Grav3yardgirl (Bunny Meyer)
(03-19-2020, 04:25 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Now here's a video I can get behind!

And she looks fabulous too.

I gotta watch this later!

I find the "junk journal" concept sooo attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunny's hair looks baller like this. She's super cool and pretty.
Bunny is the only girl who can make you actually curious about what's inside a giant soup bag.
She seems nuttier than Emily Youcis.

Ah man...

Love Bunny, but I just can't even click play on this one.

I don't give a fuck about shoes.

(That's not true, I love shoes. But do I wanna hear somebody talk about 'em? Literally never.)

I just can't.

Bunny needs to start getting real with her audience on a regular basis...

We're all grown up now and we don't give a fuck about this stupid shit anymore...

We want something real.
Why would she not keep that bullshit on the main Grav3yardgirl channel??


Cuz everything's gotta be run by her stupid fucking managers or whatever...

God I hate that shit.

I'm sure everything's gotta be approved on this channel too.


See that's exactly what we DON'T want for the future of entertainment on the internet...

If she's restricted this way because of some kind of contract, then I suggest she doesn't renew with anyone when it ends.

Give us something real... until then, I'm unsubbing.

Love her, but come on.
Absolutely love Bunny...

But I'll catch up with her next year or something.

I want change and a new way forged...

There's no excuse for her to be stuck.
Uh, yeeeaaah, I just realized she's operating from two channels now.
I thought it was weird for her to switch from GYG to "banana peppers"
so I did a couple clicks and there it was. OK, two channels.

Not a fan of the two/multi-channel thing. Be who you are. Do what you do.
But do that shit from ONE YT channel. Especially when you have like 8M
fucking subs! Jeezus. Keep building on THAT shit. Don't scatter your resources
and power/base. CUN-SAUL-UH-DATE! Sometimes, all dem eggs are COOOL
in one basket.

And urgh, contractual obligations. Bleh. Fuck all THAT noise. Gotta be a creativity killer.
Bunny's super hot, funny and talented. She'll always land on her feet like a cemetery-dwelling
feline. But I have to wonder just how much of a person's "ok-ness" gets fudged by having
"parameters" to stick to? People to placate, limits to adhere to, deadlines to meet. God, all that
would totally kill it for me. I'd never make a note of music under those circumstances. : (
Yup, exactly man, it's the ultimate creativity stifler.

And like I've said before...

(02-13-2019, 04:53 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've always disliked it when people make multiple channels. That's just not how this stuff works. Originally, YouTube was about everyday people just sharing and expressing themselves, showcasing all the facets of their being in one easy to read kinda place. It was always supposed to be the individual and all their interests, on one channel, where you can quickly get a gauge on who the hell somebody truly is. Making multiple channels defeats that purpose. Makes it all more complicated. In my opinion, nothing genuine is ever supposed to be complicated.
Yeah, for real.
And if you just have to segregate your content, make playlists.

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