The Wuhan Coronavirus
(05-25-2022, 12:07 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

America, they want you unarmed so that next time they can just force you to take the vaxx like they forced Australia.
The only reason USA is still independent of China Govt unlike the Australia White Ethnostate is because of USA Greatest ally, Saudi Arabia
Terraformer, that AV though! I've had "Thriller" stuck in my head for like 2 weeks lmao.

11:27 the vaxxed population in ~5 years.
(05-25-2022, 01:59 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

11:27 the vaxxed population in ~5 years.

So true. Autoimmune blistering disorder is listed as a sideeffect of Pfizer Experimental injection in a Pfizer Document.  They are using Monkey Pox as a Cover up for the Postules of that Pfizer Autoimmune disorder

Oh it's no big deal though guys!

Just a little facial paralysis!

Or if you're Bruce Willis, ya know, the total inability to speak!

Nothin' to worry about now, go on, get your shots!

Sorry for all you non-famous vaxx damaged folks out there...

Big pharma made sure you'd never be able to sue them for becoming disabled due to vaccine injury, but it's a good thing Bruce Willis and The Biebz have royalties to live on!
Over two years since the beginning of the biggest psy-ops ever pulled on humanity, and now we're seeing the intended consequences on the masses...

Some years from now, it'll be well known fact.

You think the current system this shit happened under will still be standing by then?


Buckle up, bitches...

A global Tuskegee Experiment...

I hope you're ready to ride this motherfucker all the way down, cuz it's gonna burn baby burn.

Oh but it wasn't made in a lab guys, this kind of thing is totes normal!
People are tripping over themselves to go get their babies under 7 months old v'axed...

Anyone who is that fucking stupid doesn't deserve to have children.
Absolutely disgusting.

What a failure in parenting.

What a failure to protect.

What a failure.
Anyone who has let their child get shot up with this experimental concoction... you are a failure.
The elite value humanity so little because they're so easily led.

I understand their perspective.

But humanity's malleability is used against them, and it's the same thing as abusing animals.

It's all quite wrong.
Word on the wire is that their next "treatment" for the CV will be "hydrogel" with stem cells... they will be injecting people with actual organisms next. Expected in October or sooner.

Apparently some aspect of this was even discussed in the CDC's "Zombie Preparedness" guide, but I have not personally looked at this myself...
The effect on the global population with these experimental shots in the coming years will be profound.

It's a culling.
All this shit put together... so many people are going to die.

The whole monkeypox thing was probably made to work in tandem with these experimental shots...

A lot of people are suggesting that the gay population (the highest percentage of vaxxed people in any demographic) are being targeted with monkeypox so that it can interact with the shots/boosters and whatever else they come out with in the future.

It just makes too much sense.
I refused the experimental Covid injections and ended up losing my job, wife kept calling me childish so when her work forced the jab I volunteered to drive her dumb ass down there for every injection …we shall see how that plays out (insert evil hand rub)
Wow I didn't know you were married!

Lucky lady ;)

That said, props to you for standing up for yourself.

Always stand up for yourself...

You are so precious.
Fannie, I'm sure you've gotten the "Donkey Pox" already.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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