Stephi Lee
This is her:

Of course she's pretty...

But she seems to have confidence issues and doesn't really believe it...

She has to look at herself in the view finder constantly when she's in frame with Stephi or anybody else.

What is it with pretty chicks having zero faith in themselves, going around dressing all slutty and looking all slutty to overplay their looks? Fuckin' nature, man.

You CANNOT go around in foreign countries looking like that. It's not smart... it's just dangerous.
I'd never travel with somebody like that...

Talk about being better off alone.
Stephi has a really amazing way of looking at things, no doubt due to having to deal with cystic fibrosis all of her life.

It's sad that often we have to come so close to death in order to start really understanding how to live.


What an absolute fucking hellhole.
The kids just constantly standing around, and doing tricks or whatever to get money...

It’s so obnoxious man, overpopulation is a fucking nightmare.

I don’t think there is any race or culture who could successfully manage overpopulation.
And that guy is a fucking douche for taking them into the muslim area without warning them... with friends like that who needs enemies? Stephi needs to rethink her connections.

My favorite videos of Stephi's are the ones where she's just talking to us.

I think she's very interesting. I think she has a great attitude.

She has been dealt quite a hand in this life...

A big, heavy hand that requires a lot of maturity to deal with.

I realize that she does have a pretty serious issue with her lungs...

I'm not an idiot, like...


But I DO think that her experience is a testament to how truly fucking horrible (dirty) India is...

I really do.

I love Stephi...

I'm glad she's gotten to do and share what she has in her life, and I hope somehow her life can be longer and higher quality than she thinks it might be right now.

3:08 it's sad that Stephi has to look at things this way due to her illness...

That such experiences literally take her life expectancy down in a noticeable way.

It's a very poignant reminder to EVERYONE that these things apply to us too, just because we may not be able to see life ticking down every single day in a measurable way...

It doesn't mean we should let life pass us by without living it to the fullest like Stephi tries to because she CAN see herself dying.

It's very important and Stephi has been a good example to the world when it comes to living NOW.

But what she says about the people in India being "friendly" LOL... ah. I just can't relate to people who interpret it that way... it takes a certain level of naivety to interpret them that way, and I guess it's okay to be naive, it's obviously the way some people are meant to be. But when I see their behavior, I don't see "friendly" people.

God bless Stephi...

Stephi's vids have made me cry like a bitch a good couple times and that's a rarity.

What she says to the world is important.
I think Stephi needs to go to Iceland and get in one of those hot spring things.

She should start planning it now.

She should see if she can make some friends there and stay awhile.
I hope Stephi is ok, she hasn’t posted in a few weeks.
Oh you gotta keep up with her on Instagram... she updates there way more often than she makes vids. I saw a pic from her yesterday or today, can't remember which.
Stephi really sexes it up on there sometimes, kinda freaks me out for reasons I can't explain.
Oh good! Thanks

I don't think I'd choose a Prius, but as far as regular cars go it's definitely the best for sleeping in. It has some good perks... pretty sure it's got a generator type deal that kicks in to keep the car a certain temperature. I wouldn't want that, but for people who do, it's cool.

Mobile living is absolutely the funnest thing in the world.

It's fun, it's exciting, it's rewarding, it's enriching, it's comfortable if you do it right...

It GIVES you experiences and lots of wonderful opportunities to make memories, it keeps you closer to nature...

It's so much better than other ways of living. If you've gotta stay in one place, all you need is a little cabin. There's never any need for a big house. Having too much to take care of just overcomplicates life and strips it of joy.

The more you drive around, the higher risk mobile living is... of course that's true. But what else are you gonna do?? Stay in one place for your entire life and be safe rotting away?? Take a roadtrip at least every few years and put it all on the line, that's what I say...


2:00 Stephi's got a very interesting story and experience/perspective of life.

I hope these treatment developments can improve exponentially so Stephi and others can live longer.

3:54 I never like hearing stuff like this though... that you'd be dependent on a drug to actually live, and who knows what the side effects are. It IS very scary... is it scarier than the prospect of death? I dunno... seems like death becomes a safety net in the event that anything goes terribly wrong as a result of the drug.


Sigh. With time ticking down, I guess there's no better choice and no 'acceptable' reason for delaying taking the drug, or waiting at all.

I dunno...

Certainly a position that you'd never wish for your worst enemy to be in, let alone someone sweet like Stephi and many others.

4:45 but retirement isn't gonna be a thing for anybody who's a millennial now, I wouldn't depend on the system to actually survive that long. Once people who are 20-30 now reach retirement age, there won't be anything waiting for them or anyone else. Plus, once I'm that old, I'd just prefer to die anyway (not that it's even "elderly" per se). I don't think Stephi should change much about the way she's been living.
I’m happy for her. I just hope they eventually lower the price. That’s crazy.

I don’t think she should change either. When you live like you are dying it’s cuts out a lot of bullshit. She seems happy traveling around. Maybe just not India or places with that kind of pollution. I’m sure that’s still no bueno for her.
(11-09-2019, 06:34 PM)Smoothie Queen Wrote: I’m happy for her. I just hope they eventually lower the price. That’s crazy.

It's sick and sad is what it is.

The pharmaceutical industry is criminal at best.
Her insurance approved the new drug!!! Yay! So happy for her.

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