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Yeah, it makes sense that cancer cells and other diseases would utilize your body's excess fat cells to grow themselves, the same way you utilize the fat cells as a store of energy.
Amen, amen, amen...


That's exactly what I'm talkin' about.
In one of Frankie's videos I watched yesterday, he mentioned that a lot of toxins are stored in the fat of feed lot animals.

So, not only are people who live like human versions of feed lot animals getting fat, they are also storing toxins in all that fat.
I started remembering this song.

The part with the diagram on the greenboard. How the mind conceptualizes the outside world.

Wow man.

Sometimes life seems so dumb and pointless, but then we start getting these "signs" and they make it seem like there's some deeper meaning and reason.
My original epiphany was...

If it's in your nature as an individual to be active/athletic and health conscious in general...

But you don't do those things and live up to your highest expression...

You are going to express those tendencies in a negative way rather than a positive way.

So instead of expressing your concern with health and wellness in a positive way, you'll be obsessed with it in a negative way which can result in things such as hypochondria.

That was the epiphany I started this thread about, and I had to share because I'd almost forgotten WTF it even was.
Another epiphany you had was starting an epiphany thread.
Yeah and hopefully I'll remember to enter future epiphanies into it...

They're very synchronistic events and even though they're legitimately earth-shattering, they can be forgotten.

Always remembered at a later time though, cuz once you've seen it you can't unsee it.

I had another epiphany after that as well which pertained to emotional trauma being stored in the physical body, thus needing PHYSICAL outlet.

It's not enough to THINK about releasing the emotions, they have to be PHYSICALLY released.

Then I started to think perhaps physical trauma is stored in the emotional body and has to be released EMOTIONALLY.


Not enough proof for that second part IMO, but I have to admit from a dualistic viewpoint, it does sort of make sense.

I bet it's legit.
What do you make of this video?

Seems like a pandemic would be the perfect smoke screen for when the Aliens arrive, or it could be like what I mentioned about the Aliens showing up with a cure.

I mean it would have to be a lot closer to the camera than the planets are.

A lot of people conflate space with the ocean...

It could be any number of organized energies (lifeforms, etc.) of varying density moving through the field.

Could be a craft, but there's no reason to think it's got any pertinence to us here on Earth...

If it's a craft with intelligent life, I doubt they have any plans of stopping by here.

But the whole alien unveiling thing has been a theory from the start, and I'm sure I've posted in this thread about information Clif High has shared regarding the DNA reading capabilities of 5G and how it'll be used to find hybrids within the population.
Oops, my bad... I meant I posted it here:
The sky looks to be getting more blue.
"Yellow" is "Yell, Ow."
"Satellite" is "Sat(urn)" and "Elite".
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