Stephi Lee
I didn't know what to think of Stephi when I first found her videos, but she really grew on me.

I was checking out this new vid of hers...

I like this video because it's a realistic look at what "cheap" really is in Thailand. I think that place is great for $100 a month. A "regular house" for $300 a month or so isn't that cheap in my opinion and it definitely wouldn't be worth it. 

3:14 check out that gnarly shower though, um fuck that. I'd be bathing in the ocean. LOL. 

I think Stephi lived there for a couple months or something. Or maybe like a month. She has cystic fibrosis and had a bad attack and had to come back to the States not long ago. So this footage is kind of old. She is doing better now though.
Stephi is also a very talented artist...

1:38 she's right, hair and fingernails hold data...
She's such a doll. I hope she's able to beat her health issues.
Yeah man she's had some super unfortunate associations, LOL. I think she realizes that now though.

(03-17-2019, 08:21 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: She's such a doll. I hope she's able to beat her health issues.

She's absolutely adorable... good soul.

Stephi is a cool chick, I like her...

She has a cute shirt out too:

Stephi is a great chick.

Stephi is right.
7:00 absolute word.
8:33 keloids are a bitch and the precise reason why I never got third and second holes in my ears even though I've always wanted them...

Back when I was like 10, mom took us on a massive ear piercing extravaganza that lasted for what seemed like months.

We got all kinds of ear piercings and I did get a second ear lobe piercing, but it developed keloids and it's totally gone.

Keloids are the body's way of stopping that shit in its tracks, but unfortunately if you don't relent at just the right time and stop pushing it... they can get way, way out of control to the point of becoming disfiguring. It's bad shit.
(08-03-2019, 11:48 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

The whole video was dead and dying shit in the streets, and them getting scammed and perved on.

The chick at 9:13 seemed cool but other than that there was nothing good about the whole situation.

I do not like the female “friend” Stephi is with.

Stephi got the fuck out of India thank God.

Her comments section didn't like her being there...

The nasty pollution fucked her lungs up.

I hope she hardcore recovers from this.

Stephi is amazing and I don't want India to be the last place she gets to see abroad.

I mean, basically, just say no to India.

My God dude...

Um No
Yeah absolutely...

I mean she was hella close to the better places to visit, like fricken Thailand for starters.

She dove straight into India and it made her too sick to be able to catch a cheap flight to one of the close better places. It's a shame.
But she had recently been in Thailand anyways...

I guess it's like everything else, once you go there a few times it loses its newness/excitement.
The chick she was there with is a self-obsessed moron...

The only reason Stephi went there was because they were there.

That chick and her boyfriend.

Stephi is cool but it doesn't seem like she has good judgement when it comes to friends.
Who the hell wears a full on face of makeup when they're traveling around fucking India? Like... who has time for that?? It's so pointless. You're NEVERRR supposed to try and attract sexual attention like that when you're a female traveling foreign countries with drastically different values than where you came from. It's so unwise, puts her in danger as well as anybody who's with her.

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