Crocs Kadee flip flops are the best...
I look at the Crocs every time I go to a Hibbett's. I really should go ahead and get some.
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I've never had a legit pair of classic Crocs, but I've heard they're great.

I would not want the kind with any lining.

I think the biggest selling point of Crocs is that they are easily washable.
Wait till you try secks with crocs , super fun
I always figured regular Crocs would be sweaty.

I believe they would be.
check out this collection 

residents of German town discovered that all their missing crocs were taken by this fox
That fox rocks for getting the lock on that German town's crocs!

Had to channel Princess Carolyn for that one, lol.
Crocs Kadee II flip flops are my fucking drug.

Months back I discovered they were available in cherry print...

I fell madly fucking in love.

So I scored myself some "cherry Crocs" and I guess I've been wearing them since like June.

There are reasons I don't wear closed toed shoes, and I've been salty over it, believe me...

You all know boots are my first love. Alas, sometimes, we just gotta let it go.

I just thank God that Crocs flip flops are so damn fucking high quality, so well made, literally...

Other than the thong, there's nothing that can really break on them and I am compelled to believe they could last forever.

For real.

But it's my goal to wear this pair until they're "worn out"...

Just to see what it really takes to wear out a pair of Crocs flip flops.

My concern with these was that the cherry print would wear off...

And indeed on the areas where my feet touch the print the most, they have faded.

The only parts where the print has worn off entirely are the little 'dots' that stick up along the footbed on all the Crocs flip flops, not just this kind.

Other than that, I think they still look pretty good and they've lasted far better than I expected them to.

I LIVE in these flip flops.

I really do.

I even shower in them.

Why? Because they need to be washed just like I do!

Typically I will wash my feet (and the flip flops) once or twice a day, but when I shower, I go ahead and give 'em the full treatment.

I love my Crocs flip flops and they are the best open toed shoes in the world.
As far as being stylish? LOL man who gives a shit?!

Like, believe me...

I ain't wearing this shit for no reason.

I looked long and hard for a damn shoe that I could survive in.

And TBH...

Comfort and the ability to tolerate your life is more important than style.

That said, I think they're fine stylistically, I have no issue with them whatsoever.

I've had a few uptight Virgos talk smack about 'em, but other than that, most people keep their mouths shut!
I think the idea of a shoe you can't wash is...

Kiiind of pure insanity.

I get it, that covers like 90% of shoes, you can't really wash those fuckers can you?


The washability of Crocs (in general, besides the lined ones) is one of their strongest benefits.

If you can't wash it (easily) and have it dry within minutes...

Then I think that's a recipe for disaster.

God bless Crocs, and let's make this last forever...

(08-15-2021, 01:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: But it's my goal to wear this pair until they're "worn out"...

Just to see what it really takes to wear out a pair of Crocs flip flops.

Until something breaks on 'em, I'd say that "wearing out" a pair of Crocs flip flops just isn't really possible...

But they DO show signs of wear.

The pair I've been wearing since June look damn near as worn as the first pair I ever got in 2016.

It makes sense because I've danced on this pair in a hard and extreme way, and I've showered with them and washed them otherwise, countless times.

I love them though, and I consider the cherry print flip flop to be my signature Crocs.

I would wear other shoes, but it's a long story as to why it doesn't really work out for me to do that.

I just thank God for Crocs and how comfortable they are, and I've never really had any accidents walking in them...

Never even had any problems when I was dancing in them hardcore and they got sweaty. I'd take breaks to dry them off and then just keep on going. They'd be all warmed up by my body heat, it was crazy.

I have had A LOT of fun in this pair and I'll keep wearing them, but I do have a couple new backup pairs of the same style and it's not out of the realm of reason that I'd try a new pair on and see if there are any obvious comfort differences.

I don't really expect for there to be any differences as far as comfort, and I think this is my best pair of Crocs flip flops so far just because they are so worn in to the shape of my foot.

I am obsessed with Crocs (Kadee II) flip flops.
(09-06-2021, 12:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: The pair I've been wearing since June look damn near as worn as the first pair I ever got in 2016.

The cherry print itself has actually held up surprisingly well, but the wear shows in the surface of the shoe with wrinkles all over it, and with wrinkles in the heel. And some wearing down on the bottom of the shoe.

Looks like Crocs is gonna ruin their product trying to be more "sustainable"...

I knew there was a reason for those backup pairs of cherry Crocs I randomly ordered.
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