Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 14 - "Nightmare"

The synopsis of this episode sounds pretty decent... hopefully it's not a total trainwreck failure debacle like the last one was. Maybe this story will have some actual substance.

Low key have 100% lost faith in this show now though, BTW. Expectations rock bottom at this point.

I mean I know they have to sprinkle in banal dogshit propaganda in exchange for making actual GOOD episodes every now and then, it's the hollywood beast system trade off, it's always there... like AHS: Roanoke, they made an ENTIRE SEASON of banal dogshit to make up for the excellence that had preceded it. This is just what they do.

But man, if a show isn't really in the halls of epicness for me personally yet, which Supernatural isn't...

It's a close call, and it's way more likely that my viewership will be lost forever rather than sticking it out to see if the show gets better.

2:05 so it's the Supernatural version of Christine. Okay. Well. I guess that's what we call "safety"... a story that can't be horrible, can't entirely fail, can only skirt the fine line between greatness and failure.

5:52 I've asked myself the same question!!!

6:10 what, has Sam never seen Christine?


8:04 wow I haven't seen this lady in YEARRRS. Who the fuck is she even?

I recognize her from "Sabrina The Teenage Witch".

10:33 oo, this dude's oddly hot.

14:37 man I have nooo fuckin' idea what is going on in this episode. I'm only like half watching.

This Brendan Fletcher dude is hot as fuck though... definitely.

23:22 ooo, telekinesis!!! He's even hotter now!!! I have a telekinetic dude fetish!!!

25:27 I'm with Sam on this, save the man meat!!!

30:00 meh it's not a bad story. It's pretty good really.

31:17 oh wooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35:13 UNCOOL.


Muwahahaha!!! Hell yeah!!!

The show redeemed itself, LMFAO I can't believe it LOL!!!

I mean, not entirely... but at least for this episode.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 15 - "The Benders"

The fuck is this episode about??

1:00 wow this poor kid lives in a real shithole!!!

2:37 "He likes the remake." ROFLMAOLOL.

4:40 I like how they factor leak-taking into the show... that's very sexy.

7:54 now I find this part very interesting. They're showing Dean/Sam's birthdates in the Supernatural universe.

Sam = May 2, 1982 and Dean = January 24, 1979.

Making Sam a Taurus/Pig and Dean an Aquarius/Horse.

In real life, Jared (Sam) is a Cancer/Dog (7/19/82) and Jensen (Dean) is a Pisces/Horse (3/1/78).

Truth be told, I think those sign combos fit their characters pretty well. I can see Sam as a Taurus/Pig, and I can definitely see Dean being an Aquarius... the Horse part of course perfectly fitting as well. Very interesting choices.

10:56 God this guy makes me horny.

17:00 LOL this guy's screwed!

18:10 people hunting!!!

19:58 this isn't... supernatural though.

20:50 "I gotta start carrying paperclips." Amen yo, necessary thouuughhh!!!

25:58 God these two make me wanna fuck so bad.

27:46 LOL FFS. "I'll say it again. Demons, I get... but people are crazy." WORRRD.

29:00 it would be a lot of fun to be in a show like this.

It was a... dismal episode, I don't really like the "killer hillbilly" storyline, it's always a fail in my book. But it wasn't the worst, I guess.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 16 - "Shadow"

1:00 this is like a long drawn out lead up to a standard kidnapping or something... shit is played out. I'm sincerely bored.

Oh, a whispering wind. Maybe this episode will actually have something supernatural in it... *eyeroll*

1:50 oh man I gotta say, this one is pretty dumb so far. A whispering windy shadow?? Fuckin' really??

4:12 I gotta say, I think the costumes are pretty hot.

6:32 "She's a Sagittarius"... ROFL. See though... they're into astrology (the show makers). They don't just arbitrarily choose this stuff.

8:10 see this is why I worship men, they're so sexy... all the chicks want their seed, and they absolutely should be spreading it around.

9:40 holy shit it's the satanist chick from the other episode!!! This girl is cute as fuck but... I feel like they SHOULD be suspicious of her.

12:16 I wouldn't mind Dean keeping me against my will...


12:29 "She wasn't even that into me!" ROFLMAOLOLLL.

15:05 ooo, Dean knows how to get freaky!!! Me likey!!!

LOL, it's a great show for eye candy... that's probably the only reason it was on for so long. Chicks love this shit. And gay dudes.

20:32 AHA they're onto her!!!

20:39 LOL they said it at the exact same time!!! Their combined voices are pretty fucking hot...


24:12 uh oh, Dean's about to have a vulnerable moment?!

26:00 she'd totally sense they were there.

27:37 that was kinda lame, not gonna lie.

31:25 what the hell is the deal with this chick, like what's her story... who is she really??

32:20 oh shit! Nevermind then?!

33:46 OMG it's daddy-o! Finally.

35:33 whoa, how did I not see that one coming?!

I'm gonna have to consult the Supernatural Wiki over this bitch?!

39:48 "Bye dad. I wish you were Dave Matthews."
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 17 - "Hell House"

1:40 we're only on season one and already some of the themes are getting a tad played out.

5:30 LMFAO "" ... if you go there it redirects to the site owned by the company who produces this show, since they used the URL in the episode, they basically have to make sure they keep control of it forever. LMAO.

14:47 I'd be making out with that motherfucker!!!

17:15 OMG this is terrible!!!

There's obviously a hillbilly camping out in this basement preying on all the young dumb people who come to do the dare thingy.

26:38 wow... very interesting theory.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 18 - "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

1:50 oh yeah, pulling those tissue thin curtains back is really gonna help!!!

Well this episode is starting out with a lameass story. Sorry but this is just lame.

3:40 when did the relationship between these two become so antagonistic??

I don't really like that aspect of it.

5:00 oo this lady is kinda hot... she sorta looks like Ed from Northern Exposure though.

10:42 come on that kid looks nothing like Jensen Ackles.

It's cute they're doing all these childhood flashbacks in this episode... it gives more depth to the Dean character.


25:20 yeah really, what's the other fucking option?

27:33 pretty good episode... not the best.

35:45 this thing is gonna be suspicious that this kid is awake and watching it and shit. LOL!

36:50 ew LOL that thing's ugly!

Dean's car is so fucking loud though... that's not hot.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 19 - "Provenance"

Provenance?? The fuck, is that even a word??

Wow, it is... holy shit, a word I didn't know. This is unthinkable.

0:09 creepiest family picture ever.

1:03 hah, OMG, I love this story already... haunted pictures, my kinda shit right there.

2:28 that guy had the best reaction/scream in any horror movie or show ever... it was very unique and perfectly done, not cringey and horribad like some others I've seen in this show alone.

2:54 dude Dean's player tendencies are low key disgusting though.

6:30 his attitude does make me slightly moist though.

7:40 this chick is pretty bangable.


10:35 Sam/Jared is very cute... it's true. He is. Not my kinda shit, but cute.

12:08 LOLOL it cracks me up super hard that they made the Dean character unfamiliar with "provenance" too. Pretty funny.

12:50 pretty good story, nice and fabulously classic as far as 'spooky stories' go.

14:28 why the fuck did they not just take the whole thing?? That's RIDICULOUS. A HUGE plot hole. They would NEVER do that. Fucking NEVER. I really dislike this... I really do. It's CHEAP. Cheap cheap cheap. I cannot believe they chose to go that direction with it when they could have gone in 1000 other directions that were so much better. Wow... sort of taken aback here.

15:55 holy shit that was a slick one by Dean... it made me hate them for the bungled story a little less.

17:33 ROFL... sigh. Love it. Awwwe. Won me back so fast. Low key.

19:28 this lady is a keeper.

19:56 "I'm still waiting for the movie on that one." ROFLROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That movie came out in 2006... LOL this show is old eh?! Sigh! Well... it's no Columbo, but. OMG... it's the Supernatural Columbo, LOL! Anyway, reference to the movie was a clear and obvious tip of the hat hollywood style, just a bunch of product placement. Detestable and cheapening, as per usual.

20:47 God Dean/Jensen is fucking gorgeous.

24:20 this chick is super hot.

25:58 I agree, total marriage material.

27:35 LOL I hear you on that shit, Sammy! Facepalm!

28:30 oh that's pretty cool, I dig that!

33:35 did he say "bury it"?? Surely not. That would just be another fuckup.

34:16 OMG plot twist, so creepy!!!

36:15 but now this sucks because they aren't gonna explain why she's doing this.

I do love the whole doll with the human hair concept though, I mean it absolutely is brilliant.

It's not a bad story... they pissed me off at the beginning with it, but meh. It's still been very enjoyable.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 20 - "Dead Man's Blood"

TWENTY episodes in a fucking SEASON??

1:04 as a notebook obsessed individual, this is like p0rno to me.

3:10 obvious vampire is obvious!!!

4:30 man this episode is lame as fuck so far.

So far this is the worst episode for sure. Very uninspired, slow beginning.

12:00 it makes sense I'd think this episode was crap though, I'm not into vampires at all.

19:35 I like the way Dean breaks up the fight, that's so hot.

20:05 ew, vampire sex is kind of annoying.

20:50 OMG are they gonna make her a vampire?? That's fucked up!!!

23:04 meh... the episode got better. It's not the best but it's not the worst.

29:14 "It never occurred to me what you wanted." That's what I'm screamin'!!! What's the deal with what other people want?! No idea!!! Fuck it, bwahahahahaha!!!

Flipoff Nana

31:02 "I usually draw the line at necrophilia"... muwahahahahaha!!! "Usuallly"!!! Dean's my kinda guy!!!


32:34 vampires mate for life eh?

39:34 pretty interesting effects.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 21 - "Salvation"

2:00 oh I like this chick... I really do. She reminds me of me, that's probably why.

5:52 I hope their dad doesn't hang around cramping their style for too much longer.

Do they ever actually FIND the demon?? What's the show gonna be about after they do??

10:23 isn't that the same chick who played Sam's love interest in the other episode?? The fuck?? They look EXACTLY alike. Bad call using her in this episode, whoever the hell she is.

11:50 I'm not gonna lie, Sam/Jared isn't my style but I'm pretty desperate right now, I'd sit on it and spin. For sure.

13:44 this mom chick is a babe, she's got a nice ass.

14:10 WTF that shit right there's enough to give you nightmares, LMAO.

14:43 WTF is that the chick???

15:25 the idea that his dad would be even mildly skeptical is just stupid.

25:02 I gotta be honest that this episode really hasn't held my attention all too well.

There's one episode left in the season... I should hope it ends on a fairly entertaining note.

37:06 hmm, strange figure... looks like it's wearing a trench coat.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 22 - "Devil's Trap"

So this is the last episode in the first season.

2:12 I meeean... the bullet didn't kill the thing and he totally shot 'em dead on sooo. Fuck the gun? Basically?

3:08 I want my ovaries drenched in Dean/Jensen's sperm.

6:30 it IS KINDA lackluster, I gotta agree.

7:46 arrrraaaaawrrrr!!!

11:04 they're exorcising her off the show, ERMERGERD!!!

12:48 damn straight, Dean, hell yeah baby!!!

16:16 this girl had a really great part in the show... it's a lot to be proud of honestly.

29:39 is Dean going soft?! C'mon bro!

Ooo, I guess not! That's hot!

31:42 uh oh, Dean smells a rat!


34:25 the dad dude makes a better bad guy than good guy.

36:50 ooo, the plot thickens!!!

39:05 oooOooOooo that was a fucking good move Sammy boy!!!!!!!!!!

39:50 lolololol. Ah so that's how we ended up with 13 more seasons, LMFAOLOL.

41:28 OMFG DEAN'S CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how season 1 ends??? Gay!!!
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 1 - "In My Time Of Dying"

1:00 great music on this show sometimes.

3:50 uh oh, Dean's ghostin' around.

This is pretty hot!!!

6:22 hoodoo fuck yeah!!!

8:55 rrrawwwrrrwrrrrr ghost Dean makin' me wanna get fucked super hard!!!

11:40 juicy episode so far, gotta say it's really good.

13:00 LMFAO @ screaming about this in the middle of a hospital.

14:20 they better save that sweet fucking piece of meat.

15:42 it's a really well done episode so far.

16:58 hell yeah it's a dream baby, you're in the spirit world with hotass Dean!!! What could be better?!

19:10 wait here my ass, two is better than one.

20:17 "Oh you gotta be kiddin' me" ROFLMFAOLOL RIGHT!?!!??!?!!?!?!?

LOL this is great. Sam really is a cutie. Again, not my type but... super cute.

I have to say this is the most engaging episode yet, it's really good. It has me actually watching and paying attention rather than multitasking the entire time.

25:06 WTF SHE'S THE REAPER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well at least she's not ugly. Talking to a reaper wow!!! Super interesting!!!

26:10 don't fear the reaper yo!!! LMFAO.


31:20 educationalll thooouuughhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

33:20 the guy playing this demon dude is pretty good.

33:50 man reapers are low key annoying LMAO. So pushy but trying to be all soothing and shit at the same time LMAO.

34:50 OMG possessing the reaper... holy shit. What a great fucking episode LMAO WOW... good shit, fucking excellent.

35:47 gotta say, knowing what daddy-o did for Deanie baby is making him even more sexy to me... pretty fucking hot. Dad guy is a great actor.

39:18 whispering in the ear?? Really?? C'mon.

Wow so I just looked into it and apparently dad bro is like... not even on the rest of the show, sooo. He was in a total of like 13 episodes.

Well let's face it, he had an honorable exit (it's true) and the exchange was worth it.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 2 - "Everybody Loves A Clown"

Oh this one sounds lame.


SO DUMB. This is SO DUMB. This episode is fucking stupid.

Like it's not even creepy, it's JUST totally stupid.

6:17 oh you're way more than okay baby...


7:16 amen Dean, work on that car baby!!! Rrrraraaararawwwrwrwwrwrwrrrr.

8:00 LMFAOOO is that a Dodge Caravan!? Hey, I had some great experiences in a 1989 Dodge Caravan, I ain't hatin'!!!

10:40 that chick looks all slutty, ew.


15:47 LOL I forgot all about the clown.

19:06 LOL so creepy.

20:40 they're joining the circus!!!

21:43 wow who is this guy, he looks familiar.

Ken Kramer... I don't see anything I'd recognize him from though.

34:10 uh oh, it's getting stupid again.

Definitely totally stupid, but hey at least these guys are hot.

36:40 this chick is not that hot. They probably did that on purpose.

37:25 LMFAO. This Ash guy is a good character.

40:32 ooo, Dean, baby! I think I'm gonna cum!

Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 3 - "Bloodlust"

Ah FFS, is this another episode about vampires??


Hopefully not.

The worst part about all this is that Dean's gonna have to find a new trunk lid. He should have smashed the other car.

ANOTHER hook man? What the fuck? Lame.

2:30 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGG what a RIGHTEOUS fucking tune for the unveiling of Dean's restored car, muwahahaha! Birtha likes that song when she's feeling a certain type of way too.

I like how Dean has a hard on for his car kinda like I have a hard on for my car. It's not exactly the same at all. Whatsoever. But y'know.

4:48 "Weekly World News" ROFLMAOOOOOMFAOLOLOL.


10:10 oh wow a fellow hunter!!! How exciting!!!

13:42 oooo, Deaaaannnn, whole new levels thouuuughhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO what the fuck is with that dramatic concerned look Sam gives him, like ROFLROFL what the fuck was he supposed to do, LMFAO!!! The fuck!!!

14:34 that waitress chick is pretty hawt. Her hair is totally weird, but she looked pretty good.

16:12 they stay in hotels a lot... really should have written van dwelling into this somewhere.

23:30 kinda like being vegan eh?!

The thing about it is... just like I always say, these actors aren't really acting. They're just being themselves.

26:42 I'm not team Dean on this one... Sam is right.

28:00 ah fuck it, I'm team Dean whether he's right or wrong... he's just too hot.

28:48 why would he take the keys and not the car??

32:13 seems like hunters should stay away from one another.

36:50 this guy's pretty racist against the vampires eh.

39:50 "Sam, clock me one"... bwahaha I love this character.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 4 - "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things"

0:54 I'm thinking he should be more than a friend...


1:18 fuck this asshole dude he's not even as hot as the friend dude.

1:36 why is this bitch driving and ugly crying? You can drive and cry, but you can't drive and ugly cry... then you're just being an idiot. Business is business, when you're behind the wheel, the importance of matters of the heart is reduced by a solid 75%. You can think, but don't emote.

1:56 this is why women shouldn't be allowed to drive. Only the ones who are VERIFIED stone cold unfeeling bitches with IQs over 90 (my IQ is like 94 so I gotta make it low to be all inclusive to myself) should be allowed to drive, mkay?!?!?


(I'm just kidding.)


2:06 what a stupid bitch.

3:08 I'm team Dean. He and I are so much alike. We're absurdly sexy, love our cars, sexually overzealous, we're super hot, we like sex, we're kinda perverted, we flirt a lot, we're horny. I mean I could go on.

5:26 whoa a big dead circle, WTF is going on here?!?!?!?

7:00 I'd like to awkwardly squeeze Dean's leg while he drives that car!!!

7:50 ah so her dad's responsible.

8:50 ah so maybe not on purpose. Maybe she was buried with the phone?!?!?!?

9:30 dude Sam is totally annoying sometimes.

10:07 ooo, I like those v-neck shirts baby!!!

10:55 WTF is it the boyfriend dude???


17:40 agh, Dean is so my kinda guy... God I wish this guy was real!!!

18:26 OMGWTF!!! Wasn't expecting THAT?! WTF does this MEAN!?

18:40 OMG NO FUCKIN' WAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! WUUUUUUT!!!!!!????

WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

DAFUQ OMG!?!?!?!?!?!

21:21 Dean is wrong... but he's still hot. And it's okay.

25:32 "We've come to hug" ROFLMAO he's so cocky, I love the 'tude!!!

26:00 a lot of p0rno placement in this episode, kinda strange.

27:00 to rent "Beaches"?? The fuck is with that movie?? Why the reference??

27:10 "takes two to have hardcore sex"... as much as I appreciate this line coming from Dean, it is more neurolinguistic programming pointing toward p0rno.

28:00 bwahahaha OMG that's scary as shit... bwahahaha. Aw, this episode has been fairly decent!!!

33:10 I mean, they DID hurt her. Soooo.

33:56 this dude is a fuckup, he really should just get dealt with.

36:20 ooo fuck yeah Dean drive it in deep baby!!!

40:00 I mean he's a little too pretty for my tastes but... I do dig him.
Maybe the mentions of p0rno and the movie "Beaches" were tests to see how much sway the show had on the audience at the time... sort of a polling test. They probably wanted to see if there would be an increase in p0rn viewing and rentals of the movie "Beaches".
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 5 - "Simon Says"

The fuck is this episode gonna be about?

1:27 oh this guy's way too happy! Let's see, how about we ruin it?!

2:55 shit. Okay then.

3:38 "What?" ... What!? Other than this hellish public bathroom he's in?!

4:40 this daughter chick who works at the roadhouse is one of my least favorite characters in this show... I don't like her at all.

5:40 ROFLMAO this Ash character is my spirit animal, LMFAO.

6:55 dude Dean doesn't like this thirsty chick either.

10:20 SPINAL TAP, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, THE BEST songs on this show I swear ROFLMAO!!!!!

13:27 that's fucked up!!!

17:23 ROFLMAO Dean has... magnificent taste.

21:30 this episode is pretty good, perplexing!!!

22:27 OMG I mention writing van dwelling into the show a few episodes ago and now they're talking about this guy living in a van WTFOMG?!?!?!?!?!?!?

24:24 TWINS!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


28:13 whoa this dude is evil AF!!!!!!!!!!

32:30 are twins really twins if they don't look anything alike? C'mon now, serious question.

33:56 "And you all saw it happen" bahahahahaaha OMG, so great. Really... actually a very good episode. Not the best and not my favorite, but definitely good.

35:35 I hate the word "wasted" for killing, it's fricken stupid. A pet peeve I guess.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 6 - "No Exit"

Oh so this is another episode with the roadhouse daughter chick I can't fucking stand... yay. I hope Dean never dicks her... it'd be a pity fuck and he's too good for that.

1:20 oo, she's a hottie!

1:50 OMG so creepy.

2:20 one of those electrical grid ghosts I guess.

Roadhouse daughter chick was only in 7 episodes... thank God. I'd rather fuck her mom.

9:40 she's not its type, she's not even a real blonde.

15:00 I have so little to say about this episode.

15:44 I'd rather have Dean's biggun... keep the irreplaceable one in a safe place like you're not a total moron.

22:20 "Should've cleaned the pipes" ROFLMAOOO, that was like the only good part of this episode aside from the way he pushed her around when she first showed up.

24:04 "IT'S COMIN' AT ME BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

27:05 the absolutely craptastic fllashlights they use in these movies and shows... I'll never get over it, I swear.

28:10 "Oh God it's him!" ROFLMAO ummm, relax bitch... they love hearing that shit.

30:14 they really should have headlamps.

31:43 fuck that noise! Psht! Sorry about your luck bitch!

35:57 that's all they're gonna do?? What if it gets wet in there someday??

36:39 I meeean... still doesn't seem too solid of a job (pun kind of intended).

I guess they have to get creative with it or something... since, you know, there are 14 fucking seasons after all.

39:06 what'd he ever do to her?!

40:24 okay bye, thank God.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 7 - "The Usual Suspects"

7:36 there's a lot of black eye children lookin' people on this show.

8:20 this lady is honestly scary looking as shit.

9:00 Linda Blair kinda reminds me of Stevie Nicks, I mean they vaguely look alike.

22:11 so ridiculously sexy.


25:30 "Time Life: Mysteries of The Unknown"... another placement to gauge the show's reach/influence.

41:17 "Does she look familiar to you?" Funny you ask... she looks like Stevie Nicks.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 8 - "Crossroad Blues"

Uh oh, it's a story about the "Crossroads Moment"...

Something I'm sure everyone on this show knows all about.

3:32 "Black dogs"...

Song by Led Zeppelin, who loved stealing songs from old time blues artists BTW. They also mentioned the "dogs of doom" in No Quarter. Wonder who they stole those songs from?

5:10 lmfao @ humping legs. Dean is such a pervert!

8:10 kind of a boring episode so far. I mean it's laughable to see a hollywood production attempt to make a bullshit story about this issue in the first place.

10:18 summoning the man of the crossroads.

It's abhorrent that they'd make such a puffed up woo-woo bullshit story around this when as we know... all monsters are human.

12:03 sounds like she's having the best sex ever in that room...


13:18 ERMERGERD it's a chick!!!

24:52 why's Dean getting all personal with this dude?? Oh yeah I forgot, cuz of his dad. They do a good job with the psychological undertones.

27:00 I mean it's KIND OF interesting I guess.

34:40 God I love Dean!
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 9 - "Croatoan"

1:50 getting killed by Dean would be awesome.

9:00 the fuck is going on in this episode?!

15:40 WHOA WHOA WHOA, no bullet holes in Dean's car, motherfuckers!!!

17:37 "You got a neighbor named Mr. Rogers?" ROFLMFAOLOLLLLLOLLOL!!!

21:46 mmm, God I love it when Dean wastes people!

26:09 locking him in and everything, damn!!!

27:18 this dude in the chair's pretty fuckable!!!

29:20 NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30:50 amen, get the fuck outta there, losers!!!

Hmm. Weird episode. I just wasn't really paying attention. Truthfully, I was looking at pictures of myself.

The fuck was with that cliffhanger ending?? What is this, a soap opera?? Cheap, cheap, cheap.
Supernatural - Season 2, Episode 10 - "Hunted"

You know I never understood the obsession with the Alice in Wonderland story. Must just be a bunch of occult luciferian worship crap.

4:33 that's hot...


Better Sam than Dean though!!!

9:00 OMG it's a chick like Sam!!!

15:16 she came to him, awesome!!!

18:06 LOL I like this chick!

21:16 whhhooooaaaaa what the fuck is this guy's problem?!?!?

23:30 gah, I love Sam and Dean's special communicational methods... so exciting and hot.

24:06 I knew this guy'd be trouble in the future!!!

33:26 who cares if Sam's gonna become a killer someday, at least he's pretty hot.

36:10 they just need to kill this Gordon dude.

38:50 LOL Amsterdam, good call! 10 years ago.

Good ending on that episode, not cliffhangery, but definitely intriguing.

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