Stephi Lee
(11-13-2019, 11:10 PM)Smoothie Queen Wrote: Her insurance approved the new drug!!! Yay! So happy for her.

I'm sure she'll be very open and honest about her experience with it... should be very interesting.

I feel like only Stephi could make Salem seem like a cool place to be.

1:20 pretty sure nobody's gonna fault Stephi for not living in her car since she's in the NE USA and it's FUCKING WINTER.


She's from the northeast anyway.

2:27 she's holding the new CF treatment drug (Trikafta) in her hand. She says she's nervous and so am I. Really just don't like big pharma and I'm suspicious of everything they do. But for better or worse, I feel like this drug was made for Stephi. In some kind of spiritual way... the attention of her audience (which is rather large) focused on the issue (because of the awareness she's raised) helped to manifest the drug into reality. That's my opinion as a woo-woo tard.
you can thank guys like Martin Shkreli for healing her currently residing in prison cuz Hillary got her feelings hurt

Search the article for "Shkreli"... Guest is being sarcastic ;)
Just saying.

I'd like to live with Stephi in her normal looking apartment whichs errs on the side of coolness and style.
Lights are very fun.

Sounds like a pretty hardcore drug.

I think Stephi will be fine though.

I still can't stand her "friend" Klara.
I’m happy it’s working for her. The side effects sound not so fun. But sound mostly related to getting all the mucous out of her body so that’s good.

Yeah no kidding she needs better friends. She’s so sweet.
Strange thing is that mucus is supposed to be in some parts of the body, right?

Crazy what they can do with medicine...

You know the shit has all kinds of side effects.
So I wonder how this will affect the places where there's supposed to be mucus? Hm.

1:08 I knew a chick with her same name who was selectively mute for a while too.

2:09 Stephi's mom sounds like she was such a great person, I seriously want to cry.

4:44 oh Death... that's how he works. You either learn to love him or you let him ruin your life.

It's much more fun to be his friend.
I love her.
Yeah I think she is a great chick.

0:30 I'd be doing laundry in the sink or the bath tub and hanging it over the shower curtain rod, there's no way I'd be driving an hour to do laundry at somebody else's house. I have a washer/dryer and I still do half my laundry this way. Some shirts I wouldn't dream of putting in the washer/dryer. Overwashing clothes destroys them.

0:38 I love Stephi though. I think she's a wonderful girl. She has a good soul.

4:30 I'm glad she's doing so well... she still shouldn't go to dumb places like India though, sorry.

From the 40s to the 70s...

Pretty amazing.

I hope this drug just works for people and there aren't any gnarly catches.

3:30 Stephi reading the decline in percentages over the years is just really sad and gives a lot of perspective about what people with CF face.

I hope she (and everyone else taking Trikafta) continues to improve.

2:57 awe, so cute.
5:50 damn, Stephi's got some cute dude friends.
She put her dad on blast pretty hard in a couple vids for being an asshole to her when she was younger though so that makes it kinda awkward to see him in videos.
You know he can't like it.

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