Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 2 - "The Kids Are Alright"

1:40 dude that little girl really does look like her!!! They really do look alike!!! Good casting!!!

2:40 BAHA. A fucking table saw keeps randomly coming on in my house?? I'm not going the fuck near it, I'm getting my keys and getting the fuck out, ROFL!!!

Ew this season is so grizzly so far... I hope they don't make this a habit.

6:40 ummm... I think it's so nasty to get back together with people you used to be with. If neither of you have been with anybody else, it's fine, but if you have... major downgrade. Like 100 steps back.

7:38 LMFAOLMFAOLOLOL, Dean's illegitimate child!!!


12:22 DUDE OMG WHO THE FUCK *IS THIS CHICK*?!?!?!?!?!?!?


15:53 THAAAAA FUCK!?!?!?!!!

21:24 Dean's super hot playing daddy... this stupid bitch should be glad a REAL MAN is trying to be in her son's life!!!

22:42 OMG so creepy... this lady is totally gonna get axed by this kid. The fuck is this lady doing though? Just drop the kid off at a fire station or something, LMAO!!! OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well I guess she better run like hell.

24:55 nah see, YOU'RE the one who's supposed to LEAVE and abandon the children. ROFL.


33:26 ROFL I feel like this is an allegory on motherhood in general.

36:57 true, Dean should just go around knocking up every chick he bangs.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 3 - "Bad Day At Black Rock"

3:46 you can USE ME, BABY!!!!!!!


6:00 this guy's obsessed with Jesus!!! Interesting!!!

12:56 "SORRY!" ROFLROFLROFLROFLMFAO. Great funny moments in this show, I like more lighthearted fight scenes.

LOL this is a funny episode... I like that!

17:39 flip phones are the coolest phones, let's be honest.

18:33 this old dude's pretty hot, wonder who he is...

20:28 uh ohhh, look who's hot!!! The wig was sexy as fuck too though.

28:36 ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOL this episode is fucking hilarious.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 4 - "Sin City"

11:55 I am just barely watching this episode.

17:11 LMFAO.

21:00 this chick is... not an intriguing character and I don't really dig her that much as an actress.

21:32 this lady is a lot better.

38:54 oooo, Sammy!!! Baby!!!

Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 5 - "Bedtime Stories"

2:42 tha... fuck is going on in this episode?? I'm already not even intrigued.

3:30 this frog will undoubtedly be the best thing about the whole episode.

9:30 ah yes, a harmless old lady in an idyllic cottage... what could possibly go wrong.

17:20 ahhh, the less politically correct days of TV... God bless.

20:44 oh wow, semi interesting plot twist!!!

Pretty decent episode since the plot twist.

34:47 ERMERGERD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I can't believe he's doing this!!! There's no way it can work though!!!

37:30 why doesn't he just shoot her? This is stupid.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 6 - "Red Sky At Morning"

1:21 oOooOooOooo hottie alert!

OMG is that a ghost ship!?!?!?!?!?! Sooo fuccking cool.

2:49 that's a nice fuckin' bathroom!!!

What, so suddenly some dude was just in the shower with her? So dumb.


9:01 "The comfort I provide them is very real"... I gotta say, I'm with this chick.

9:54 "Not in public" ROFLMFAOLOL I love these guys.

19:47 grrrarrrr, suit wearing Dean is enough to melt ovaries!!!

21:47 ROFLMAOLOL this old lady ROFL, so uncomfortable though.

22:30 it'd be kinda hot to see Sam get a little more evil. Just a LITTLE.

25:42 LOL the interaction between Sam and this old lady is pretty funny...

It's a cute episode, not bad, I like it.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 7 - "Fresh Blood"

Oh God, more vampires??


I dunno if I'm gonna be able to watch too much more of this show.

The vampire narrative is so cheap.

2:30 I do like this chick!

3:09 HAH, no way I'd be giving that bitch my mojo bag.

4:56 ooo la la!!!

9:47 like I'm sorry but... there's no way to make the vampire thingy interesting. It's been done to death. They should be INVENTING NEW SHIT.

If only they had me to tell them what to do 10 years ago...

If only.

11:47 I don't like the whole thing about hunters hunting each other.

And I especially don't like the fact that they've got this hot old dude hunting alongside this asshole dude who they should have killed a long time ago.

I mean that old dude is very sexy. He should be on Dean/Sam's side.

15:00 that's pretty FUCKINGGG hot... they know what the ladies wanna hear. FUCK YEAH BITCH YOU BETTER BE AFRAID!!!

16:32 agh, God I hope this vampire dude kills this Gordon guy.

19:16 they should do what she says... but of course they won't.

20:00 though I have to say what they've done with this Gordon character is somewhat interesting. Quite the ironic situation. They do depict his new perceptions very well in these scenes. It's very well done actually.

23:04 I totally get where this guy's coming from.

24:30 uh oh... methinks the hot old dude's about to get it!

29:27 these two have an awesome on screen relationship, it's true.

31:23 some random chick?? Like who cares??

35:30 OMG HE BIT DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

36:10 oh Sam, that was one hell of a kill, baby.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 8 - "A Very Supernatural Christmas"

Agh, a seasonal themed episode...

Double Facepalm

Why am I watching this?

(Why am I half-watching this at best while I do 5 other things?)

0:12 what kinda asshole names their kid Stevie? Honest to God.

1:13 OMG ROFL... this shit's about to turn ugly.

1:57 LOL OMG that's fucked up!!!

7:28 this kid plays an EXCELLENT Sam.

11:43 LMFAOOOOO. That was genuinely funny!

12:41 lookit that kid's glorious head of hair!!!

30:12 LOL this pagan god couple is pretty funny... I gotta say this Christmas themed episode is better than a lot of the regular episodes.

36:34 the flashbacks of Dean and Sam as kids are really great.

Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 9 - "Malleus Maleficarum"

2:46 OMG so creepy, what a nightmare. Who's so mad at this bitch!?

5:06 "Always spewing their bodily fluids everywhere!" ROFL... well, he's right about that, it's pretty unsanitary.

6:31 ew, this bitch IS nasty!!!

13:00 OMG... IT'S A COVEN.


Triple Facepalm
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 10 - "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"

1:45 whoa this episode is annoying as fuck so far... I hate screaming bitches.

2:31 agh, such great music on this show sometimes though.

4:46 the dude playing this doctor guy... just no.

7:08 I wonder what Jensen looks like naked.

This episode is... not great. LMAO.

12:34 this Bella chick is the hottest chick that has ever been on the show. For sure.


15:00 did she say Flagstaff?? WTF??

15:52 why is Sam so suddenly into Bella?

20:20 HIS WIFE?!?!?!?!?


21:41 oooo, weird! It's shaped up into a more decentish episode, I mean still not great.

23:16 wow perfect timing, that was pretty good... I gotta hand it to 'em.

25:18 ROFLMAO this scene of "caffeinated Dean" is fucking off the hook.

28:16 OMG it's so creepy how they keep using this chick in Dean's 'dreamworld'... isn't that the same chick from the "It's A Wonderful Life" themed Djinn episode??

30:12 OMG it's two Deans... let's make a sammich!!!

31:37 he's not great at acting like he's talking to himself, but I mean hey it's still pretty hot.

34:58 daaaayyyuuuummm, you tell'em Dean!!!

37:57 I totally wanna see Dean hunt this bitch down...

Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 11 - "Mystery Spot"

1:17 LOL he's doing a gurgling meditation... I do that too!

3:12 Broward County eh?

4:56 uh oh, that guy looks REALLY bad with a gun... this can't end well!

5:30 awwwe, he's super good at playing dead!!!

5:52 OMG! Groundhog Day though!

Interesting episode, pretty good so far.

7:50 ROFLMAO @ the deja vu argument.

9:02 uuuhhh... what about the part where DEAN GOT FUCKING SHOT?!



9:44 LOL dude... I mean it's so not funny but OMG. This is actually a great episode.

13:13 "YOU PEED YOURSELF." LMFAO. They did a great job making this episode funny.

15:27 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. Wow. Wow dude. Just wow. Fucking wow.

It's like "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014), only it's funny.

17:09 saw that one comin' from a mile away!!!

BAHAHAHAHA, and that one too.

ROFL... wow. This is a great fucking episode. It truly is. It's one of the best.

It's one of the funniest episodes ever. Well, that I know of so far.

17:58 I'm laughing so hard right now OMG this is AMAZING.

21:24 oh wooooow... holy shit. So THAT'S the key... fucking wow dude, this episode is THE SHITTT.

22:35 very interesting.

23:44 wow man, Sam/Jared was sooooo young in this show. He's still pretty young... he's what like 35 now?

25:12 oh that was an unexpected turn. Hmmm. Interesting.

27:10 "Yeah I know, this station sucks!" ROFLROFLROFL HOLY SHIT... fucking looooove this episode.

29:11 the fuck?!

29:54 oooo, a harder Sammy indeed! Sucks without Dean though, let's be honest.

34:44 gah this guy is so hatable. Good character, really annoying but.

35:45 the lesson spiel, kinda interesting I guess.

Great episode. My favorite episode yet.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 12 - "Jus In Bello"

So they're hunting down that Bella bitch eh?! I sure hope Dean wears her out real good when he finds her!!!

4:15 "They're satan worshippin' nutbag killers" ROFLMAO.

5:00 if I was Nancy I'd stop clutchin' my pearls and sneak into that cell tonight sans underwear!!!

7:00 Cialis (boner meds) ad placement.

7:20 I love Dean's smartass sense of humor.

9:15 hmmm, wonder what's up with this guy... I think he's got something up his sleeve.


11:43 ooo, this is getting creeeeepyyyyy!!!

13:00 what the fuck, I mean what about Dean? He got shot like 4 times!

14:55 this Nancy chick is suspicious too. Hardcore. Wonder what's up with her.

18:43 "But you didn't shoot the deputy"... motherfucker marry me.

23:41 so this is the episode where they revealed their tattoos... must have gotten old having to apply those for 12 seasons LOL.

27:00 your own personal demon. I like her character in this show.

29:27 OMG... they have to sacrifice a virgin?!?!?!?!?

31:02 I gotta say I'm with Dean on this one.

33:40 this is stupid, why don't they just draw more circles and trap them all?? It's only 30 people. So dumb. Now they're senselessly killing all the townspeople.


39:43 errrrmergerd. This Lilith chick is scary as shiiiiiiit.

41:27 uuuuhhhh, yeah whatever bitch, Dean was acting on principle and he was right.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 13 - "Ghostfacers!"

Sounds like another quirky episode ahead... seems like this was around the time they figured out quirk really works for them.

3:35 this dude is pretty hot.

Some quirk is good, some quirk is not so good. The theme of this particular episode, I'm not really a fan.

6:55 LMFAO it's Dean and Sam!!!

11:48 ROFLROFL police officers... fuck yeah baby!!!

13:30 LOL it's getting better.

14:42 icecream ROFLMAO.

16:38 I get that they're making fun of the ridiculous ghost hunting shows of 2004/5 era, but... I fricken hated those shows (and ALL "reality" TV) anyway.

21:32 LMFAO OMG. I gotta say the Dean character really shines in this episode though, and the guy looks great through these cameras.

25:25 LOL creepy scene!!!

27:58 LOLOLOLOL oh shit!!! This episode is for everybody who always wanted to see those ghost hunter idiots get their come uppins!!!

29:58 RealDoll ad placement... gotta say that's one I don't frown upon!!!


37:15 there was a fair bit of the gay propaganda in this episode, but it was pretty damn fuckin' funny ROFL.

40:26 BWAHAHAHAHA that's COOOOOLD. I love it though!!!
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 14 - "Long Distance Call"

So this is one of those "call from the dead" episodes, that the original Twilight Zone did so well and I think they were the first to do it...


1:28 I fuckinggggggg hate ringing phones. So obnoxious. They made this one particularly annoying.

3:45 maybe just, like... go somewhere there are no phones.

7:55 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I take one look at this Linda chick's picture and I'm like "OooOoOooo!" and Dean goes "Linda's a babe." ROFLMFAO the timing of this show is so on point sometimes.

8:27 I love the idea of a super duper old phone number, so intriguing... fabulous.

9:18 another placement of the 'bustyasianbeauties' URL again... I tried the URL this time and of course, redirects to WarnerBros. So as long as they own it they could still be analyzing the traffic.

13:40 Sam is great with the chicks. He really is. He's definitely a hottie.

14:13 OMG holy shit!

14:42 another Oprah placement.

15:42 Sam's got a really cute profile.

16:42 Thomas Edison, a fucking occultist!? Ya don't fuckin' say!!! Guess that's why they railroaded Nikola Tesla, the true father of electricity and every other electrical invention.



27:42 this is a pretty damn good episode.

30:50 lookit this Robert DeNiro lookin' wannabe motherfucker!!!

31:02 pretty interesting the way they depict feeding into the electrical/phone system.

32:08 oh man that's fucked up, so creepy and so fucked up OMG!!!
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 15 - "Time Is On My Side"

1:33 such an accurate depiction of a cosmetic surgeon, LOL. A super good looking total douche!

10:26 "aw baby I can't stay mad at you" ROFLMFAOLOL, I love the Dean character because he loves to eat!!!

11:07 oh this jogger dude is super hot, too bad he's about to get wasted!!!

12:20 I dunno what he's taking but he should have went for a new face, LMFAO!!!

22:37 interesting, maybe we'll learn more about Bella during this episode.



32:45 this is Billy Drago, incredibly recognizable actor. Excellent villain and bizarrely...

He died just a few days ago.
Supernatural - Season 3, Episode 16 - "No Rest For The Wicked"

I'm sewing while I watch this so I'm barely paying attention.

But the Lilith demon chick is an interesting concept, this is a pretty good story.

10:20 "our slutty little Yoda" ROFLROFLROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

17:00 LMFAOOOOO. OMG. This is just... all kinds of wrong. It's funny as shit though.


28:54 I think this will be an interesting confrontation between Sam and Lilith.

31:17 FFS, don't pussy out Sam OMG!!!

Wow, that was such a disappointing "confrontation". WTF HAPPENS NOW?!?!?!?!?
Supernatural - Season 4, Episode 1 - "Lazarus Rising"

2:20 hey it's like that scene in Kill Bill, only way faster!

2:37 LOLOL what the fuck is with this fuckin' grave dude?? A rickety wooden cross? That's it? Really guys?

Well, I mean. This season's starting off totally ridiculous but LOL, at least we got the sweet piece of man meat back!!!

3:38 whoa what the fuck?

8:15 hmmm. Wonder what's going on!?

10:06 LMFAOLOLOL @ the water in the face, so funny.

16:42 oh this is a juicy mystery indeed!!! Wow.

I wonder what happened!?! Sam seems a lil different doesn't he?!

17:08 I feel like Sam was trying to be more like Dean... like kind of a manwhore.

19:50 LOL I love the car scene.

21:37 hahaha, LOL! Hey this psychic lady is pretty hot!

23:54 is this the first episode with Castiel in it?? That'd be kinda baller.


I'm not team Castiel or anything, I don't know dick about his character... but he's a LONGSTANDING character in this show so it's super cool we're getting introduced to him today.

24:44 come on, was that necessary?!

26:25 LMFAOOO @ the perky nipples line!!!

27:55 LOLOL I just love seeing Dean put the smackdown on bitches!!!

29:46 it's Castiel. It's gotta be.

32:31 it's so creepy when they leave the radio running in places like that!!!

33:25 ooo, Sammy can work over the bitches pretty good too!!!

34:00 ooo, now he's pullin' out the hand!!! Hell yeah, bring on the new Sammy tricks!!!

This is a pretty great episode... got me pretty excited about the whole thing. Honestly the first time I've wanted to keep watching instead of stop for the night. LOL!

38:11 AHA aaand, it's Castiel. So what's up with this Castiel guy? What's his story? What it do?

39:44 ooo, he's an ANGEL!!!

(I knew that. I totally knew that.)

40:28 it's true though.

41:23 LOL I fuckin' hear ya on that, Dean!?!

Great episode, I don't wanna stop watching more episodes but it's past my bedtime!
Supernatural - Season 4, Episode 2 - "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester"

Nothin' better than some work assigned by God!!! I think that's all anybody really wants!!!

2:20 ooo, look, it's a chick hunter!!!

They're rare!!! Makes me kinda turnt!!!

2:49 whoa that dude looked like Matthew McConaughey for a second!!! Hot ghosts, the subject of so many of my youth's fantasies!!!


19:32 barely watching this episode, hardcore multitasking. Not digging all the mad ghost spirit people, seems kind of lame.

35:44 ooo, it's so exciting to see Castiel. Now don't get me wrong... yes, he's hot. But I'm still team Dean, all the way. Besides, Misha and his wife are open hardcore swingers IRL and that freaks me out.

35:56 Michael Landon, fuck yeah!!! God I love Michael Landon... one of my all time biggest crushes!!!
Supernatural - Season 4, Episode 3 - "In The Beginning"

1:32 ummm, who did Sam just get in the car with?? Is that the demon chick??

2:58 sugar free Tab, so I assume Dean's gone back in time... groovy!

4:16 1973 oh hell yeah, just one year shy of the greatest year ever!!! Niiice!!!

5:00 fuckin' guy looks more like Castiel than he does John!!!

6:33 OMG THAT'S DEAN'S CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!



19:55 this chick IS a hottie, it's true.

21:05 LOL this is some kinda Back To The Future shit right here, LOL. Save the day so mom and dad can meet or whatever.

22:42 damn, this scene just about caught me right in the feels...


24:40 it IS pretty damn fucking annoying the way Castiel keeps disappearing.

31:41 LOL I've been enjoying this episode, this is a good one.

39:29 sad moment, great episode though.

It only took 4 seasons for the show to get good.
Supernatural - Season 4, Episode 4 - "Metamorphosis"

1:30 OMG has Sam been fuckin' the demonbitch?!?!?!? Too bad he didn't fuck the other version of her, way hotter!!!

Damn dude, Sam's new hand powers are pretty kewl!!! I don't see anything wrong with where Sam is headed!!!

4:52 this shirt Sam's wearing is kinda weird.

6:35 I love seeing Dean get violent!!! My favorite!!! I think they're being a little hard on Sam though... I don't see that he's doing anything wrong.

15:45 yeah... the good looks of the lead was what was holding this show together for the first few seasons. Don't get me wrong, it still is... but the quality of the show is getting better.

It probably peaks around season 8. That's what I'd assume.

17:28 ooo, fattie does look like a tasty bite doesn't he?!

17:51 LMFAOLOL I think I want this fuckin' guy on my team!!!

22:18 oh my God man this is makin' me kinda nervous!!!

Fuck yeah that's my kinda shit right there!!!



She's so mad, God, wives are so not fun at all!!!

23:29 so first Sam is fuckin' up because he's... exercising demons and NOT killing the victims. But supposedly he's going down the "DARK PATH"... and NOW he's fuckin' up because he DOESN'T WANT to kill some dude without proof that he's beyond saving? What the fuck man?? That's pretty obnoxious. They didn't have to get annoyingly contradictory with shit.

33:23 awe, it's so unfair he was forced to turn.

37:53 "It doesn't matter what you are, it only matters what you do." WELL FUCKING SAID, SAM.

38:47 ROFL the look on Sammy's face, I swear I love the Mexican soap opera-esque scenes they have in this show sometimes.

40:10 pft fuck that, he needs to develop the powers more so he doesn't have to use weapons!!!
Supernatural - Season 4, Episode 5 - "Monster Movie"

Looks like possibly a quirky episode ahead.

3:15 not into this episode so far... it's in black and white for one thing, I don't dig that. It's not that I don't like black and white... I just don't like it in THIS context.

I've never been a fan of the vampire thing (at all) and an entire episode based off classic Dracula is truly meaningless to me because I've never even seen that shit.

Truth be told...

I have absolutely no interest in watching this episode on any level whatsoever.

And I'm just simply not going to.

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