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5:52 I don't like "merch" either... especially when people could be selling stuff that they've personally handled, it's so much more meaningful when you've actually handled the item. Major bonus points for stuff you've handmade... and that's where art comes into play. That's why I only offer what's in my store as "merch"... I want things to be meaningful, it's all stuff I've handmade. I've looked all over his YouTube and I can't find any Etsy links. He should at least have an Etsy to sell his art on, he'd probably make slews of money in the longterm, not to mention that an Etsy would serve as a portfolio to showcase past works. You know I believe that everyone should have their own website, but it doesn't sound like he knows how to do that kinda stuff so Etsy would be way easier. Or even eBay. Anything. You know there are tons of people who want to buy his stuff.

You liked that one ? Lol
I thought that part was just hilarious because I know EXACTLY what you mean about people getting all serious looking when they're playing the piano!!! I feel like I really relate to what you're saying on a deep level.
Have a look at my Halloween special (every witch way loose) can you tell me where I went wrong from a woman's point of view

Bwahahahaha OMG. I like it too!


God I love these van videos because it's all so candid and intimate, like we're just hanging out in a nice quiet, private setting... with a few thousand of our closest friends! LOL! I love the internet because it brings people from all over the world together... I'll never take this for granted.

3:35 ROFLMAOOOMG, this is the story of my life though...



Dude... come on, you knew that chick didn't you?!

I mean if you DIDN'T actually know her... that was some crazy shit. You must have a trustworthy sort of presence in real life.

6:30 I'll be honest, what I like about this is the willingness to pursue... I have a thing about encouraging men to make it clear to women in no uncertain terms that they're interested in them. I've even made topics about it, here's one:

"Men, I need you to PURSUE WOMEN, and make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that you want them"

So nice work on that... I think you're great to be honest, I'm proud of you and I wish more men would fearlessly pursue women. All women really want is positive attention from men.
Totally real unfortunately lol
I can't watch this vid without cringing now ... I agree men should be a little more clear in the pursuit of women but perhaps not in
(02-08-2019, 09:24 PM)Urbanstealth Wrote: but perhaps not in



But I think it's exciting!
Well making thing's Crystal clear I think you are gorgeous! If only I was 10 years younger
I think YOU'RE absolutely gorgeous...

I have from the start!

And to be honest if you were 10 years younger, I wouldn't be excited about it...

I prefer older men for their maturity and really, they're just not mature enough until they're at least over 40.

Sadly even then sometimes they're still not mature.

I think between 45-55 is the perfect age range for a man... still so handsome, not 'old', been around the block enough not to be all angsty about stupid shit. Agh... I love men. So much.

3:30 fuck toilets and showers, TBH.

That's always my argument...

Toilets and showers are newfangled BS that we didn't have until modern times.

Maybe some form of a toilet is a pretty old deal, but there's nothing better than burying waste.

I guarantee all the toilets throughout humanity's history before modern times were totally nasty.

And showers...

I mean, showers are really new.

Screw running water and all that convenience BS...

It's made us all complacent.

The river should be our running water, humanity is too out of touch with natural living.

That's why van life/vehicular nomadic living is so great...

It's so much closer to nature and better for the psyche as a result. JMHO.
6:00 and that's another good point too, I don't advise anyone ever get a rig that has a back which is closed off and separate from the cab. It's way too dangerous to have to get out first in order to drive off.

14:00 great profile, nice browbone and a really nice nose. It's a great view. These features strike almost a primal familiarity for me, I like those genetics, they produce some fine looking people.

I also find people who are such naturals at filming themselves/talking to the camera rather fascinating. Doing so is such a new thing in the span of humanity, it's just very interesting to me that some people have taken to it so well.

LOL this video was so fucking funny, God I love this man. PERFECT sense of humor. Perfect.
I'm just watching random videos from the channel before I fall asleep.
You're picture is ready
Holy mackerel, I'm so excited LOL!

Just knowing you painted me a picture with your very own hands...

It takes me to my zen happy place.

I'm fangirling so hard right now, I can't even pretend.

It's a miniature life history and London tour. Very interesting. It's sad how much things have changed for the worse even in just a few short decades.

10:12 LOL I'll try my best not to makeĀ a lewd and filthy comment about that one!!!


I love his hats, they're very nice.

5:45 my favorite van dweller/vehicular nomad of all time. For sure. Just so pleasant and right on.

8:17 it's so true, he's so right. God, this is what life is all about.

Freedom. Minimal belongings. Health and nature.

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