THE HUNTER SISTERS: “No one’s perfect!”

Presented without comment because come on.
Nothing I could ever say could do this justice.

Dr. Stephanie is the coolest chick ever.

That's Dr. Stephanie's real hair for sure.

I dig those orange vibes.

This seems to be her signature look.

I can relate to that a lot.

But I feel like unless you were a natural redhead to begin with and it was like BRIGHT red...

This would just be sooo hard to keep up.

When I dyed my hair bright orange, it was really only good for a couple months and then it just went to shit.

I gotta say though, that semi-permanent dye from Punky Colour is some good shit, SOOO vibrant.

Smells funky though. It's because it's really just sitting on top of your hair, like every time you shower, a little bit washes out. It's actually mega gross if you stop and think about it.

Definitely not into dying the hair... cool for a few times til the novelty wears off, but it's not something I would do with any regularity like Stephanie does.

I do give her props for going for the gusto though. Blue eye shadow, orange hair, eccentric attire... she's living the dream.

Kinda scared to watch this video lmfao!
Cuz I know everything they're gonna say is gonna be like the opposite of everything I am about, rofl!

Let's see if I'm right...

*clicks play*

0:27 look at that fucking adorable laugh...

Fuck I love you Dr. Stephanie.

5:30 hmmm. It's sort of a helpful video.

Definitely not an unhelpful video.

8:10 she's addressing me here.

9:00 wow that was actually kinda insightful.

9:25 it's good advice.

9:48 she's actually effin' right man.

I didn't expect it to be an actual good and helpful video.
wonderful women. love it.

To be fair, I didn't even watch this video, and I'm sure they say some great/helpful things in it.

But I just think scheduling sex is sad.

Fun in life comes largely from spontaneity.
(06-21-2020, 02:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: But I just think scheduling sex is sad.
Fuck why do I feel the same way? In the old days you let nature take its course.
The Universe determines plus hormones and such.
Now its netflix and chill? I don't belong in this time realm.

Dude it's sooo weird they came out with this video just now, because earlier today I was thinking about how easily I startle...

What The Fuck

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