Edward Van Halen dead at 65
You can tell the band loves Arnel too. At this point he's been the most longstanding lead singer.

There are a couple things he does that they don't 100% like, but they'd never say anything to him about it... they love the guy.
(10-12-2020, 04:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: At this point he's been the most longstanding lead singer.

Which makes it puzzling that he wasn't inducted into the hall of fame with the rest of the band.

Yeah I heard about that. The band felt like he got slighted for it. They need to put him in along with Steve Perry... it shouldn't be just one of them.

1:54 seriously, look how much they love this guy.
LOL I just think he's so fucking amazing.

I feel like I can hear a little bit of an accent...

Which is kiiind of adorable.
3:36 I mean...

I don't think people really give this the credit it deserves as a damn near supernatural phenomenon, ROFL.

I'm serious.

Like, imagine being the band and how trippy it must be to them.
Like life is a fucking dream or something.
It'd probably be unadvised and pretty unprofessional for them to actually discuss it... but you KNOW they're thinking it.

God, he's sooooo sweet.

Why did I go down this rabbit hole.

This is just pointless for me.

I love it.

Jesus man, I just don't even know.

I don't even know.

I feel like...

Agh, honestly I feel like Arnel has imploded the universe and we're just now realizing it.
Quote:Ultimately the band hired another YouTube find, Filipino singer Arnel Pineda of the cover band The Zoo.



Honestly, Arnel's heart is just pure enough that he got to live his ultimate dream, in the flesh.

And yes, I understand this thread has gone off topic.

But there isn't a Journey thread (yet) so I am posting it here for now.
(10-14-2020, 05:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Honestly, Arnel's heart is just pure enough that he got to live his ultimate dream, in the flesh.

Man I gotta be 100% real with you...

That 2016 performance up there??


First of all...

Journey is the one band that I can truly say I am so glad went on after a core, iconic member left.

And secondly?

This is no diss to Steve. Not at all.

But if I had to choose between getting in a time machine and going to a Journey concert in their Steve Perry led heyday, or going to this 2016 performance?

I'd be going to that 2016 performance.

Arnel is otherwordly, god status.

Steve is too. But Arnel's energy is my jam.

Comments Wrote:For any bonafide Steve Perry/Journey fan, "Lights" is the true Acid Test. Like it, or not...Arnel passes the test. Lovely voice!

He's Right You Know
Arnel is 53, which I just can't even believe...

The purity of his energy just makes him seem so young.

But it's for this reason that I stick to my opinion that there's no need for him to ever establish his own style.

Great/powerful singers like that who give it their heart and soul for ~30 years are lucky if they can even do it anymore once they get to that age.

With a damn near godly talent like Arnel's, there is absolutely nothing left to prove.
And I'll go to a spiritual level with it too...

Arnel was obviously deeply inspired by Steve Perry.

There is some kind of karma here...

Arnel got to hitch a ride on the trail that Steve blazed with Journey.

Because of Steve, Arnel benefited. He didn't know he was gonna benefit someday...

Arnel didn't know he'd end up the lead singer of Journey at the age of 41.

So spiritually, karmically, I guess Steve (the higher self or whatever you wanna call it, because we're definitely not talking about their human avatars) owed Arnel one.

He either owed him one, or Steve agreed to it out of the kindness of his heart (soul).

But since Arnel embodies something so intimate and something that should be so unique...

I think it's safe to say that Steve was doing more than a solid for Arnel.

It was Arnel's destiny to benefit from Steve's vibration and legacy.

Maybe Arnel doesn't even know who he is apart from Steve's influence, which probably started pretty early in his life. What, the early 80s or so?

Long time.

I feel that Arnel's story is deeply inspiring.

Almost like a testament to living your life auditioning for the role you want every day...

You can bet Arnel sang those songs in the shower decades before he sang them on stage. Think about how powerful THAT is.

You gotta be fucking kidding me dude, I cannot even fucking believe this.

This shit is supernatural.


I'm just going back and listening to all my fave Journey songs with Arnel.

I just...


Overwhelming, y'all.
If he does Still They Ride, I'm gonna fucking dieeeeeee.

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