Space Force: A program already underway for decades, finally made public...
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Damn that looks like an old hunk of shit...

Like I hate to be hatin', but damn...


Where are they hiding the GOOD good shit??
Now they're putting lasers on everything.

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lol Judge Judy Disgust Judging You
Space Force Commander, General Raymond looks like General Hammond from Stargate SG1.
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Kinda funny at times. Carell and Malkovich do a decent job. 

Good satire, a space-force version of an attempt at a remake

of the office; I enjoyed the first season. 

(06-05-2020, 07:41 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's always been about bringing secret tech public...

So many people want to control this and dominate this...

But there will be two main leaders in humanity's 21st century space domination...

This fight is nothing more than extravagant butthurt.

The losers already lost a long time ago, and yes, they are angry.

It will take them decades to finally swallow their pride and agree to work with us.

What will America look like?

It will hearken back to a time in the past.

But it will be a fusion of modern tech with this "old" time...

Meanwhile, some other countries will have what seems like more impressive infrastructure than the US has.

It's a strange dichotomy...

To dominate space, but at the same time to be a bit shabby on the ground.

Indeed, it's a picture of the imbalance that comes along with putting your all into one thing and neglecting other aspects of life.

Sometimes that's what it takes to get to the destination though.

For anyone who has a nostalgic view of certain bygone eras... it'll be a wonderful time, very sensually enjoyable as well.

For those who are obsessed with trying to force earth and life on the earth into too unnatural a box, it will be a time of heavy feelings... a certain melancholy that can't be explained by their standard of living or other mundane issues.

It's time to get excited about the future... and laugh in the face of the retarded shit dying sectors of humanity will try to pull. There are a whole lot of people who just can't go into this future... as for what will ultimately happen to them, I can't say I care. Hold back natural progress, be destroyed.
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He's Right You Know
It's coming.
The horny Aliens probably travelled for a long time across solar systems the first thing they'll want to do is inseminate horny Earth girls.
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We can only hope for something so innocuous.
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So Dickie...

How long do you think it'll be before they're sending single or small crews into space to do stuff like mine asteroids or the moon or whatever?

2 decades? 3 decades? Never?

I'm curious.

Anyone else feel free to weigh in with your serious opinion on this.
Probably in a generation, so that there can be isolated/contained offworld colonies of humans that won't get wiped out by a major pandemic or natural disaster here on Earth.

The humans living offworld will be more advanced because the bulk of resources will go towards building and maintaining their futuristic colonies, while the humans on Earth will be encouraged to lower their population count and live with less resource allocation.
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The other day I was also thinking about living offworld where there is a 12-hour day/night cycle. Six hours day then six hours night.

An easy fix would be to sleep every other night.
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Fascinating considerations...

Many thanks to you for your insights.
You should have called this thread "Space Force: Man's Ascent From Rocks To Rockets".
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