Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
Looking at Sabrina’s FB page...

They broke up for sure.


Another one in a long line.

At least Sabrina was pretty good looking...

Quality and standards are the only comfort when you’re dealing with a manwhore and his past.

I always encourage men only to involve themselves with quality women...

The rule of thumb is if the other chicks wouldn’t wanna BE that chick, then don’t fuck her.
For sure 100% its done
we all called it, she should have read this thread ;)

I wonder if she has changed her views on aqua men? lol
I remember in the beginning she was all about how aquas are amazing yet she has never been with one before and how she thinks pisces and aqua would be a great match, anyone that knows ANYTHING about astrology knows that thats a fucking terrible match

Aquarius men are THE BEST I love them (one for 3 yrs another for 14 and still going strong) but Im an Aries so I can give them every damn thing they dish out and then some, you go in there with all these girlie ass feels and then even worse make them sit down and chat about this stuff on camera (outside the box) they will run for the hills
if you expect that of a "man" go date another water sign, get someone like shane dawson, you can watch the sunset together and cry LOL
Aquas are real men and that whats makes them sexy, dont try take that from them, there are plently of feminine fairy signs you can pair up with instead
On cell not logged in. I played outside of the box with my aqua lol asked what is the top thing as an aqua you cant stand = being controlled what an aqya answer lol u see ladies dont try to take over his yt channel it wont end well
How did you find Sabrina's FB page? Can you post the link? I searched & searched but finally gave up, there were dozens & dozens of pages with that name.
I can't post the link because I feel like that would be rude since they've obviously broken up... :(
Not much to see anyways she is just doing the breakup thang "I hope I’ve made you feel valued, special, important, trusted, respected, beautiful, handsome, interesting, understood, accepted."
"I can't post the link because I feel like that would be rude since they've obviously broken up... :( "

I gotta admit, I do feel bad that she had to go thru a breakup around her bday
Yeah, it really does suck.

I can feel her sadness whenever she looks at his videos.
Im happy that they both have good friends around them, break ups suck *sigh
its for the best in the long run thou, they were clearly a bad match, not bad people just bad together, I can see her landing a really great, stable, sweet (water sign) guy, she is a catch just not for an aqua
and rich really needs to work on himself before he dates anyone else

(a comment on the above vid) y’all ever look at them and go “what they have is so real” wow.... forever supporting you both.

*raises brow* really? I always thought it looked forced/awkward, he was so checked out even back then, she was totally in love and he was trying and hoping it would change/get better, was all over his face, this was back in jan
ugh, people have no eyes
"I can't post the link because I feel like that would be rude since they've obviously broken up..."

I would bet Sabrina considers this whole ongoing discussion of her & Rich (continuing even after they've obviously broken up) to be rude. In fact, I'm sure both she & Rich consider this whole site to be rude.
Well let me count all the fucks I give left in my empty fuck givin' bag...



Well, at the end of the day I do kinda care how Rich feels. I don't give a flying shit about whether anything involving Sabrina is considered rude but Rich, underneath it all he's just a decent young blue-collar guy who needs to get his ship sailing in the right direction. The right woman at his side, I suspect would help him greatly. And I do think it will happen for him one day, sooner rather than later.
Those tips are coming back yay $$$$$$$$$

oh man that chatroom was hella awkward, everyone asking where she was
Did he ever answer them??

LOL, when you’ve seen Rich have to answer questions about three different chicks (and a couple of cats) in the course of 6 months, you know shit has gone too far.
lol everything in the chat was ignored of course and some of the comments that asked about sabrina (seriously one person was like where is sabrina why is your background different? where are you!?) have been deleted

yes! the cats! ugh

the whole "hacking", new phone thing, I may be wrong on this but maybe the iphone was in Sabrinas name? cos clearly she was the one with the credit (I mean apt in her name, she bought everything for that place etc etc) and to go from a cheapie prepaid phone from walmart to an iphone is quite the upgrade (he used to go on about how he would get those $20 cards from walmart to top up pre sabrina)
Point is I dont think he got hacked I think she just asked for her phone back lol
(and yeah that would be such a pisces move to change his passwords or close his accounts I say this as a pisces rising lol been there done that hahah)
Damn check out this thirsty older chick, Amber I think her name was
she dropped $49.99 in one chat, $99.99 in another chat

Rich is a good dude.

This lady is a lot better than his last couple girlfriends have been. At least she can look at him when he's talking. I think they make great friends. You can tell they understand and respect each other a lot.

She's caring, but not in an overpowering way, just in a casual way.

It's good. He's doing well. Rich has an interesting life.

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