Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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I use Astrotheme...

Bear in mind that I always use the mean North Node, mean Lilith, and no House shift settings on Astrotheme as I've found these settings to render the most accurate charts over the years.


Johnny Depp Astrological Birth Chart
Born: Sunday, June 9, 1963, 8:44 AM
In: Owensboro (KY) (United States)

List of aspects:

Whew. Damn.

His birth chart was... a lot.

I found noteworthy things in 17 different aspects.

Everything is there, from the fame in cinema to his wine vineyard, to unhappy marriages, violence, you name it. It was all there. The wine and vineyard showed up the most though, which is super weird.

He loves wine, has owned a vineyard, etc.

It's all there.


Amber Heard Astrological Birth Chart
Born: Tuesday, April 22, 1986 (time unknown)
In: Austin (TX) (United States)

List of aspects:

Without a time of birth, this chart will not be as in depth, but it'll still tell us plenty.

OMG hers is the same situation as Johnny's. THE VERY FIRST aspect I click on is literally talking about the situation at hand. I always either start with the MC, or the Moon.

I also find it very interesting that she shares multiple aspects with Johnny.

More aspects stood out to me in Amber's chart than in Johnny's which is kinda crazy since we didn't have a time of birth to include.


Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Astrological Synastry

List of aspects:

You can go to the site and enter their details and read each aspect for yourself, I'm not going to.

I've already reached my conclusion about them.

But I will include screencaps of all their synastry aspects for anyone who has knowledge about astrology and what those aspects mean.

I will say their synastry score is unremarkable. It's 6.21... usually you wanna see AT LEAST 10+ indicating good compat. But it's also not in the negative, which I find interesting. To me, it means that that are very similar kinda people... which plays into my ultimate conclusion.



Gotta say... I wasn't buying the "mutual abuse" thing before I read all this, but now I feel that it's the most likely explanation. I think their combo was totally toxic and brought out the absolute worst in both of them. I think Amber is likely abusive in general, but I think Johnny is only (physically) abusive in the absolute worst of circumstances... and his relationship with Amber was the absolute worst circumstance.
OT but there are a shocking amount of total retards on Imgur.
Kinda reminds me of BitChute's comments sections.


Fuck you nailed it. God bless you. Just wow.
Yeah I totally wanted to blame it all on Amber, and I'm sure she's an antagonistic bitch, but...

Looks like they're both to blame.


(05-06-2022, 04:13 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I totally wanted to blame it all on Amber, and I'm sure she's an antagonistic bitch, but...

Looks like they're both to blame.

Totally agree. Like me and my kids mother.
She was nuts but I could've done things different.
Anyway the past is now.
They're both guilty, I think she's worse... but I still wanna see her lose her shizzle in cross exam!!!!!!


(05-06-2022, 04:20 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]They're both guilty, I think she's worse... but I still wanna see her lose her shizzle in cross exam!!!!!!

I totally agree but she may have a mental illness.
You can't judge people for that.
Johnny has addiction problems.
You can't judge someone for that either.

Dude check out what a CUNT she is while she's answering this question...

THAT is who Amber Heard is in her heart and soul.

It'll come out on the stand.


I looked up her leaked nudes.
The lady needs help.
Im not going to judge her but she has a sign "This blonde bitch from texas will eat you alive".
Or some kind of thing.
Im not going to judge people I have mental health and addiction issues.
But no matter how pretty a girl is, its character before aesthetics for ever for me.
I'd violently attack Johnny Depp...

WITH MY FKN PUSSSSAYYYY!!?!!!!!!???!!!!!!!
20:12 yeah, James Franco who she ends up FUCKING!!! So if Johnny was concerned about her cheating... LOOKS LIKE IT WAS WARRANTED.

22:17 wow this clip REALLY shows how totally full of shit Amber is... it's astounding! Never heard this one before!

I don't think Amber ever truly loved Johnny. I don't think she was ever sincere.

23:22 more totally telling audio.

24:10 listen to how she just totally SUDDENLY goes off on him here. If she was afraid of him, do you think she'd be talking to him like that? Fuck no.

24:26 he doesn't remember kicking her because it DIDN'T HAPPEN. I'm not saying this was one of those instances, but I DO BELIEVE that Amber is diabolical enough to push/prod Johnny til he gets super drunk (in order to cope) and then the next day blames him for doing (made up) things.

25:15 lol... Johnny's humble. I like that.

28:10 they ALWAYS had to get together and make plans to get Amber's dramatic ass away from Johnny, we even heard it up there in the severed finger aftermath audio.

32:20 WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? A doctor's email states that during a flight Amber was fighting with Johnny and she ATTEMPTED TO LEAVE THE PLANE WHILE THEY WERE OVER THE OCEAN.

48:13 a showcasing of Amber's various changing stories surrounding the severed finger incident.

51:01 I definitely agree with Sloan.

56:48 re: Whitney (Amber's sister) being afraid for Johnny's safety.

58:08 clips that show Amber's sister with visible bruising after supposedly being attacked by Amber.

59:21 get a load of all these successive references of people saying Amber treats people "like a dog"... it seems to be a theme about Amber's treatment toward other people. I said she tried to train Johnny like a dog, and now I hear several people saying she treated people like dogs. Definitely not a coincidence.

1:01:38 listen to her trying to downplay having "hurt" and "injured" Johnny. Just like we heard her do in the audio directly to him. Saying she wasn't "punching" him, she was "hitting" him. It's the exact same tactics.

1:06:20 exactly, that's what I keep saying, if Amber actually had PHOTO EVIDENCE of her injuries, why the hell would she not provide them??

1:07:20 the only pics of her I've ever seen showing alleged injuries.

1:09:08 if that's an actual clip from the show, there's no way she's hiding any serious injuries under there, no way she has a broken nose or anything else. You can't work fucking miracles with makeup, I'm sorry. And the clips of them showing a makeup palette in the court and then acting like it's an exact representation even though that palette didn't come out until 2017... *smh*

1:12:30 lmfao what a messy fucking relationship bahahahaha.

1:27:44 super clear version of one of the audio clips we heard in court, Johnny begging for peace with Amber.

1:32:54 aw man... that's so sad. I think he means it, but as I said either, I don't think Amber ever really loved him.

Dude imagine Johnny Depp saying that to you. Wow. Sigh.
I wonder what he uses to color his facial hair with...
She really actually looks like she's snorting coke.
Yeah she does, a lot of people swear up and down that's what she was doing.

Whether she was right there or not, you can tell just by her mannerisms, the way she moves her fingers, mouth, nose etc. that she's had a lot of practice snorting something.
I looked up uncensored pics of the bed turd and I gotta say...

If that was Amber's, she definitely needs to start getting more fiber in her diet.

If I was gonna shit the bed as an act of disrespect, I'd plan it out.

I'd have like 2 bananas, a dinner of rice and beans with a salad on top, and a couple more bananas.

I mean it would be a massive shit.

It wouldn't be some scrawny, greasy, sad looking turd.

That shit looked more like it came from a dog with ailing health.

This is kind of interesting. Seems like nobody believes Amber, but in particular the professional who studies body language for a living, and trains FBI and CIA agents to do the same. 

But I'm posting this for another reason. Toward the end of the video, 6:10, one of the show's hostesses says "no matter what happens, if only ONE juror believes (Amber) was abused just ONCE, even if it was in quote-unquote self defense, then she will win this case". There are 12 jurors. The hostess was quoting someone named Dan Abrams. If that's true, it seems almost impossible that Johnny would win, especially after seeing your reading. I mean, ALL 12 jurors thinking Johnny never ONCE abused her?  I need to figure out if this is correct. Who is this Dan Abrams douche?
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