I'm getting a new kitty today. A NEW KITTEHHHH!!!!!
The new kitten arrived Saturday. Like Elvis, she hid under the bed at first, but now she's playing with Elvis and snuggling up to me in bed. Elvis adores his little sister. I think she gets tired of his rough housing after a little while, but she keeps going back for more.

My mom suggested naming her Priscilla, an idea I had already considered and quickly rejected. First of all, it's too easy and obvious. Secondly, naming Elvis's sister after his ex-wife seemed a little cringy.

More importantly, would anybody mind too terribly if I got to name my own cat just this once? Geez.

When the cat lady and her daughter brought the kitten over, sure enough they were calling her Priscilla. I stifled a groan. They brought one of those round cat toys with the ball that goes around the track when a cat bats at it.

I thought Elvis was jealous of her getting attention for the first couple of days. He quit purring and licking my face. I made it a point to try to give him equal attention so he wouldn't feel like I was playing favorites. He seems to be coming around now.

I ended up naming the kitten Audrey, the name that came to me when I saw the photo I posted earlier.
Audrey is a wonderful name.

I almost named one of my kitties Prisstina...

Like Christina, only it's a pun on 'prissy'...

LMFAO, so cheeseball.
(09-30-2019, 10:37 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Audrey is a wonderful name.

I almost named one of my kitties Prisstina...

Like Christina, only it's a pun on 'prissy'...

LMFAO, so cheeseball.

See, that's what I'm talking about. Priscilla was about the most unclever name somebody could come up with, which is why everyone and her brother came up with it. Maybe if I had acquired both cats at the same time, it would've seemed a more logical choice, since they would've basically been like bookends. But these two cats a a few months apart in age. Elvis is grown for all intents and purposes, while Audrey is still a powder puff.

I named my last cat Speed Bump because I was always tripping over her.
Speed Bump, ROFLROFL!!!

I just call my kitty "Baby".
That's living the life right there.

I always say, cats make life worth living.
I'm thinking about changing Audrey's name to Tinky-Winks. TINKY-WINKS!!!! Banana

For reals, bruh.

Do it, that must be what she wants.

Audrey "Tinky-Winks" Lastname.
(10-03-2019, 02:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Audrey "Tinky-Winks" Lastname.

Audrey "Tiny-Winks" Hepcat

Elvis "Boogity-Boo" Purrsley

PURRSLEY OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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