Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader

Their first broadcast with the kids...

Man this is some of the most beautiful shit I've ever seen, I ain't even gonna lie.

Divine masculine getting reunited with his family...

2020 is off to a pretty bitchin' start it would appear.

And props to Cheetah for being hardcore ride or die for Rich...

What an awesome chick, words can't even do her justice.

She's seriously a badass, and so is Rich.

Here's to takin' that power back...

I see A LOT of red flags ……..
Well, granted I haven't actually WATCHED any of the vids featuring all of them for any considerable amount of time, LOL...

I watched a few seconds and they were all laughing and smiling and stuff.


I don't see any red flags.

You could expound on your reasoning...

But I certainly hope it's based in some level of wisdom and life experience rather than smack talking.

Senseless smack talking isn't really going to be tolerated on this platform with regards to this situation.
I'll say one thing...

Rich should keep his kids out of the videos because YouTube just today rolled out the finality of their ruling on "kids content"...

All channels have to mark their material for kids, some for kids, and not at all for kids, otherwise the 'AI' is gonna do it for them.

So if you show kids in your vids...

That's a pretty serious problem these days re: YouTube.

It's a sad time in YouTube history for family vloggers and whatnot...

But I don't think cameras ever should have been put on those family vloggers' kids in the first place, it messes with kids' heads and takes attention they'd be getting directly from their parents away from them and morphs it into this weird, public intrusion. It's actually very sad.

I digress...

The audience has met Rich's kids, knows the dealio, it's all well and good.

But maybe they should just delete the vids with the kids in 'em and go ahead and mark those tarot channels NOT for kids and don't show any kids in the vids in the future.

Pretty sure the only channel the kids were ever on was the Indigo Zone channel right?? So at least his main channel is in no danger. But yeah, keep the kids out of the vids because YouTube ain't messing around on that front these days.
The last thing he needs is to get his comments section shut down or get any other interactivity taken away from his channel(s) because that'd be a serious unfixable blow to his income, and he needs every bit of that income if he's gonna be raising the kids.

If they wanna show the kids in videos they'll need to do it on a channel that they don't care about/isn't a money-maker.

If your dad was a popular YouTuber (which Rich decently is, in his genre) then you might wanna be in his vids sometimes... I mean, it makes him super cool in your eyes right?? Of course it does. I'm not saying never have the kids in the vids, just do it on a channel that you don't give a shit about.
The red flags are mainly on Cheetah girl... Her reactions and comments say a lot. There's no trash talking from me. I just express what I see and get from their body language and expressions. She only now realizes at 26 years old what "adulting" is.

The second video has even more of her comments and reactions in it. The kids are there for not even a week yet and she needs alone time and looks exhausted. Yes it is a big adjustment when you have kids either yours or not but I think this is going way too fast too soon for her.

I don't understand why she doesn't want to work and just depend on him. yes she helps him but still ...again she says things trash's all them who say things...

If the kids are in the videos ..he has to say it's for kids I think ..not sure of the new youtube rules

Big props to him for taking his responsibilities but he " had" to go get them. ( he said it in the first video) I'm not sure what's all behind it but was it truly his decision or it's they go with him or end up in foster care type of situation??

He's trying, got to give him that!
(01-06-2020, 11:26 PM)Guest Wrote: The second video has even more of her comments and reactions in it. The kids are there for not even a week yet and she needs alone time and looks exhausted. Yes it is a big adjustment when you have kids either yours or not but I think this is going way too fast too soon for her.

Well, I mean, TWO kids... that's A LOT. A lot.

Two SUDDEN kids.

At least they're old enough to stay alone and stuff though, it could be a lot worse.

I am sure she's adjusting as well as anyone could ever expect her too...

We're all only human, ain't nobody a saint.

I am sure will do her ABSOLUTE best.

And I really hope it works out for all of them.

(01-06-2020, 11:26 PM)Guest Wrote: I don't understand why she doesn't want to work and just depend on him. yes she helps him but still ...again she says things

Well she might go out and get a job just to escape the craziness, LOL. Who knows! Or maybe she'll stay at home and get accustomed to all of it. It could really go all kinds of ways.

I think one important thing to remember is that, mathematically, Cheetah isn't really old enough to be those kids' mom. She'd have to have had them when she was like 15 or 16 or something. Well I mean I dunno, I have no idea how old they are. But that's what I assume.

(01-06-2020, 11:26 PM)Guest Wrote: Big props to him for taking his responsibilities but he " had" to go get them. ( he said it in the first video)

Ah wow, wonder what happened? He's told stories about their mom before, they were... interesting, LOL. Who knows. I hope all is well, but obviously it's probably not entirely great if she had to give up the kids or whatevs.

(01-06-2020, 11:26 PM)Guest Wrote: He's trying, got to give him that!

Indeed, they both are trying their absolute best, that's for sure, and I hope they can make it through. It's definitely a test of their relationship...

If Cheetah was 36 (like their mom probably is close to) then I'll bet she could handle it more smoothly. At 26 though... yeah, it's a lot. She should go out and have HER OWN special alone time too.

They called this their alone time, yet they filmed 45 min. of it and shared it with his audience... that's not REALLY alone. Anyways... wishing them the best, and they have a lot to be proud of for how far they've come already.
She does look really... spent though, like.

It's NOTHING to do with her looks, she's beautiful as always, it's not THAT.

No, it's emotional. And like, mental.

Lord have all the mercy, I'm a few years older than her and I really don't know if I could deal with that.

Ahaha. I mean... I'm just being real about it, I dunno if I could.

For the right man I most definitely could/would. Oh yeah, for sure.

But for the wrong dude, honey naw.
I'd probably have to take up smoking some of that thar whacky tobaccy!!!

Too bad they didn't settle in Nevada instead, it's a legal state.

Ah well, they'll be legalizing nationwide soon anyway.
Rich said that he's gonna be doing the readings (AKA working) while the kids are at school...

So that means that even when the kids are at school, he and Cheetah won't be able to really enjoy uninterrupted time together.
6:00 so yeah it was SUPER sudden that they found out they were gonna have to go get the kids.


What a situation though. Right? Wow. That's a lot to land in your lap.

And apparently they'll have to be switching apartments in order to have more room as well.

7:25 I mean... she agreed to be with Rich and was lovin' it. But she didn't agree to the kids... she didn't sign up for that. I'm just saying, if it's too much and she leaves, I won't blame her. Do I think she should try to stick it out? Hell yeah. Why? Cuz life experience.

I think she's freaked out though.

7:45 lol they have cameras INSIDE the house now. Smart smart! And she's WATCHIN'. LOL!!! Fuck yes. I dunno, I think Cheetah would be a great mom, but EVENTUALLY. Fucking NOW?! Man... I dunno, only the gods know that. But eventually, yeah... definitely.

She says the kids lie, rofl... that's cute/funny but at the same time I see where she's coming from, and that's why I say, she's sorta freaked out. At the whole situation, sure. But also on a deeper level, kids are A LOT to handle, ESPECIALLY when they get old enough to start lying and spinning narratives and shit. They're little people, man... they got personalities and agendas and shit! She may see some of that and get pretty freaked out about it, that's what I'm saying.

Cheetah truly is such a great chick though... really dig her and wish her well no matter what happens.

8:07 he means it when he says she's amazing... cuz she is. Of course she is. But... is she really ready? A tad unnatural re: the process when it's SUDDEN kids who are like upwards of 10 years old. If it's your kids, you're with them from day 1 and you go through the natural process... but in a situation like this, there's none of that.

Rich doesn't wanna lose her over this situation, that's for sure. He needs her.

8:26 she's funny and great and I really hope she can hang out in this situation and be able to do this.

9:10 hmm... I mean he's right, it's just unlikely they'd think she was the mom only because she's just not old enough to be. I mean again she'd have to have them at 16-18 or some crazy shit like that and while, yeah, people do have kids that young these days... meh, I dunno.

12:00 LMAO that cat is a fucking tune-out MASTERRR.

12:40 at least she's honest. I think she may need somebody to talk to at some point. Good thing she's got friends and stuff.

12:52 LOL he's damn right about that, and thank goodness he recognizes it and is willing to say so.

14:00 Cheetah is a total team player, she's a great chick.

16:30 they seem way more bothered with the apartment people than with any aspect of their personal lives.

18:30 wow, so she foresaw this situation... that's fascinating. So she is totally meant to be a part of this in a destiny kinda way... wow that's really beautiful.

19:55 I fucking hate Pinterest and always have.

24:32 exactly... life experience.

28:52 well I bet her star sign explains that.

30:20 oh so I think Cheetah just said she's a Gemini... so that totally explains the tantrums (no offense to Gemini, but come on).

30:30 dude I'm like kinda second-hand in love with Cheetah, lol. I've gotta move along to commentating on other stuff, but these two really have a lot to be proud of themselves for and I wish them all the best with everything.
I'm glad you've watched the whole thing because it's really telling.

Also her New Year's post on her Facebook page is telling as well. She had a rough 2019.

However, I am wondering (because of the speed it all happened) if it wasn't a sort of escape for Cheetah ( The whole Rich thing)
and now she's in way over her head.

What concerns me the most for her is always being around Rich. Even in the most durable and loving relationships, we need a break from each other here and there LOL

Also that she puts Rich first in everything... she helps him out while letting go of her own career. Now will put his kids first as well. It's a lot for a 26 years old who just starting to learn about life.

She loves with all she has but sometimes people do that for the wrong reasons.

Lesson #1 NEVER forget yourself for a man …...EVER 

sadly I think we all been there done that ….
Dude, those kids even kinda look like her.

Cheetah is so great to help Rich like this... she's truly the greatest girlfriend ever. OMG. I love her!!!
Like Cheetah said in the first video, they've got their hands full. I have a friend who went through a similar situation. She married a man with one child. Though my friend loved her husband very much & was a wonderful stepmother, looking back--her stepson is now grown & married with children of his own & her husband is deceased, she says, "If I had it to do over, I would never marry a man with children again. It was rough."
Well I would also have to wonder what her specific reasons were for saying that...

If you have to deal with insane babymommas, that's a complication with a magnitude of intensity all its own.

That kind of honesty is a beautiful thing though, I do value truth and honesty regardless of whether it's harsh.

It seems like Rich's girls are at least friendly to Cheetah... that means a lot. If the kids aren't nice to the step parent, that can suck bad.

Every situation is different, the people involved are different.

In nature, I would say it actually isn't all that uncommon to raise kids who aren't biologically your own.
They've both said they have their hands full, Cheetah in one video and Rich in the other. Life will never be as carefree again, that's a fact. But they seem unified in their parenting approach & that''s a huge plus.
Well, I mean...

What're you gonna do, never have kids?

Cheetah is younger than Rich, that's true...

But even for her it's not like there's unlimited time and she'll be fertile forever.

She's got about a decade before her fertility starts dropping like a 2 ton rock.

This experience will show her whether or not she actually wants her own kids...

Then she'll have about 10-12 years to pump out as many as she wants to before it's over.

And if Rich ain't the guy, then she's got 10-12 years to find another one and have all the kids she cares to during that time.

Gotta take out a gap of 4-5 years to actually find a suitable mate, AND prepare to actually reproduce within that relationship... so that means 6 or so years left over to fiddle around with for actual reproduction.
And I mean, just like your friend stated she wouldn't do it again...

There are a lot of people out there who'd say the same thing about their own kids...


It's taboo, but they would if they hadn't invested soooooo many years in acting like shit was fine and those kids were all they cared about in life...

Just sayin'.

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