The Wuhan Coronavirus
Quote:#UK #coronavirus a person attending a central London conference w/ 200+ others last week has been diagnosed with #COVID19
The individual attended the UK Bus Summit at the QEII Centre, one of London’s largest conference halls, in Westminster on Feb 6 h/t

Quote:Very interesting. Chinese authorities ask recovered patients to donate plasma:

Quote:A cruise ship docked in Sydney is in lockdown while health authorities test a man for possible #coronavirus

The Norwegian Jewel, was in New Zealand 10 days before arriving in Sydney.

It is unclear where the man, who Australian media reports is Singaporean, boarded the vessel
Meanwhile, in delusional woke-person land,
these chinamen are scaring the crap outta people with those fucking biohazard gangs of thugs grabbing fucktards off the streets , really bad PR assholes

I haven't had Chinese food in 2 months and will stay away from it another few months at this rate

way to make us all feel creeped out
Yeah they are always filming these scenes where they're dragging away these poor citizens...

It's fucking horrible.

Some think they are filming these and sharing them in order to scare everyone else into submission, or just generally intimidate people.

I think it's possible.

They're even offering $$$ for people ratting out fellow citizens...

Quote:Huangzhou District, which is part of Huanggang and close to Wuhan, has issued a 500 yuan ($71) reward for anyone who reports a person suffering from fever
Quote:Patient of Japanese surgeon with coronavirus tests positive for the illness; he's in serious condition

The doctor became ill on January 31 but showed up for work for 3 days earlier this month, during which he worked with patients
Im not always a fuckhead but when I be a fuckhead I do the shit properly yo!
Quote:Japanese taxi driver diagnosed with coronavirus; 1st case in Okinawa; woman had contact with "Diamond Princess" cruise ship passengers on Feb. 1

Quote:Singapore's prime minister says the economic impact from the coronavirus outbreak has already exceeded that of SARS in 2003, says a recession is possible - ST

Quote:1,716 health care workers in China have been infected with coronavirus, killing at least 6

This includes 1,102 health care workers in Wuhan
Im fucked im going bush to many Chinese here with fake passports, its headed into winter here which this bitch loves to hang around in. Hates the hot. You in USA will be ok San Diego lab will have vaccine by mid summer US. Im dead if I stay here.
The videos of them clubbing dogs to death...

*shakes head*

I couldn't stomach more than 2 seconds of that shit, just scrolling by on peoples' feeds...

I'm legitimately fucking horrified...

And I have to say...

It reeks of psychological tactics and intimidation rather than anything to do with a virus.
People just conveniently and seemingly totally unnoticed, filming people being pulled out of their houses and forced into vans...

People filming hazmat suit clad guys spraying INSIDE buildings...

People filming animals being killed...

I dunno, it's all very suspicious.
Interesting bit of trivia.

In the 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness, there was a viral Chinese bioweapon called Wuhan-400 developed at a lab outside Wuhan.

Page 181, read it yourself.



China has starved millions upon millions of its people in the past.

They'll have no problem doing it again, and before, they didn't even need a pandemic for an excuse.
9:45 I'm glad Styx is stating this re: cruises, because I've seen a lot of people absolutely pussyfoot around this issue and somebody needed to plainly state that you're just an idiot if you're going on a cruise right now.
Quote:Egypt reports 1st case of coronavirus, first on mainland Africa

Egypt's first case of coronavirus is a foreigner with no symptoms, according to local media

Oh my God dude...

How the fuck did they know to test this person if they have no symptoms???

Why would they???
Quote:Japan reports 4 new cases of coronavirus, including one who came back from Hawaii and another who transferred a patient from the cruise ship - NHK

Wow so this corroborates some of the things I've heard about there being cases in Hawaii that no one is talking about.

Just wow, just fucking wow...

And a person who helped transfer a cruise ship patient has it???

What kind of gear were they using when they transferred the patient??
I've only ever seen them wearing full gear when dealing with the cruise ship cases.
Quote:More details about the case involving a transfer from the cruise ship: His symptoms began just a few hours later so officials believe it's unlikely that he was infected while transporting the patient - NHK

How the FUCK can they say things THIS STUPID, at THIS POINT?!?!?!?!?!?

Are they suggesting there is no transmission whilst symptom free??


What're they slapping an incubation period of A FEW HOURS on it now???

Whenever it fits their fucking narrative, I guess...

Unbelievable, this shit is insane.
It's like NONE OF THESE AUTHORITIES have their story straight...

It's like NONE OF THEM are on the same page.

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