Zakk Tull: You GOTTA hear this, ROFLMAO...
Is there any to zak commited/helped ? I feel like he might flip out or act on his crazy assumptions ...kill a 'demon' if you catch me
I don’t think he’d do that...

He’s all about speaking shit, not really doing shit.

But if you ask me he’s gotten less pleasant in his advancing years.

I miss the Zakk who used to sit around his rented room eating gas station food and talking about big tits.
(09-15-2018, 10:16 PM)Trix Wrote: Zakk's schizophrenic...

But it's THE WORST video I've ever seen from him (in like 15 years).

Because no one is going to understand his insane ramblings, they're gonna think he's just flat out being a creep.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a miracle no one ever confronts Zakk in these public places he goes to and records people.

I believe you can consider Zakks days as the recipient of a miracle over, in the last two weeks he has been pepper sprayed in his sleeping bag and later robbed in a dawn patrol, most likely I suspect by a local who got fed up with his mouthiness, followed him to his encampment and determined to deliver some hints (of progressive severity) that he would be well advised to leave Las Vegas. As of this date he is still there so stay tuned.   And for the record, being batshit insane does not preclude flat out being a creep.

He did get robbed.

I think it was random though.

This isn't Zakk's first rodeo...

He knows what to do.
He was warned that Las Vegas is not Venice before he even left, they have no soft spot for crazies and they don't play around with losers unless there are considerable sums of money to be made in the process. If he stays it is only a matter of time before somebody(s) strip him to the bone and leave the them to bleach in the sun. Few will notice, less will care- that is Las Vegas.
Dancing Banana 
Wow, what a shithole! I always knew I hated that place for good reason!
Wonder why he went there? Maybe for the hookers?

Dude I've never heard Zakk sound like a normal person for any considerable length of time, this is fricken WEIRD!

0:39 I LOL'd fucking hard.

LOL, frogs ribbiting and shit.

Dude, where the hell is Zakk even living, who are these people??

Did they take on a roommate for the rent $$$?

Sounds like it sucks.

Zakk is fucking SELLING MONEY.


Love this fuckin' guy.

LOL, look how vain he is though, what the fuck?! That's so weird!

2:26 is that a tattoo on his arm???


Oh Zakk.
Dancing Banana 

Okay well this might be the scariest thing I've ever seen.
People are acting wrong on purpose. They just deleted my YouTube account because someone called me a black person and I put it in the title.
Fuckloads of YouTube accounts will be deleted this year for seemingly no reason, YouTube is going 100% corporate and will allow no unassimilated fringe to remain...

Get yourself an account on BitChute hon.
There is no incredibly promising YouTube replacement yet but BitChute is about as close as there is, and you can auto upload your new YouTube vids there, it's a cool feature. So you can get another YouTube account and still upload your vids there, but they'll also get uploaded on BitChute for when they delete your next YouTube channel.
Dude, even Zakk has a BitChute now?!

He looks pretty damn good these days.
Does anybody know where my lord and savior is ?
(09-03-2021, 08:53 PM)Guest Wrote: Does anybody know where my lord and savior is ?

I've known Zakk since the '80s. Sad thing is, I have to worship him. But, I haven't heard from him since July. I have no idea what had happened to him.
Zakk's one of a kind...

He's around just doing his thing.

I personally dunno where all his platforms are so I'm not the best source of Zakk info but I know he's still kickin'.

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