The Urban Stealth Campervan Man
Dancing Banana 
I have a fetish...
Nice ?
I've got painter's cramp ,im having a rest painting overload ... dawn of the dead and Carrie I'm working on ...

*squeals and runs around the block*

Holy heck, horror scenes!!! It sounds spooky to paint, but so worth it!!!

Your precious hand, give it to me and I'll do a gentle massage with it...

Between my thighs?!?!?

ROFL that was straight up disrespectful, shame on me!!!


God he's so fucking handsome and familiar looking, I can't even stand it.

I don't know what it is, it's like I just recognize him from somewhere...

I love the way he looks out in the sun with his features lit up from a different angle.

He looks different from different angles, God I'm so fucking...


A hundred million percent.

I love how he frames all his pictures, that's so special. It makes me want to frame my pictures too.

5:05 LOL so funny. I think that seeing real, relatable people living the van life is what people want, they don't really care if it's a man or woman, I think it just needs to be a generally likable/interesting person who is being honest.
He's just so damn fucking beautiful.

Like in every way.
Well thank you very much xx
Your channel is such a treat, there are lots and lots of videos.

I just randomly choose some to watch while I'm in bed...

It's been my nightly ritual lately and I've really been enjoying it.

I automatically enter into 'commentator mode' whenever I post a vid and start time stamping, that's just what I do.

Anyway I'm settling in for the night and I'll probably watch some more vids.
Really enjoy reading the commentary from you ..... x

LOLOL some lucky bastard caught him taking a shower!!!


Yeah showering/bathing is one of those dodgy things when you live in a vehicle.

A lot of people do the gym membership thing, but me personally, well I just opt not to shower.

There are rest stops out there with private bathrooms where you can do everything that is conceivably necessary to bathe. Seriously. People are so brainwashed. Nobody needs a shower, nobody needs a bathtub. And if you really wanna submerge yourself, visit a river or something. We don't even need soap, so don't worry about harming the environment. There is no need for 80% of the shit that modern house dwelling humanity has become accustomed to, sorry but it's just true.

People are gonna have to be reprogrammed to live a more natural life, it's time. It feels good to let go of all that stuff and surrender to nature.
11:10 ROFLMAOMG he's comparing people's channels to candybars... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm slain.

I love the facial close-ups...


Fucking magnificent.
LMFAO this video is hilarious. I'm actually laughing out loud. But yeah it's so true, this is exactly the kinda stuff that makes a traveling lifestyle so fun and interesting. There's so much weird and quirky shit out there in the world to be discovered.

6:08 oh FUCK yeah baby, GOD BLESS whoever made that request...

I'm rubbin' my nanner raw over here, I really gotta stop!?

I'm totally offended by the mere suggestion of making another channel just because some people don't want to see the artwork, like wow. There are some boring, unimaginative, joyless motherfuckers out there! Who wouldn't want to see art? People have some strange hang ups. I personally find the art fascinating, as well as the artist. Anything that offers insight into the processes of the creator is enthralling to me just for the value of the window into that unique world.

I feel like if people don't wanna see your art, then they don't really care about you. Who the hell wants those people around? It's not nice. I bet it's mostly dudes who protest the art, and it stands to reason that it's because they've got some kinda insecurity going on.

I've always disliked it when people make multiple channels. That's just not how this stuff works. Originally, YouTube was about everyday people just sharing and expressing themselves, showcasing all the facets of their being in one easy to read kinda place. It was always supposed to be the individual and all their interests, on one channel, where you can quickly get a gauge on who the hell somebody truly is. Making multiple channels defeats that purpose. Makes it all more complicated. In my opinion, nothing genuine is ever supposed to be complicated.

The Dolly Parton picture is rad, so trippy, I just made a thread about her today! I recognized her by the eyes alone even before the reveal.
(02-13-2019, 02:18 AM)MO Wrote:
6:08 oh FUCK yeah baby, GOD BLESS whoever made that request...

I'm rubbin' my nanner raw over here, I really gotta stop!?

Obviously I'll need proof of that...?

I'm a glutton for punishment too...


I like that necklace.

0:58 yeah those are some nice hands for sure. I have a hand and arm fetish. I'll perv out all day and night about regular dudes' hands and say all kinds of obscene shit, but when it comes to artists who work with their hands, I get all respectful about it. I can't really allow myself to spout my usual tripe and say anything too obscene. But I'm still thinkin' it.

5:15 OMG I'm so hungry. 5:35 ROFL a homeless snob, I love that. Nah it's true about the people who frequent those kinda stores, it's God awful.

12:45 this really is a top notch van setup though.

LMFAOOO there are a lot of small penis jokes in these videos...

Of course it's very funny, but I just gotta say it's girth that is important, not length. I've talked about this before.

3:40 did I hear that right!? Erectile dysfunction?! ROFLMAO holy fuck!!!

God these videos light up my life, I fucking swear.

3:50 it's only nice because you're there.

It's not good to read when you're in the loo because sitting on the toilet for long periods of time can cause 'rhoids.

I fucking love this channel so much... it's really something to be proud of.

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