that I may be decimated in the process...

Couldn't care less. All that would matter to me in that scenario is safely delivering the being to life in the earth realm...

No greater mission, trust me...

These Space Force soldiers have extreme destinies that call for extreme measures, including extreme acceptance and the ability to let go.

Good luck bitches!!!
Those Space Force Personnel are going to need strong immune systems to prevent spreading diseases in those confined artificial environments.

They probably won't let anyone who hasn't been vaccinated go off world.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!


A lot of those coming into Space Force don't care what they have to do to get into it...

They are not planning on living long drawn out lives anyway...

These individuals will make speed demons look like Pollyanna.

That said, I do not put a lot of stock in the concept of "vaccines" and all these other control mechanisms being a thing by the time Space Force is truly ready for pioneers.

I could be wrong about that, and again like I said, the people who will be in Space Force just won't care.

Space Force's first mission.
It's all about Space Force.
I'd say within the next 6 months there will be a major development re: Space Force.
And I'll say something else pertaining to Space Force Prophecy...

A lot of the pioneers of Space Force in the coming 2 decades...

Those kids who are being born right now and within the next 10 years...

A lot of them are gonna have Russian best friends ;)
Quote:The AEHF-6 satellite carried into space by Thursday’s launch will complete a constellation of satellites at the core of the US military communications.
I didn't watch it actually. I just came across that tidbit of info today and thought it was interesting. Then I saw this...

13:04 so apparently Elon's operations got thrown under the bus in favor of whatever Space Force is really up to.
(03-26-2020, 02:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: And I'll say something else pertaining to Space Force Prophecy...

A lot of the pioneers of Space Force in the coming 2 decades...

Those kids who are being born right now and within the next 10 years...

A lot of them are gonna have Russian best friends ;)
and why not Chinese BFF's!? Whaaa

It's a long story ;)
See, people have it all wrong...

They think exploring space, pioneering and colonizing space is humanity's big "break free" of Earth's imprisonment.

They think it's the pinnacle and the epitome of human progress and advancement.

But really, it's the last big show, the final exciting burst of action in humanity's span of existence.

After we achieve regular, frequent space travel, it all ends... and abruptly at that.

It always has, and it always will.

But that doesn't mean it's not fun up until that point.
I gotta say I think it's pretty fucked up that they haven't purchased yet.

Registered in 2001, expires in 2025...

They better give that guy a million dollars for that domain name and call it a day.
What're they gonna do, NOT own

I mean I think it's frankly pathetic that they don't already, but whatever.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
"Space defense"...

"Space traffic"...



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