The Urban Stealth Campervan Man

This guy's my cup of tea right here...

MO likey.
He's a fucking amazing artist.
With a pure fire sense of humor.

8:15 I'd like to nibble on that earlobe...

13:00 his setup is bitchin' as fuck.

He's really interesting and entertaining.
Looks like I have 1 fan at least
Oh I'm sure you have way more than that!!!

I just discovered your channel lastnight and I noticed a lot of chicks in your comment section who are obviously sweet on you.

I can't believe you found my site!!! I'm super excited to have you here, I think you're very interesting and of course I really appreciate people who live the van life.

I think mobile living is true freedom, because you can go wherever you want, you're less tied down to belongings and never tied down to any specific area.

I think it's a fuller life... especially if you travel to places where the weather is nice. In my estimation, the idea is never to "stay" in the vehicle, it's always to get out and explore, and simply sleep in there when it's time.

But I know you're over in England and of course things are much different there than here in the USA as it pertains to climate and whatnot. I am very grateful to be here in the USA.

I have flirted with living the vehicular nomad lifestyle... I've had two test runs, one in 2016 and one in 2018. I explored out west to see what my favorite areas were, and if it was even 'possible' to sleep in the vehicle. I've been pleased with my findings and some of my future plans include more such trips.
Well if you ever fancy a bit of UK VanLife then I'm the man ... plus I wouldn't mind a bit of ear nibbling ?
I looove nibbling earlobes... and holding hands!

I think holding hands is even better than sex.

I was in the UK in 2017, dating a British fellow.

Things didn't end up working out between us, but he was really a fabulous person. We've fallen out of touch, but I hope he's doing well.

I'd visited the UK before that, in 2009...

It's nice to walk around in some of the towns, I did enjoy the novelty of public transport and the coffeeshops and Italian restaurants.

Caffè Nero and Carluccio's... my kinda shit right there.

In general though, the UK weather does not make me feel very well. I was very glad to return to the USA.

Definitely smart not to have all the eggs in one basket, I really believe in that.

3:40 nice music choice.

Fricken police over there are balls deep in everybody's wazoo. Probably super freaked out about drones since the Gatwick incident.
Its really hard to understand this form of english
*subs on
I don't have any issue understanding him at all...

I can't even conceive of not being able to understand what he's saying...

Just goes to show you how different people really are.

That diversity thouuughhh!!!
I saw somebody in the comments section of one of his vids talking about how they love/hate him...

And I haven't seen ALL his fricken videos or anything, but I just cannot understand having such a severe reaction to him.

I honestly believe it's the UK audience who feels this way... I think they're way less familiar with vehicular nomadic living than the US (most certainly) and those who live the lifestyle there are probably more harshly judged.

He has probably faced a lot of criticism of his lifestyle, and that's where the 'love/hate' thing comes from, rather than any response to his personality or actions. So it's too bad people are judgemental, but it is what it is. Such people should just be ignored.
I mean this whole van living thing is becoming a trend in the USA at this point...

I think they even made a movie about the shit recently.

Van life is automatically associated with dirty vegan hippies...


But there are actually people from all walks of life doing this.

I think the one thing that will keep van life from becoming a full blown fad is that most people can't just simply uproot their lives and live in a van.

In order to ACTUALLY live this life, you gotta DO IT.

It's not like other trends... it's not a style of pants, or a pair of shoes, it's not even a diet.

It's a total change of life that usually involves not having a physical job/workplace (working via distance/remotely) and actually traveling and living out amidst nature.

That said...

I do think it would benefit most people to live the vehicular nomadic lifestyle and have that kind of freedom... I really do think it should be the future. But it's gonna take a lot of people with the guts to do it, actually setting an example and pioneering the way for everyone else.

46:35 WTF is the "You fat bastard" thingy his ringtone or text tone or something?? That's rude. Calling himself fat and all that kinda shit is just insulting. It's not right. Just because you're you doesn't mean you should just go around insulting yourself and talking about yourself like shit.

51:20 I feel like other people are calling him out on the fatness criticism thingy too because they agree that it's negative self-talk.

There are chicks in the chat talking about how they like chubby dudes, I mean it's true.

I think this guy is really handsome and good looking... he looks tall. Tall dudes are supposed to be big. It's not like being "fat" makes him any less attractive.

He has a lot of very likable qualities.

I'm falling in love so hard with this guy, oh my God.

Look at that magnificent facial structure.

And he's so entertaining and interesting no matter what he's talking about.

5:54 look what an amazing artist he is, he's so impressive. And doing it all from a van no less. He's living THE DREAM. Living my dream.

He briefly addresses the emotionality of abstract art and correlates it to the mind state at the time of painting...

Makes me think of my own paintings...

Where is my mind?!


His James Dean painting is inarguably epic, his talent is immense. For whatever reason that's my favorite piece he's shown yet. I feel like so much detail is implied in it, it's almost psychic somehow. I've never seen anything quite like it.
Fall in love as much as you like ...?
e-mail a picture and I'll paint it for you as a thank you for all the lovely comments ?
Oh my...

That is an amazing offer.

Holy mackerel, I will have to give it thought.

I just love your work and really respect your time and energy.


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