Onision (Greg/UhOhBro/OnisionSpeaks)

My dear sweet love child.

How can you find this hideous abomination attractive?

1 He’s not even really that conventionally attractive.

2. Even by some chance he still was your type any time he opens his mouth
It’s just pure utter garbage vitriol.

3. He’s a horrible person what he’s done to his “wife”. Hopefully they don’t have kids.

4. He’s not even a Daddy

5. He judges young girls bodies and faces. So much wrong there to even open that can of worms.

6. Please explain yourself. ( I love you!! ?) ??
LOL, yeah I've said some weird shit on this thread...

Greg is fascinating, I think he's an absolute piece of trash and it's all along the same lines as dudes who fuck total hoes...

No I wouldn't ACTUALLY want to have sex with Greg but I'll admit that he as a total piece of fucking garbage who could only ever be worth a forgettable fuck, I have thought he was hot in the past.
I mean anyone can literally read the thread to see everything I've ever said about Greg...


44:00 he asks all of them the same question...

Hansen's going in for the kill and that's a fact.
(12-07-2019, 11:11 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: Only five minutes in and I have to say this Shiloh chick
is dressed rather inappropriately for an interview of this nature.

It was totally inappropriate, BUT...

Her behavior and her communication was fine and really it's a miracle she can function in any capacity as a normal human being after what Greg did to her.
She carried Greg's deceased baby in her womb for weeks until she ultimately had to leave him and go back to Canada/her mom so she could have the necessary life-saving surgery that Greg refused to pay or get her any help for...

That's really all that needs to be said about Greg as a person, and really the entire situation in general.

Out of all of them including Lainey, Shiloh was hurt the most.
Living for weeks in an abusive situation waiting every day to see if you're going to pass the dead infant or not?? Yeah... uhhh, you'd be fucked in the head too.
If hell was a real place, Greg would be going there...

But heaven and hell are just places on Earth, and under Greg's demented control and abuse, a lot of girls have experienced hell.
All he wanted from the start was to knock Shiloh up...

His self professed fetish is having sex with a woman while her daughter is in bed with them...

In one of his books, he wrote some filthy perverse shit involving a character who shares his DAUGHTER'S NAME.

In his own sick way Greg is crying out for help...

This will not end well if he isn't dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.
It's already happening...


Sarah/Lainey/Greg had sex while the daughter was sleeping in the bed.

There's not much time left for that child's safety, if it's not too late already...

Greg will be destroyed.
Greg is about to be somebody's buttslut behind bars...

Rub Hands
Lainey is gonna be put away too...

Greg made sure he set Lainey up to do the most illegal things that have been publicly brought to light.

Keep in mind, this is the SAME GUY who said that he wouldn't even change his daughter's dirty diaper because it was just too weird. Yet he's gonna have sex with her in the SAME BED?? Wow.

This ain't Little House On The Prairie where everybody lives in the same damn room, no this is 2019, they have a sizeable home... NOTHING excuses their behavior.

And delusional Lainey will probably try to make their daughter as boylike as she possibly can (just like she's done to herself) in a twisted misdirected effort to disuade Greg's interest. It's a sad story.
(12-08-2019, 12:35 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Sarah/Lainey/Greg had sex while the daughter was sleeping in the bed.

If that's true then I see a suicide on the horizon.
He knows what awaits him in lock-up and being 
the low-life, wormy little cocksucker that he is, he'll
never let them take him alive.
I've seen a whole lot of people in comments sections pretty concerned that Greg might just start killing people.
(12-08-2019, 10:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've seen a whole lot of people in comments sections pretty concerned that Greg might just start killing people.

One thing's for sure: Regardless of what happens, it will NOT end well.

I gotta be 100% honest, I have neverrrrrrr looked at the Onision Greg Jackson (forever gonna call him this, Chris Hansen style) Twitter page before...

But I just checked it out and let me unequivocally state...

He labels the page "satire" but I GUARANTEE he means every single word he says on there.

As someone who means everything they say, but is often mistaken for just bullshitting, I can tell you from personal fucking experience...

He means EVERY word.


Just wow.
Greg's fetishes are actually few...

He wants to impregnate chicks, he wants them to "recover" fast so he can fuck them again (and impregnate them again), and they're just fuck slaves.


Now, a lot of these tendencies are just natural for men but... the difference here is that Greg is OBBBBFUCKINGSESSSSSSED with it, TALKS ABOUT IT PUBLICLY AND CONSTANTLY and very clearly just will NOT shut the fuck up about it.

He's doing all kinds of fucked up shit AND talking this way, luring and grooming girls.


He's clearly pushing Lainey to totally destroy herself for him because Lainey's a petite girl, no big tits... Greg's psychology is to shame Lainey for her body and then give her an ultimatum that ACTUALLY just leads to her destroying herself rather than being someone Greg is attracted to.

This fucking guy is sick and I agree with Chris Hansen, this is very culty.

This dude is honestly horrifying.

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