Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 11 - "Playthings"

1:36 OMG creepy kids.

Doll houses are super fucking cool though.

10:40 "He's always dressing them up in these little tiny outfits" ROFLMFROFMAFOALFLOLOLO.

LOL this show is honestly kinda growing on me.

11:22 a custom built replica of the hotel, that's not suspicious at all. It's all voodoo.

14:16 creepy as shit thooouuughhhhh.

19:54 the nanny taught her hoodoo!!! Niiiiiiice!!! Best nanny ever!!!

23:35 you can poke me with a stick!!! A MEAT STICK!!!


24:34 yeah, scared of YOU. It's obviously been this chick all along.

24:31 damn, maybe it's this lil girl OMG!!! She's hardcore!!!

28:22 OMGWTF?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Now THAT was a motherfuckin' plot twist honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29:25 LOL it would suck to have to be the old lady acting in this show... but then again maybe it'd be a good role since there are no lines.

30:28 umm actually it burns to drown, so this little bitch is a liar.

Not a bad episode, pretty good really.

36:45 he just said it to shut you up dude.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 12 - "Night Shifter"

1:10 OMGWTF!

2:24 "She shot him in the face" LMFAOLOL why is that so funny to me!?



21:41 I don't think it's right to be as good looking as Jensen Ackles is. I mean there aren't really a lot of people in the world who are that good looking. Yeah you can find them here and there, but they're a rarity. I really do wonder why they exist.

33:52 this is interesting, WTF! I'm surprised they didn't figure it out way faster.

38:00 LMFAO DAMMIT! Always catching Dean in these compromising positions!!!
Some of these episodes don't have one of those 40 second long "Previously On" intros appended to them...

Which means most of my timestamps are probably wrong.

Which pisses me the fuck off really bad.

But I gotta get past it... I just gotta get past it. Nothing is perfect and I do my best.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 13 - "Houses of the Holy"

0:21 this lady don't look happy.

She needa empty that ashtray!

She got some nice tiddies tho!

2:23 hmmm. Cocoa Puffs ad placement/influence gauge?

She looks kinda rough, but if I had a dick I'd fuck her! She has a real nice talkin' voice!

You know... if Jensen Ackles wasn't in this show, it would have never lasted.

3:46 evil man done got smote though!!!

4:22 see what I mean?

5:34 "Touched By An Angel" a TV show that ran between 1994-2003... another influence gauge? Can you even watch that show online NOW? Cuz you sure couldn't watch it online or in any other such on demand way back then... so what would be the point of such a placement?

8:50 some pretty hypnotic camera pans in this episode, wonder what's the purpose of that?

10:56 oh we got another one, just like the other ones!!!

13:54 Roma Downey, so we've got a verified "Touched By An Angel" placement, with no clear and apparent purpose whatsoever.

19:41 "700 Club" yet another placement/reference/influence gauge. Sigh.

22:48 niiiice oneee Deeean!!!

23:31 I gotta admit I do like Dean's take on things... I mean it's a lil hardcore and whatnot, but I can't really disagree with him.

25:28 yet another placement... Spongebob. More placements in this episode than any other episode so far by like 500%. So the purpose must be gauging demographics... which placement gets the most traffic afterward, and who is searching for it. Must be a method of fine tuning for future placements, seeing who is the most active demographic, what the different demos respond to most, etc. etc. Definitely data mining.

28:30 oh come on, all the fucking catholics do is a bunch of witchcraft ritual shit... fuck your holier than thou stance.

29:10 Father Gregory was pretty fuckin' hot.

30:44 oh this guy's gotta be onto Dean following him by now.

33:16 HONK! ROFLMAO! Dean works people over so good. So sexy!!!

This was a pretty good episode.

34:44 LMFAO he's literally summoning the elements... fuckin' witchcraft lovin' catholics.

37:15 LOL they stay in some awesome hotels.

37:37 you know, it's kind of amazing how much liquid flasks actually hold.

40:18 awwwe, what a nice moment with Dean. Word brother, word!
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 14 - "Born Under A Bad Sign"

OoooOoOoOooo, I might have done some snooping on what this episode is about... because unfortunately it's got that Jo bitch in it again. She's only in like a couple more episodes, thank God. But anyway... apparently a possessed Sam roughs her up!!! Sounds hot!!!

2:11 Sam's done went and got POHZESSED.

2:35 a reference to Bon Jovi.

11:10 oh shit... poor Sam!

12:20 I love Dean's dedication and loyalty to his brother.

15:07 LMAO dramatic much??

16:30 OMG. Whoooooooooa.

17:37 a reference to Justin Timberlake.

19:08 dude he's acting totally suspicious.

20:46 Jared is terrible at acting like a bad guy.

22:07 I meeean... he's not Dean, but he'll do in a pinch.

25:50 LOL, prettymuch dude!!!

Well of course he was PUHZAYUSSED ya silly bitch!!!

28:37 ERMERGERD. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29:38 I can't stand this bitch but I do appreciate her dedication to that sweet piece of Dean meat.

31:57 fuckin' Dean... heartbreakin' lovetaker!

33:28 smaaaaaaart!!! Niiice!!!

36:25 ruh roh!!!

37:52 nice move, I like this guy!!!

39:42 ROFLROFL, so great.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 15 - "Tall Tales"

1:08 creeeeeeepy.

2:36 oh my God. LOL.


4:25 this guy looks familiar, who the heck is he...

5:04 what the heck is he eating??

9:09 bwahahaha gross.

OMG it was a flashback!? Wow!

9:50 hah OMG this is awesome! Now it's Dean's flashback! It's so much better! ROFLROFL!

12:32 LMFAOOOOO OMG this is the funniest episode yet, ROFL, I love it!!!

13:13 I like this guy they're talking to. He's kinda weird lookin' but he's got swag. Richard Speight Jr.

14:00 another porno reference. I would assume the company owns that URL too, though I'm not gonna load it up to check. That's another way they can gauge audience engagement, demographics, etc. By dropping these URLs and then analyzing the traffic. Never thought of that before with the other URL they name dropped. Interesting experiments went on with this show.

17:52 "They made me slow dance"... TO LADY IN RED, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilarious episode. Aliens though?? LOL!

19:22 ROFLROFL. "You brave little soldier! I acknowledge your pain. C'mere." LMFAOLOLOLOLOLLL.

22:46 that was kinda lame.

28:26 OMG... of course. OF COURSE it's him!!! LOL, I like this guy though. Tricksters are almost always likable, that's just it.

33:09 ROFLMAO an obvious trap for Dean!

36:54 good episode, I just don't get why the bed and all the other stuff didn't disappear too... seems like kind of a plot hole but whatevs.

38:26 oh. Well they should have been suspicious then, just like I was.
(06-20-2019, 07:30 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Some of these episodes don't have one of those 40 second long "Previously On" intros appended to them...

Which means most of my timestamps are probably wrong.

Which pisses me the fuck off really bad.

But I gotta get past it... I just gotta get past it. Nothing is perfect and I do my best.

If people are watching on Netflix, they'll be right... but on any other platform they might be off.
“Another way they can gauge audience engagement”

That exact subject has been my preoccupation for the past 2 days.
That is directly related to the project I’m working on right now.

I was right about the witch thing.
Or AI is getting badass.

If you’re not AI, you really should check out Hamish Patterson. He posted a video a couple days ago called L.I.V.IN. , you know ZGs maxim, total coincidence but he actually mentions going to Alaska...a weird coincidence, but there is also some good information in there. He can be a goof, and is an indulgent single father.

But he’s got generally good politics. He knows clown world is only partly untrue.

Anyway there are some weird synchronicities there for those of us who are focused in this direction. He’s an honest Christian too. Not me though. I’m a full bore Marian Catholic. Statue in the yard, all that shit. Even I know good advice when I see it. Passing that along
Hell yeah dude, we're all birds of a feather, that's why we're all mentioning the same things and seeing the synchronicities.

Good ol' matrix.

*whistles and acts like I wasn't just talking shit about catholics in this thread*


Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 16 - "Roadkill"

1:30 dude why the fuck is he letting a woman drive anyway???

She's not even using both hands half the time... pathetic.

3:30 pretty sure I'd take the opportunity to play dead and leave this loudass bitch behind scot-free!!!

5:20 holy shit this bitch is annoying.

9:20 "She's mine" OMG SO CREEPY!!! Teehee and Dean just floors it!!! What a fucking hottie. God this bitch is so loud... freakin' obnoxious. LMFAO.

10:50 God this lady is fucking stupid. I'd just let 'em have her.

24:39 we totally don't.


Good episode, but without the plot twist it would have been crap.

38:00 aw that was pretty.

38:40 Haley Joel reference #2.
(06-20-2019, 10:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Hell yeah dude, we're all birds of a feather, that's why we're all mentioning the same things and seeing the synchronicities.

Good ol' matrix.

*whistles and acts like I wasn't just talking shit about catholics in this thread*



There are Catholic Churches where people play guitar and the parishioners hold hands during the Lords Prayer.

I don’t go to one of those.  I go to a dark cavern of stained glass and statues where a man who chose God above all human connection transforms bread and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ.

The “Catholics” who attend their crass reproduction of Six Flags over Jesus don’t know what we’re really up to.

what I’m trying to say is, no offense taken.  I know what we’re up to.  To stand that close to God means standing that close to the devil, too.
Beautifully stated...

As per usual out of you...

Always thought provoking.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 17 - "Heart"

1:10 uuuuhhhh... shoulda gone with the drunk dude!!! Sometimes an idiot is better than nothing!!!

2:53 dude you never keep pushing and pushing to see what you find, at the sight of blood you just call the police. Fucking morons!!!

4:46 LOL Dean is so excited.

6:18 ooo, Kurt!!! I always wanted to fuck a hotass dude named Kurt... ever since I fell in lust with that guy who owned the army surplus stand at Flea Land back in '04.

11:27 "Dean, always with the scissors" ROFLROFLROFLMFAOROFLMAOLOLOL.

13:06 yeah Dean and Sam are hot, but how did this show go on for 14 seasons??

14:07 I'd totally get naked with that motherfucker, not gonna lie.

17:04 what if SHE'S the werewolf though. Don't they have a lapse in memory when they transform??

18:18 bahahahaha... ah well, it was pretty obvious.

26:52 well that's enough to make ya feel like shit eh?!

Decent-ish episode.

32:22 Sam's sex scene was way better than Dean's, from that totally fail episode. Sam doesn't seem gay in his sex scene. I mean it's still nasty but LOL.

35:45 LOL Dean totally wants to kill Sammy's love interest... this is low key funny AF!

36:42 so romantic!

Why not just take her and drop her off in the middle of nowhere super far from civilization.

38:30 I don't get why he likes her so much, she really is just so whatever. I think it's super hot he's willing to waste her though... rrrrraaawwwrrrrr! That's my kinda love story baby!
This show is definitely part of the problem.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 18 - "Hollywood Babylon"

0:22 obvious movie within a movie is obvious.

1:32 told ya.

3:15 oh this is good, ROFL!

4:38 mention of "Creepshow"... dunno if it's an inside joke about the kid he's talking to or what. Seems pretty random. They mention a lot of different shit in that scene but I only count what's stated by the main characters.

6:05 mention of "Poltergeist".

6:34 Feardotcom and Ghost Ship are real movies, but this actress wasn't in them... very strange. I can't see that those two movies have any actresses in common.

10:31 if it was real life they would take him and put him in front of the camera like greased lightning... he wouldn't be fetching cups.


19:43 "THEY ARE AWARE" roflroflrofl. This is enjoyable... a crap episode up til this point.

33:00 that dude's scream/reaction was way over the top.

In general a crap episode.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 19 - "Folsom Prison Blues"

I'm literally barely watching this episode.

I'm multitasking hardcore.

There are some hot dudes in this episode though, for sure.

That one prisoner guy is kinda hot, the guard dude is pretty hot too.

4:24 so far so lame though.

6:26 "The Blue Steel" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Oh Dean!

10:58 Dean looks great in orange... they'd have been prison raped so hard by now though. This episode is crap though, sorry. Like... crap setting, crap story, crap crap.

16:09 ooo, this ghost dude's pretty sexy! Episode's still lame though.

21:00 'Escape from Alcatraz' and 'The Great Escape' references.

24:34 that's one sad lookin' ghost. Why can Sam and Dean just SEE ghosts when no one else can? I could understand Sam being able to see them what with his psychic powers, but Dean?

31:24 this Garwin Sanford guy kinda looks like Steve Perry, amirite?!

34:50 OMG this bitch better not say shit.


That was a pleasant surprise. Crap episode, but a couple of decent-ish moments, and good song at the end.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 20 - "What Is and What Should Never Be"

Oh this one should be interesting, re: the summary. A Djinn?! Niiice, let's check this out!!!

1:38 "Way hotter than that Bewitched chick"... oh man. What a statement! Not sure I can agree with Dean on this. I'm definitely team Barbara Eden just because the genie bottle was so bitchin' and I've always preferred I Dream of Jeannie. But Elizabeth Montgomery was absurdly beautiful.

3:05 ERMERGERD get that blue hand away from me bro!!!

3:33 wakes up next to some random chick I mean... that's strange even for Dean.

4:33 it's a nightmarish timeline OMG!!!!!!!!!


6:45 what the actual fuck!?!?!?!?! This is just wrong dude!!!

8:03 hmmm, so why would the Djinn transport him to this other timeline? Like what's the point? It doesn't seem like a particularly hardcore mean thing to do or anything. So far at least.

So is he gonna assimilate into this new timeline? Well I mean duh of course the answer is no but. LOL.

11:46 uh oh, and there's the catch. Looks like it's gonna be a good one too... *popcorn*

16:10 though it's an interesting concept the episode is still kind of a drag... the only good parts are the random sightings of this chick.

18:00 oh so I get it, this timeline's Dean is just an irredeemable asshole?? LOL LOL! Now I get the "It's a Wonderful Life" references while he was mowing the yard.

Gotta admit I never saw that movie... I get the story though obviously. This timeline flash is pointless though since none of the morals apply to Dean's REAL life anyway. I mean... for the most part. What's the point? To be grateful when he gets back to the real timeline?? No idea. I dunno.

20:00 I like his chick though, she seems like a good chick. Kinda sucks he has to leave her behind but he won't care.

22:10 so it's like a twist on the "It's a Wonderful Life" story, but there's a case to solve within the altered timeline too.

29:08 gah, Saturday Night Special is such a great fucking song.

31:40 oh this Djinn is a nasty motherfucker!!!

32:56 hoooooooo... shit. THAT'S a plot twist. That other shit wasn't a plot twist, THAT'S a plot twist.

35:10 wow... pretty trippy. Pretty twisted. Damn. That Djinn really does try to sweeten the deal eh?! Pretty brilliant, spooky too though!!!
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 21 - "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1"

I've heard a lot about this episode, supposed to be a memorable one (or two I guess). Well, memorable for early on in the show at least.

4:44 oh wow, it's a bitchin' ghost town!!!

6:40 wow interesting, so they're all showing up here... wonder where this place is!?

9:00 now they're dropping 'gay p0rn'... they're putting qualifiers on top of their original experimentations. They're trying to hone in. Of course this was 2007, but you get what I mean.

14:22 this freaked out lezbo bitch has a bad attitude, let her run off and be a tard on her own.

16:50 NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18:50 meh, she looks at peace... let it go.

21:55 it's a pretty decent episode.

24:14 I'd totally bang that chick if I was Sam.

25:35 did he REALLY have to tell her that right then? LMAO.

26:43 this guy plays the demon really well.

30:37 good episode.

31:24 I bet they all had the same dream.

34:33 sounds boring though, I mean.


37:32 Sam's talents seem a lil lacking compared to these people.

38:47 you gotta be fuckin' kidding me...


39:30 I wanna fuck Dean/Jensen so bad. Could you imagine the glory of his face being the last thing you see before you die? Like what a great scene. Wonder what part 2 has in store!?

Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 22 - "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2"

Last episode of season 2!!!


7:52 what? Blow people? You don't have to go tellin' off your hollywood secrets there bud!


9:14 oh come on Dean, really?

10:04 oh she's way hotter than last time.

21:04 ran out of pretzels lmfaolololol.

22:40 that's pretty brilliant. Interesting. I like the lore of the colt maker guy in this show.

33:33 wow, pretty cool effects right there.

34:18 wooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

36:12 that's totally not how he was released... he was released when the demon was killed. Come on, duh.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 1 - "The Magnificent Seven"

So apparently now the show is about tracking down all the demons which were released... the main demon dude is dead now. This is the whole driving force of the show now, which is sorta... cheap. We'll see if it sucks or not though.

2:25 wow this guy looks dejected as fuck. S'matter, not havin' fun in your suburban nightmare there hon!?

2:53 uhhhh, this is the part where you're supposed to run, bro.

3:45 whoa, worst special effects yet... budget cuts this season??

5:02 I really like that Bobby guy, he's a great character.


19:37 these demons are savage yo!!!

22:05 mention of movie "Seven".

24:30 LMFAO that was sooooooooo cheesy.

28:12 they make good song selections in this show.

30:55 awwwrrrrawwwaaaawwwrrrrr.

31:56 he's a good bad guy actor.

32:54 holy shit, who is this?!

Decent episode but I'm hoping for a lot better.

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