Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
And some of the briny bitches reading this thread need to stop being so hateful toward Rich...

You know being a bitter cunt causes cancer right?

Negativity causes disease...

That’s probably why you always get dumped...

Stop being such a fucking drag to be around.

DAMMIT! He ALMOST made it out...


Well this is part of Rich's 'pattern' as well...

We see him escape whatever hell he's gotten himself into, only to return to the hotbed a few days later or the next day.

But eventually, he gets freed and ends up somewhere else.
Super disappointing to see him back there though, yikes just yikes.
I don't watch Rich's vids anymore because there's just no reason to... definitely have him figured out, have seen him go through his entire personal cycle/pattern display over the course of this thread alone. I don't think there's a lot left to learn about him, we get the idea.

Hopefully he'll find a nice chick to move in with soon, wishing him the best.

But I will say this...

He has some absolutely filthy (soul deep fucking filth), horrendously nasty, truly fucking disgusting hating bitches on his case. Some of the worst no-life-having fucking cunts I've ever seen in my time...

I won't be allowing them any place on this platform. If they hate Rich so much they should just start a Rich hating private Facebook group or something like that... normies have no place here and can't even comprehend what the fuck this site even is. These are not people who are cut out to 'have their own' or stand on their own two feet in the internet sphere.

But they're just not going to be allowed to post their freakish stalker hatred here, whether I'm keeping up with this thread or not (which I have no intention of). Without my input, there probably won't be much said about Rich anymore, and the fact is, I've concluded my study on him.
I keep forgetting to unsub Rich's main channel...

With the freako, sicko, psycho stalker problem he's got (his ex and her accomplices), I would recommend he absolutely never give any advance notice of his meet and greets in the future. And don't have them anywhere that is close enough for her to drive to between the announcement and the meeting... just saying.

It's a no-brainer, but Rich isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

I don't think he even should have meet and greets anyway, he's not very personable.

The only thing that would come of it is probably more fricken weirdos obsessing on him.

Rich's vibe doesn't attract the greatest people... seriously, look at his life thus far. His exes, his friends, the situations he's been in, etc. And it doesn't help that he himself has horrible judgement in general.

I'm not saying Rich shouldn't have friends... I'm saying that the amount of FRIENDS you will find among your viewership/audience/fanbase is about one in a million, and out of those, GOOD friends (people with decent intentions who aren't just star struck by you) will be about 2 in 5 million. Maybe less.
The meet and greet was mostly his new girl taking over. I get he is lonely but she seems more overbearing than the last one.
What new girl???

I'm out of the loop.

I thought he was there with his roommate lady right??

They're not dating, LOL!!!
Bwahahahaha OMG this is what happens when you fall hard out of the loop LMAO!!!

She's even wearing his face shirt, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy fuck!!!

That's some next level shit OMG BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, she doesn't look any more mentally stable than the other chicks...

Holy fuck, she looks like trouble!!!


Holy shit!!!


Have they moved in together yet?! God I hope so!!!
(07-10-2019, 10:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Read the caption...

His little dingbat? What the fuck? His "boo thang"??

Did Rich even WRITE that?! Bwhahahahahaha holy fuck this is great!!!

LOL @ the way she says "Hi"... ROFL "Hieeee, OMG I'm here with Rich and YOU'RE NOT!!!!!!!!"

Bwhahahaha OMG I love it though, I'm happy for her, it's exciting. And she doesn't seem like a total bitch as far as that goes, I mean she was haughty about it at first but I think she's grounded enough.

I think she's pretty cute honestly.

7:23 ROFLMAO they're LITERALLY STRANGERS. LMFAOLOLOL!!! Could you IMAGINE going online in front of everyone together AT THE VERY FUCKING BEGINNING of a relationship like that, LMFAOOOOOO!!! Millennials are so fucking dumb.

I think she's more likable than he is. I dunno, I think they make a good pair but we're talking about Rich here, it's not like it'll ever last. But that's life, nothing is forever!
Lol, I thought it was funny and I like her sense of humor. I think I’d get along with her in real life but wow, I don’t think it’s the best idea to jump right in like that. Yeah, they literally met on,one a week ago. Whaaaaaaaaat? ?

Is he literally back in Idaho now?

Did he literally just introduce us to a one night stand?

Gross. That’s nasty Rich. Have some damn class.

Is he never going to escape that place?

Yikes... where the hell did that chick even come from?

Did he LITERALLY MEET HER at the meet and greet!?

God man, I dunno if I wanna know.
You’re not supposed to “date” your fangirls.

“Dating” someone who merely knows about you, maybe even likes you but isn’t WEARING YOUR FUCKING FACE ON A SHIRT might be okay...

After all, what are mega famous people supposed to do? EVERYONE knows them.

But if you’re throwing meet ups just to screw fans, LOL!



Maybe that’s not what happened. I dunno. It’s not like I’ve been paying attention.

Was she the reason he visited SLC before in June? For some reason I doubt it and plus her FB says they got together July 10.

I think honest to God he’s like never gonna see her again.
(07-11-2019, 07:27 AM)Guest Wrote: Yeah, they literally met on,one a week ago. Whaaaaaaaaat?

Oh a week ago?


So in that case she wasn’t the reason he was in SLC that time.

Wonder why he was there then?

Was he there fucking yet another fan?

He wouldn’t even show us that one!!!

Lol, they met on Instagram a week ago, he was inviting fans to go live with him on there. They are now in an actual Facebook relationship. He went there to pick up his roommate’s daughter and this chick drive there, but he has been posting about her since they first spoke last week. He said he wasn’t taking action because of mercury retrograde, but umm, action definitely taken. ?
What a weird excuse...

Mercury retro is about machinery, travel, computers, written communication and stuff like that...

It doesn’t have a shitload to do with relationships other than bringing back people from the past, or people breaking up but deciding to get back together.

You can’t let Mercury retro (or anything else) hold you back from taking important steps you’re inspired to take.

Sounds like a cop out. If they have to drive to see each other, it probably won’t work out... he already knows whether he wants it to or not anyway at this point.
If you meet somebody you really want to be with, you’re not going to rest until you’re together. It’s either there or it ain’t.
I don't think Rich has any intention of seeing that chick again.

I dunno...

All this kinda stuff does is encourage other fangirls to think there's a chance.

Which means they'll act out even more.

Rich has some of the most mentally unstable fangirls out there, let's be 100% about this.

It's just who he is, that's just who he attracts.

TBH I'd rather attract homely librarian types than these rabidly lustful fangirls he's a magnet for.

Parading them around in front of the viewerbase is such a bad idea...

It alienates the chicks who will just be low key disgusted by Rich's manwhore nature, while encouraging the chicks who are fine with slutting it up for some D list (more like F list) internet personality.

Bleh. Meh. Bleh.

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