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Original thread title Onision: Greg's UhOhBro YouTube Channel Has Been Removed

So long story short, Greg's life is a FUCKINGGG trainwreck and he is honestly crazy.

I personally think he's pretty funny, but there's no question he's TOTALLY fucked up.

He's married to this chick named Taylor (Laineybot) who started out fairly normal at the beginning of their relationship, but fast-forward a few years later and now she thinks she's a guy and she's making everyone call her Kai.

You'd think having children would straighten up her "dysphoria" and make her realize that uhm, yeah, she's a woman. But nooo... the INSANE SJW brainwashing is so strong that it even overrides NATURE within the weak minds that it totally cripples.

And then there's all the CRAZY "grooming" that he and Lainey do to their fangirls. Greg is 33 and Lainey is 24. He uses her to reel in underaged girls, then they convince these girls to come and hang out with them under the guise of being in a lezbo relationship with Lainey... but somehow that pesky ol' Greg always works his way in! ROFLROFL. Agh, God, it's not even funny, it's really not.

Their latest catch which they kept for a few years was this 15 or 16 year old girl they got LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP OVER...

I mean these people are FUCKED up.

But Greg particularly, his romantic M.O. is something like this... he chats up an underage girl (15-17 usually, but some people they've contacted have been younger), always making sure to choose one that comes from a difficult family situation, he eventually gets them to come and live with him under the guise of protecting them, then over time he destroys their femininity and they usually end up shaving their heads. He tries to knock them up in order to trap them with him, but that never worked and they all got away... until Lainey, who was 17 when they first started talking.

Greg drove one of the chicks he was with before Lainey COMPLETELY fucking insane... her name was Shiloh and here's a video of him filming her while she's losing her fucking mind and ultimately the cops come:

More recently, one of Lainey and Greg's third-wheelers got too close to Greg and triggered Lainey's jealousy. Greg got annoyed that Lainey was jealous and decided he'd leave her (the mother of his children) for the third wheel. He ultimately decided not to though, and he and Lainey are still together.

He's basically got Lainey Stockholm Syndrome'd and now she does his luring of girls for him. Rumor has it Lainey is generally displeased in the relationship and is looking for a way out.

So now for some reason, one of Greg's channels has been removed...


2 million subs and almost 800 uploads, flushed like a floater. Who knows whether he'll get the channel back... it was probably a bunch of flagging by people who are super pissed off that he's a predator of young, vulnerable women. But the channels that have been getting removed by YouTube lately really don't seem to be getting reinstated like they did early on (2 or so years ago to recently) when YouTube were first trying out their arbitrary removal tactics.

We'll see.

But if they really do want Greg off the platform, that means it's pretty likely his other channel will get flushed too, and probably pretty soon.

His OnisionSpeaks channel is smaller than the removed channel, with only 1.7 million subs...


But it has damn near 3000 uploads, pretty crazy.

Looks like Greg is finally getting his payback for all the fucked up shit he's done over the years... this thread touches on maybe 1/4 of the messed up shit he's done, but it's a decent overall summary of this fucker.
Greg also writes books, which are an insight into his psychological state...

This video is fucking hilarious, not even gonna lie, the clips of him screaming had me ROFL...


20:22 - 21:50 creepy as all out pure and total fuck... Greg is so fucked up.
Greg is one person who I would be glad to see totally deplatformed by YouTube with all his channels deleted and any subsequent attempts at making a new channel totally thwarted...

But instead they have to go and banish useful people like Alex Jones. And super funny, non-predatorial people like Mumkey Jones.

Fucking idiots.

Admittedly, he's right.

If Onision and his wife weren't such brainwashed, mind disease ridden SJW morons, I wouldn't be as happy to see him go.

They need a wakeup call in life.

7:46 and that makes him SOOOOO sad...

Oh wow, he has ANOTHER channel...


That one has 2 mil. subs also.


Seems like a totally random thing that the UhOhBro channel was removed.

Technically it was the channel with the most subscribers, but...

The sub count difference between UhOhBro and the Onision channel is hardly mentionable.

Either the rest of his channels will be removed, or UhOhBro will be restored...

If it was just due to a bunch of flagging by addled viewers, then he will probably get it back.
If they're gonna take out Mumkey Jones though...

Greg doesn't stand a fuckin' chance.
It's really bizarre how Onision hasn't made a video addressing the channel removal...

It's kind of like his eerie calmness in that video with his ex (Shiloh) who was going totally nuts and he was just being totally calm.

He ALWAYS does that.
I think his outward behavior is the EXACT opposite of how he feels on the inside, in every emotional situation.

Hmmm, very strange, I wonder if all the videos are lost or if they're private.

(01-17-2019, 05:37 AM)MO Wrote: Either the rest of his channels will be removed, or UhOhBro will be restored...

If it was just due to a bunch of flagging by addled viewers, then he will probably get it back.

So it must have been a bunch of false flagging, but where are all the vids??

People seem to think Greg was trying to remove evidence.

I dunno, but the channels that have been removed and then restored in the past had all their videos intact.
Greg totally looks like a serial killer.
And I mean I know it's arguable that actual serial killers ever "look like" serial killers but...

Come on, he totally looks like a serial killer.
I think his videos are all private on that channel, because the one video that is public is about how great "black people's hair" is...

Which is such a joke after all the shit he talked about their hair, there was a chick who made this video:

Her video went viral, that's what a shitstorm his other video about black people's hair caused.

So the fact that he would single that video out to make it public on his channel... wow.

He'll probably make all the other ones public again little by little or all in one go, if they're still even on the channel.

He just wants to showcase his positive video about black people's hair before he does...

What a fricken psychotic asshole.
How do you interpret his intentions behind every dang Eugenia Cooney video he's uploaded?
Greg genuinely wants to help Eugenia...

Even reprehensible pieces of crap do at least a few good things over the span of their lives.

Greg's Eugenia videos are the only worthy things he's done.

Here's a thread about Eugenia:

the action by a pedophile of preparing a child for a meeting, especially via an Internet chat room, with the intention of committing a sexual offense.
(01-16-2019, 08:37 PM)MO Wrote: This video is fucking hilarious, not even gonna lie, the clips of him screaming had me ROFL...

OMG I found the original vid it came from...


God. Bless. The internet.

I gotta admit the fucking guy is hilarious.

That video was a pretty long time ago, surprising he's still so healthy these days having been on the vegan starvation diet for so long.

The diet is probably the cause of his skin issues in the first place...


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