Full Version: Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
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(05-04-2022, 07:14 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: [ -> ]It almost sounds like she's complaining because he treated her nicely.

It's like she's complaining that he tried to dote on her and buy her nice things and make her feel like she was the apple of his eye.

It's honestly sad and I can't figure how anybody (the jury etc.) is gonna hear that and NOT interpret it like she's legitimately trying to find fault with a man trying to be romantic and chivalrous.

I don't even understand WTF she's trying to accomplish here, if she's trying to make him sound bad, it's really not working at all.

All the jury is gonna be thinking, male or female, is that they wish somebody'd fucking treat THEM that way, lmao!


Oh my God man, this is really bad.

Like it's even worse than I figured it'd be.

It's honestly hard to watch.

She shouldn't have done this.
From the comments section on the video above...

Quote:This is going to backfire on her hard. She added so much detail and she's not gonna remember every single thing... then during her cross examination JD's lawyer is going to ask her to retell specific stories and point out the inconsistencies within them and boom... liar called out.

100% nail on the head.
0:50 she's honestly a horrible actress.

You can see right here the attempt she's making.

It's the most embarrassing shit ever, this is so bad.

It's all a bunch of "I feel" and "I felt", it's a bunch of crap about feelings instead of stuff that ACTUALLY happened.

It just sounds crazy and erratic.

It's so clear now that Johnny was trying to save her from this kind of embarrassment when he wanted them to just settle things privately and not make any of it public.

Same with her team trying get her out of having to take the stand.

So it means that even at this point, Amber doesn't see how she was wrong and she doesn't see how she was abusive.

She's never going to.
This is sooo hard to watch.

She's just acting, 100%, and you can tell that Johnny feels so bad for her.

He's still got compassion even after all this bullshit...

As a truly seasoned actor for most of his life, inside he's thinking "Man that's a bad acting job."

It's not occupying the forefront of his mind because it's just a side thought really, the embarrassment for her and the compassion he still has for her is forefront in his mind.

Seriously just awful watching her put the final nails in the coffin of her reputation.
1:37 I honest to God believe Johnny is crying right there because of how sad it makes him to hear this shit out of her and to know that she's just burying herself in a load of shit.

Man... I'm blown away by the guy's heart.
He obviously loved her very much at one time.
Johnny Depp was so down to earth and relatable the entire time he was on the stand... but with Amber, it's like she's living in the clouds somewhere. She's just talking about all this hoity-toity shit that no one can even relate to.
2:00 dude I mean...

This is the shit that she's bringing up against him??

First of all it's going off of her PERCEPTION, which is totally fucking warped anyway. Everything I've heard her say is like a misinterpretation of what he was saying to her. It's like she took everything he said the wrong way, even when it was like... hell, I dunno, supposed to be a compliment or something.

I can understand why this upsets Johnny so much... it's so sad to know that someone is so crazy they can't even interpret reality accurately. Like there's such a disconnect between them and reality that they interpret insults even in compliments. I can understand why it makes him so sad.

She's a really disturbing individual.
It reminds me of a schizophrenic episode where normal environmental stimuli (sounds, decor, imagery, everything) is interpreted as negative or even demonic.
It's like that's how she goes around perceiving the world.
I don't think she's been diagnosed thoroughly enough... all I heard about was her taking some kind of 500 question quiz or something. She needs a serious amount of time with a doctor and a very thorough exam of her mental state because I think there's more going on with her than just BPD.
9:40 dude Johnny's body language throughout this entire thing is just... 100% loud and clear.

He's hurt as fuck by everything he's hearing. And he takes his glasses off at this point, which is at the worst of what she's been saying. If he was trying to hide from what he was hearing, he would have just kept them on. If he was trying to hide any expressions or dead giveaways of guilt, he would have kept them on.

His forehead is literally creased in pain. Emotional pain, not physical pain.

I imagine that's what he looked like a lot of the time when she was coming at him during their relationship.

Hunched over, forehead crinkled, quiet, beat down, defeated, in pain. Then he'd probably escape the room when he felt like there was a reprieve or a path for him to.
Ask any body language or micro-expression analyst, those grief lines in the forehead aren't easily faked (many argue they can't be faked at all).

If he was trying to convey innocence here, this isn't the approach he would take in the first place.

No one is going to be perceptive enough to simply look at him and understand what he's ACTUALLY feeling in that moment.

Maybe expert analysts would but most people are going to think he's calm or whatever.

But I can see from some very obvious markers both in his facial expressions and his body language that he feels totally devastated (emotional, sadness) right now, and it's not because what she's saying is true.
10:07 this kind of manipulation out of her is the exact reason why HE couldn't get away and leave HER because she was being abusive.

It's WARPED, man. It's TWISTED.

She said he was the best thing that ever happened to her (at the time), yet she started off claiming she thought he was a creepy old guy and she didn't like all his gifts, lol.

Alrighty then.

I think somewhere deep inside her, she knows EXACTLY how her words are hitting Johnny right now, and that's what she's GOING FOR.
She's STILL trying to hurt him and manipulate him and she's SUCCEEDING.

This is fucked up, and I'm not gonna NOT feel bad for him just because he's famous and world renown and loved by like millions of people.

I feel bad for that man. He's STILL being abused by her.
I didn't know if I was gonna be able to watch her take the stand just because SHE'S so effing cringey and embarrassing...

But now I'm not sure I can watch it because it's seriously upsetting how much she's twisting the knife off in him with this OPPORTUNITY that she has to abuse him straight up in front of the world.
It's so bad that she gets to do this to him.

Whatever, she's gonna lose...

But she sure got some last punches in on him before she went down.

Hopefully she'll leave him the fuck alone for good after this.

I wouldn't put it past her to keep obsessing on him til her dying day at this point.

It's honestly horrible.
10:40 look at him...

He's like doubled over in pain.

I can see the abused child in him.

He's reverting back to that state, like when he was a kid.
People keep posting this quote from a recording of Amber in the comment section, so I'm gonna quote it here too...

Quote:"Tell the world, Johnny, tell them — I, Johnny Depp, a man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence. And see how many people believe or side with you."
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