Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader

He's right AF tho.
This is awkward


I'm not familiar with that chick at all.

If my dude was video chatting in front of the world with his acclaimed biggest inspiration, I'd probably feel some type of way about it... but, I do have a history of being a psychotically jealous individual. I've gotten so much better with age though, which is why I wouldn't give up one single year.

47:45 it's funny because Illest is using the "Sexual Magic Tarot" that Rich always claimed he didn't know anything about. It's kinda weird to see her using that on his stream and I feel like he thinks it's sorta... meh, well, Rich doesn't really like super public sexual displays or anything. That's all.

Well, I skipped through the video watching the absolute minimum of what I needed to in order to gauge the situation and I feel like there's no chemistry between those two whatsoever. That's my pro assessment.
Rich was probably stoked to have her on his channel or whatever...

It's sort of a...

Nostalgia thing for him.

Other than that... nothing.
She might have some kinda interest in him on that level, but as far as his feelings for her... I am sensing no romantic attraction at all. Correct me if I'm wrong... like I said, I didn't watch much of the video at all. If there's anything that could prove my assessment invalid, please leave a timestamp. Otherwise I deem her and the situation a non-issue.
you might as well be worshipping the devil with those cards , I am worried for heathens dabbling in those things
Yeah the artwork on the "Tarot of Sexual Magic" never did make much sense to me. Like at all.
OT but like...

Isn't it kinda weird how Rich's talking voice sounds like how a 90s contemporary artist sings.

They're hanging out in Lake Havasu City, it's super righteous there, it's definitely the greatest place Rich has ever lived, especially when it's not so hot.

2:38 she doesn't wanna go live (on her own channel) anymore... see that's the kinda girlfriend you wanna have if you're a dude who does YouTube professionally. No spotlight hogging or subscriber leeching attempts to worry about.

She's a good chick, not really my speed but... definitely a good chick. She's pretty, she's cute, she seems like she tries to have a nice lighthearted time whenever they go out, and usually any time they record lives at home too. I don't see anything to dislike about her whatsoever.

I'm just skipping through this video.

27:10 at least he understands that gossip is just part of being a public internet person. Good going Rich! Proud of you man!

Obsessors are fickle though... one month it's you, the next it's somebody else. But eventually nobody cares anymore. It's the ebb/flow of the universe. So yes, it's twisted, but it's best to enjoy the times when people are discussing you because eventually they won't anymore... all things must pass.

My hope is that Rich and Cheetah will continue to kick it with each other, they're a very cute couple and they should stick it out for the long run. It's hard to find people you get along with, who have a decent attitude, are fun, support you... you take it when it comes to you and hold on to it.
To the cuntwhore guest whose post I just deleted...

At least I don't shit talk on people for no reason/out of jealousy because of their looks or status...

Everything I say, I say it because I feel like it needs to be addressed...

I'm actually attempting to be helpful...

Of course I come off as an absolute douche at times, and hey I'm not saying I ain't a fuckin' douche...

But I dunno where you shit talking morons get off thinking you can come and chime in on this thread with your pointless hate...

I guess you can't tell the difference between hateful nonsense blabbering and ACTUAL discourse, advice, etc.

Not my problem...

Start your own little website in your own dark corner of the internet and don't ever kid yourself into thinking your "opinions" belong here.
Most importantly...

Don't waste your valuable time spewing pointless jealousy laden hatred...

Not on this platform anyway.

Sounds like your husband was the piece of trash in that equation. Place blame where it's due. Don't post bad shit about people you know IRL on the internet... it's totally out of your control once you post it. You're lucky I don't allow it to be posted.
seems like we are missing out on some drama on here lol
I haven't seen this one until now. Probably because I don't pay as much attention anymore LOL

Anyways, it's her channel so why is HE doing a lot more talking? hmmm

She already said that it's not for her but my main question is why needing to be with him 24/7 ??? She seems to be letting go of a "nursing/medical field career" to help him out with his....

Big mistake....
(11-18-2019, 05:54 PM)Guest Wrote: She seems to be letting go of a "nursing/medical field career" to help him out with his....

She can do the nursing career thingy anywhere... she shouldn't stop working toward that just because of Rich.
we need more nurses with big tits leaning over needy payshentz

And still hasn’t visited his kids.
I hope his kids are getting Christmas presents, see the dentist, and get to travel as much as their carefree dad does.

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