Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
Oh yeah, he seems so relaxed/chill over there, havent seen him like that in a long time
and Im sure its great for his friend too (losing a kid to suicide, omg is there anything worse? poor woman :( lady needs good friends now more than ever, my heart breaks for her)

Rich is soooooooooo much happier without Sabrina all up in his ass, we all freakin see it, I hope he doesnt go back
I think they have broken up and are now just "friends" cos 1: she is blocked on his youtube (yip still) 2: she is posting a ton (more than normal) like a single lady does (trying to get his attention, show that she is fine without him) 3: relationship status still gone from facebook

"she's a true friend. She was there before all his YouTube popularity & she knows & likes the real Rich"
no trying to ride them youtube coat tails like some have *cough sabrina cough* (prob the thing that irks me the most about her)
Anyone else notice this? when succubus I mean sabrina isnt around he can read the comments on his phone in live chat, funny that
I thought his friend's young boy died of cancer, not suicide? I can't remember what I based this on. If he did die of suicide, his mother is gonna be in a real bad way for the next couple of years, at least. My mother cried every single day for two years after my brother's death. She also refused to wear bright colors any more & she quit dying her hair & let it go gray, as a sign of perpetual mourning.
Everyone's different of course, when it comes to grief. My mother had no counselling and no support group; she got through it alone as best she could.
There's no way he died of suicide, he was just a baby...

Let's not talk about him anymore, it hurts too much.
I'm sorry, Mr. Obvious, but "that guest" was correct, this little eleven-year-old boy did indeed commit suicide. Now we know why Rich is in Pocatello, Idaho. I won't bring this up again--I have no desire to distress you further--but I thought you'd want to know the facts.
I appreciate your dedication to presenting the truth...

But that is just too horrifying to even contemplate and I just can't bear it.
It just makes me cry. I really can't stand it.

How does a little child kill themself??

I don't even understand it...

How could it even be possible??

I had some suicidal thoughts when I was 12 or so, and I was NOT a normal kid, LOL...

I could have thought of a way to kill myself if anybody could, but the best I could think of was jumping off a bridge.

That's some bullshit.

By the way, an obsession with Catwoman/Julie Newmar ultimately saved my life. LOL. So did discovering message boards/discussion forums around that same time. So things worked out fine for me.

But I just can't conceive of a child killing themselves...

And the last thing I will really say about it is that if school bullying wasn't at play, then it really needs to be considered what was making him so depressed.

It's just so sad and I don't like discussing kids in the first place, let alone a situation so heartwrenching and horrific.
Things are just so much more violent than they were when even I was a kid... all the video games and the TV shows and movies are all so much more graphic and violent. I blame media.
Im offended by Sabrina making a suicide video the other day
She jumped on the wagon yet again
Having joined youtube on Mar 16, 2013, she brings it up NOW, great timing, it wasnt important to you any other time in the past 6 years? yeah ok woman
I knew she was off and there is my proof
Sometimes things arent yours to comment on, ok comment is the wrong word here, to educate others about, its like a 500lb person making a video on how to get abs
I hope the mother of the little angel didnt see that, its offensive
But that is very Pisces of her isnt it, I understand everything I know exactly how you feel
I was offered counselling after my son passed and my first question was have you had a baby/child etc die? she said no, so I went on my merry way, some things you just cant understand unless you have been there first hand and this would be one of them

Poor lil guy, I hope that his soul has found peace RIP :(
" 2: she is posting a ton (more than normal) like a single lady does (trying to get his attention, show that she is fine without him) "
I guess that comment got to her, she deleted her instagram LOL

For being soooooooooooooooooooooo smart (psychology etc) its funny how clueless she is
Deleted IG? Yeesh. That’s sorta drastic. Maybe she just changed her username or something!

Wonder if it was cuz of her display pic of them together? Would she really rather delete the IG than change the pic?

Wonder if she changed it on FB.
Well, in yesterday's March 4 reading for Aquarius, "Making the Most of a Bad Situation," Rich reminds us he's an Aquarius too & proceeds to inform us that our relationship was a "waste of time" and that it'll be "going nowhere" in the month of March. As an Aquarius, I am damn sensitive (though Aquas don't always let on that something bothers them but trust me, it eats 'em up inside). And if I were an even more sensitive Pisces, you better bet statements like this would bother the living fuck out of me!
And if all of the above wasn't enough, he goes on to advise us to stay out of relationships for a while. And I'm like, am I hearing this right, Rich Lopp is telling us to take a hiatus from relationships?!! Hahahahahaha!!
Now if I were Sabrina taking this all in, I'd be bristling like a wild boar about to go on a rampage...
Specifically, he said, don't go "jumping into" another relationship too soon, hahahaha! Is Rich finally learning something or what?!
(03-05-2019, 09:05 PM)Guest Wrote: proceeds to inform us that our relationship was a "waste of time" and that it'll be "going nowhere" in the month of March.

LMFAO OMG, see this is why I never resonate with Rich’s readings. That’s so negative!!!

Like even when he’s happy his readings are still all negative and shit.
First off, Rich was labeling his relationship with Sabrina a waste of time, a conclusion to which I think the contributors to this board will all agree. He also was saying it's going nowhere right now. I'm sure Sabrina was not thrilled to hear either.
Second, as an Aqua his reading resonated with me. I am still recovering from a would-be relationship from two years ago, & just like Rich, I have concluded it was an enormous waste of time. It went nowhere & it's still going nowhere. You can call this negative; I call it reality.
Well on the bright side of it though, I’m sure Rich would appreciate seeing someone here say that the readings resonated.
The point of my posting about Rich's March 4 Aquarius video was to show a possible explanation/motive for Sabrina removing her instagram. Rich, of course, did not mention his relationship with Sabrina but one cannot help making connections and drawing conclusions. The cards, after all, don't lie.

I would think & hope that Rich is entering into a more stable period, one in which he may be relationship-free for a while, at least in 3D; Aquarius can carry on full-blown relationships in their mind. That would mean this board might have less to speculate about & entertain themselves with but maybe that's a good thing. I do wish Rich all the best with his return to what looks like a more peaceful & happier life among friends in Idaho.
Good for him (and her too) they were a terrible couple
But thats what happens when you bounce from one to another without getting to KNOW the person first
Let this be a lesson to them both

and I hope his haters thing on his facebook isnt aimed at us, no one here hates him, we only want whats best for him #Nigel lol

“Compromised” email, which he had been “expecting” to happen?

So basically Sabrina had the password?

Would she really pull some childish shit like that?

You can’t fuck with a man’s business like that...

I guess that’s the true spirit behind her “support” of him.

Bleh... it makes total sense that’s what happened.

People are so immature.

Then again maybe he just got hacked or phished somehow.

He says he’s testing out a new iPhone...

Maybe his phone really did get hacked.

How in the fuck do you manage to get your iPhone hacked??

Like for real... he must click on some stupid shit.

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