One Step Beyond (1959) & The Next Step Beyond (1978)

I love binge-watching classic sci-fi shows sometimes...

I figured I'd make this show (and the 70s reboot) its own thread because it looks like there are a lot of episodes available on YouTube and the like.

I plan to watch and review some of them.

Here are the ones I've already reviewed:

(06-09-2017, 09:23 PM)MO Wrote: One Step Beyond (1959) - "The Bride Possessed"

Now I've just totally fallen down the damn rabbit hole entirely. This is a show I've never even HEARD OF. And it's weird because there are other people in the comments of this video saying they grew up in the 70s and had never even heard of this either.

Apparently "One Step Beyond" is like the Twilight Zone, only the idea was to re-enact "true stories" about the supernatural, instead of coming up with fictional stories.

Interesting. This show is badass so far, check out that dramatic opening too. LOL! I love the narrator... it was such a fun aspect of The Twilight Zone and it's the same with this show too.

OMG this episode... creepy.

The acting was so much more REAL back then. The people looked real. Sometimes it wasn't PERFECT. And that made it so real.

(06-09-2017, 09:49 PM)MO Wrote: One Step Beyond (1959) - "Call From Tomorrow"

Another person in the comments who said they had no idea the show existed. And 19 thumbs up on the comment suggests other people felt the same. Another 2 comments further down saying the same thing. And get this shit... in the comment section, supposedly the woman who played the little girl in this episode commented on the video and said it was cool to see herself as a little girl again 50 years later.


(06-09-2017, 10:10 PM)MO Wrote: One Step Beyond (1959) - "The Room Upstairs"

This show is so fun... I love the way the narrator hangs around during the episode. There's something so damn fucking magical about it. I love it. I LOVE IT. They should do this with a new show, make it a throw-back to the glory-days of the Twilight Zone and the like. Have the narrator just hang around, none of the characters ever acknowledge him, he just breaks the fourth wall constantly... it wouldn't show him all the time, but every now and then.

What's the deal with the Saturn in the corner of this picture? Is that a TV channel logo?

LOL this episode is fucked up.

Like REALLY fucked up.

LOL OMG this is creepy as shit.

This lady is crazy as hell, WTF is up with this?!

I like the way they used to stroke bitches by the face and the neck all the time in these old TV shows... they really knew how to handle women back then.

13:26 OMG so fucking creepy.

Wow, this is very interesting.

They saw the ghosts of people who aren't even dead... this might actually be based on a real story. Because I've seen the ghosts of people who aren't dead (or weren't at the time).

18:48 wow that old dude is hot as fuck.

That was a great story.

(06-09-2017, 10:13 PM)MO Wrote: They touched on ACTUAL TRUTHS in these shows. Especially "One Step Beyond", even going so far as to call these supernatural phenomenon by name. Kind of amazing, and my guess as to why so many people had never even heard of this show.

(06-09-2017, 10:38 PM)MO Wrote: One Step Beyond (1959) - "Eyewitness"

God this is making me so fucking horny I can hardly even stand it.

17:02... bitchin' speech.
The Next Step Beyond (1978) - "Cry Baby"

Oh my God dude this is gonna be FUCKING lit, I can just tell.

The late 70s were so fucking amazing, oh my God. For like, EVERY reason.

Look how hot this chick is... them titties, that ass. The bitchin' 70s hairstyle.

That's one fine bitch right there.

1:26 OMFG, ANOTHER sci-fi show with an invisible narrator... LMFAO.

I. Love. It.

Way way way less impactful than any Twilight Zone intro, but nevertheless, very pleasing.

2:00 very interesting opening, that looks like solar streams.

These shows are literal pure and total heaven.

3:22 yeah this chick is fine as hell, and just look at that nice hair color she has. It's a fabulous honey blonde. Totally natural and good looking.

Oh my God who the fuck is this random knife wielding guy? I mean I gotta be honest, he's not the hottest thing ever but I like a man who knows how to make an entrance... he'll do?!

3:59 SHEEEEEEIT, 1978 a "pressurized world"... my God things have gotten like 500 million times worse ROFLMAOLOL.

Wow. This is amazing. It really is.

4:15 oh my damn, this is my kinda shit right here dude!!! Bow chicka wowow!!!

This guy isn't even being forceful... I dunno, I guess force is like, implied or something? I guess that's kinda freaky.

4:30 what the fuck, is this guy a realtor or something?? Lmfaolololroflmfaolmfaololol.

Bitch just put the dress on, take a walk on the wild side for fuck's sake. What else do you have to do!?

5:45 where the fuck is that music coming from, LMAO. I'd be turning that shit off!!! I'd rather fuck to disco!!!

LOL this guy is a creepster, I love it!!!

7:22 oh wow, this just took a weirdass deepass turn!!!

The shit people come up with, LOL!!!

This chasing scene is... awkward. As shit. LMAO.

8:40 ROFLMAO what the FUCK is she doing, "Yeah let me just run deep off into the woods so nobody will find my body for like 5 years!!! That should make things easier!!!" Facepalm.

Whoa that was a hell of a fall. Dude I'm tired of this episode, not gonna lie. ROFL.

Why is she stroking this guy's legs?? ROFLROFLMAO.

This episode is unintentionally hilarious.

Wait, ARE those his legs?? LMFAO. I thought they were his legs!!! ROFLROFLROFL!!!

LMAO she's going for his belt ROFL like "Bitch why didn't you do that when I was alive?!"

Man she should have just let him have some, then maybe she wouldn't be all gimped up right now!!!

12:50 LOOOL what the fuck is this bitch DOING?? She's trying to climb up rock faces. This is so dumb.

16:55 I honestly almost feel like this lady is in cahoots with the rapist guy.

21:00 dude TBH she kinda looks like Noelle Marie.
One Step Beyond (1959) - "The Sacred Mushroom"

I see the title and I'm like WUT?! Is this legit gonna be about shrooms??

Wow... this should be interesting.

3:40 LOLOL this guy talks like a robot, what the actual FUCK is with this EPISODE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dude is this REAL?? I'm so confused.

A Mexican mushroom cult??


This is umm...

Kinda trippy.



Is this why Mexicans are so psychic??

They can't ALL do shrooms? Maybe it's in their DNA now? Passed on down the line?

One thing's for sure, Mexicans are naturally way more psychic than most people are. Everyone is psychic... but it takes some honing (consciously) for most people.

I'm intrigued.

16:17 oh my, this lucky bastard is about to trip on shrooms!!! Muwahahahahahahaha this is awesome!!!

This episode is like... not what I expected at all.

He didn't eat enough to trip that hard.

18:00 LMAO dude that sound, what the fuck. LOL. That's totally distracting.

This guy's trying to look at sacred geometry and they've got this loudass light flashing, LMFAO. WHY IS IT LOUD!?!?! WHAT IS THIS!?!?!

Dude this card thing would be boring as shit if you were tripping balls like LOL, what a waste of a trip

19:56 wooow I love it, this is so great. I dunno, I think he's having fun.

I think we should all take shrooms every single day.
The Next Step Beyond (1978) - "Dream of Disaster"

So this is where they got the plot of Donnie Darko!!!

Why's she pregnant though?? What's that got to do with the plot?? I guess they're trying to say it's BECAUSE she's pregnant that she's psychic and knows the plane's gonna crash on the house??

Dude I gotta be honest I'm like 10:00 in and I haven't even been paying attention.

I mean it's kinda interesting, but not hella interesting.

Is this useless piece of crap gonna look up the plane registration or not??

13:20, I'd rather be married to that other guy for sure!!!

16:00 episode's really heating up now. Pretty good really.

18:07 that's pretty hot.
The Next Step Beyond - "Thunderbolt"

0:28 that was a pretty delayed reaction out of him, I feel like he was just trying to ignore her and be like, "Not this shit again! If I don't respond, maybe she'll think I'm still asleep!"

0:50 I'm thinkin' it's time for a DEEVORCE.

2:11 oooookay.

I'm high as fuck from laughing at this show so far.

3:38 a DRINK!? What kind of drink?! Didn't he just say he had to be up in an hour??

5:35 "Alright... alright. But we're still getting a divorce!"

8:10 jail!? Damn, there's a lot of layers to this story?! Glad I brought popcorn!!!

8:35 "Well, you see honey, I've been doing a little thing called embezzling! But it's no big deal, don't worry, I can fix it! I'm going to bring you home some fancy new lingerie and you're gonna put it on and go stand on the street corner!"

10:40 this guy definitely deserves to live more than the other dude.

15:45 this episode is kinda makin' my nanner sad.

17:15 honestly like, really sad. LMAO. =\

18:15 this lady is pretty annoying, I honestly can't stand her and her husband.

21:04 pretty woke message about electricity though, it was worth watching the episode just to hear this.

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