The Wuhan Coronavirus
The blood clot deaths are just now starting to hit the MSM...


This has happened in so many countries around the world with this stupid vax...

Always causing blood clots...

Sounds like a lot of people were shot up with a ticking timebomb.

That is some scary shit right there.

Are the immediate weeks after the shot the most dangerous time for the clots to happen, or is it a lifelong thing??

And to think, the blood clots are just the most immediate adverse reaction!
6 blood clots out of 7 million doses.
What the actual fuck?

Wow man...

What is going on?

And apparently now they're coming public with the 'multiple shots per year' thing...

They are desperately trying to soft kill huge numbers of people!!!
So, is the vaccine some kind of delayed date rape drug?
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
15 months ago the scam begins with 'fainting'  , these vids were easy to find a year ago now youtube hides them... I wonder why

My issue with the whole vaccine thing is this...

If it was just about drugging the population and poisoning them with this or that, they put that shit in the water supply or whatever. They already put tons of shit in the water supply! WTF!

So you really gotta consider, what could possibly be their angle with this vaccine?

My conclusion is that it's an alteration so fuckin' bad that some people just die. That's way worse than the crap they're putting in the water...

So bad they gotta propagandize your ass in the media for a year solid and then offer a solution to an invisible totally asymptomatic "problem" and people just line up like herds to the slaughter.



I mean...

Just think about the magnitude of this shit and how seriously not good these vaccines must be in order for them to take this approach!
(10 hours ago)Mister Obvious Wrote: NOBODY WAS FORCED!!!!!!!!!!!

They may have been coerced, threatened with losing their jobs...

But when it's your very life hanging in the balance and adverse reactions are so high?

Fuck that.
You're correct that it's an alteration MO, but it is not bad at all. It's an alteration that puts you in touch with the 5th dimension. Some people call them "aliens," but I just call them friends.

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