Somebody fucking kill me, the new Backstreet Boys song & vid is actually really good

I was never a Backstreet Boys fan, and I’m certainly not gonna be...

But bitch I gotta admit, this vid hit me in the feels and TBH, they’re all so much hotter now than they were back then.
Every one of them is fine as hell and they’re all wearing suits...


Hot fuckin’ damn.

The chick in the vid is gorgeous and a great dancer too.
You could be better person if u didn't like super they sheet like backstreeee fukn MO so stupid musik
Dude you don't have to shove down your feelings and pretend these hotass dudes aren't making you feel sorta gay...

It's okay man, you're Canadian.
You know what I really like about it...

I like how the Backstreet Boys are just hanging out like invisible angels of mating.

Like they're just hanging out in the scene, serenading this guy and this chick together.

They're all like cupids or something.

I like the way they did this video...

Having an actor guy and an actress chick play these parts instead of having any of the Backstreet Boys be a romantic interest.

That's fucking stellar.

It really is.

This video is classy too, let's face it.

It's all classy.

There's nothing not classy in it.

It's fucking excellent.
I mean it's GOOD.

And I hardly even hate myself for feeling this way anymore...


I watched this shit twice.

That's crazy.

You know it doesn't suck if I don't hate it.
The part where they start dancing...


I got a lil emotional, not gonna lie.
It's a really interesting video too, because of the ending and all...

That tiny little part where it shows the disconnect between people.

People sitting facing away from each other, staring at their phones and just being lonely and cut off.

It's a totally excellent video which spends the whole time romanticizing going after somebody you want...

Particularly, a man pursuing a woman, which by nature is how it's supposed to be.

They're encouraging it, and that is fucking great.

The ending though...

It's like a tiny little episode of the Twilight Zone, it packs the WHOLE punch though, and it makes the viewer say, nah fuck that, we're gonna dance.

We're gonna dance.
That's how it's supposed to be...

Dude sees a chick he wants, he goes after her.

That's how we all got to where we are today: alive, as humans.

Because a man pursued a woman and got a piece of that ass...

And it makes a big difference when you're pursuing a woman if you LOOK respectable and "safe" like these well dressed dudes.

I've written about this before...
And of course I have to do a step by step analysis...

There's a hold-up for them boarding the train because:

1. The chick stops to help another chick who dropped a bag of some type of fruit (Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden anybody?) signifying that kindness and care for others is more important than catching the ride on time to do what you do every single day, day in and day out like a fucking robot.

2. The guy stops to pick something up too, but it's unclear if it was something he dropped (it probably was). The doors close by the time he turns to them, but instead of freaking out, he just turns around, then he sees the chick.

It all suggests stopping the rush and taking time to look around and interact with people.
It's like they're saying these encounters between people are forged not in a world full of rushing and isolation in a smartphone, etc., but in a world where people give a shit about each other and PAY ATTENTION.

The time they gave to the alternate "what if" world at the very end of the video is minute because they're clearly showing with this video that there's really no option... you want happiness, you choose this world where we dance.
Deep, DEEP, deep shit.

Out of the fucking Backstreet Boys, my God we've really seen it all at this point.
The lyrics are pretty great too...

I mean there's like...

Nothing bad or wrong about this song or video.

At all.

I haven't seen anything like this...


Not for years and years...

I can't remember the last time I saw some new music video/pop song that wasn't just pure and total cancer.
This song/video has honest to God changed my life.
(11-10-2018, 03:24 PM)MO Wrote: Deep, DEEP, deep shit.

Out of the fucking Backstreet Boys, my God we've really seen it all at this point.

Word, and what a pleasant surprise also!

They've done it again.

Whoever decided to make pop music/vids respectable and beautiful needs some kind of award that I'm pretty sure doesn't even exist.
It's UNBELIEVABLE that they've even been able to accomplish something this innocent and pure.


I'm just blown away by it. Totally blown away.

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