YouTube comments I dare not leave!
Actually, that's not true. I just remembered I wrote, or started writing, a short
story? back in 2008-2009. Never finished it. I might have to give that another chance.
Yeah I have a lot of unfinished stories.

It used to bother me a lot but then I realized it wasn't my job to finish them.
Been sub'd to this guy for a while now, couple years? And he can cook
his ass off! Seems like a real cool dude. Which is why I could never post
the following comment: 

"Has anyone ever told you that you bear a striking resemblance
to Timothy McVeigh? Just the 'looks' part, not the terrorist/patsy part."

Now, I'm bettin' he'd probably laugh his ass off and say "Yeah, I get that a lot!"
But like I've said previous, you never know how someone is gonna take something
and I certainly don't say that to be hateful or mean. It's just a weird instance
of resemblance that I noticed and thought "Hmmm, he looks kinda like...."


Yeah a lot of the reason not to post comments like that on the actual vids is because of YouTube's bots scanning for keywords and shit, don't wanna get somebody targeted.
Oh shit, I never even thought of that.

Damn. Dis fool slippin! **ups his game**

"Damn, Charlotte, you are sooo fuckin' hot. You look like sweet, yummy sex!"
"I bet your blood tastes like honey-vanilla cake batter." 

I fell asleep last night to the above video. I know she's got a decent sense of humor
[been sub'd to her since 2012-ish] but figured my comment miiight not land exactly right.
Blood, lol.

I'd love it if somebody posted some shit like that on my vids lmao, I'd be like "Yeeeeah, that's my people right there!!!!!!!"


She's kinda cute. Hope she likes to fuck... I mean... hope she's not
a cruel, murderous dictator like those who preceded her...  Confused 

Not really afraid to post that, just thought it would fall on deaf ears.
My comedic tastes aren't always well received.
Yeah the bag lady jas a very sexy whisper and accent reminds me of vonnie quinn on bloomberg i could watch listen to her for hours dreaming of rubbing her down and such

"OK, I know I'll probably be born a midget in my next life for this, but you have some 
really sexy armpits! They're silky smooth and aren't in too great a contrast to your
outer skin. Paired with your gently muscular physique... 

Got me thinkin' dem p0rn thoughts, girl..."

Soooooo goin' to Hell for this.  Undecided
One day, the people we do this to are going to find/be directed to this thread
and come in here like "WTF is wrong with you people???" ROFL

I know, it's terrible. But worth it. lol

"Agh, Gary, duuude. I don't know this Mark fella but... his voice. Man, I dunno.
His voice tells me that he likes Cheetos, warm Arizona Iced Tea and gay Japanese
midget porn. Ugh, my God, his keyboard. Better proceed with caution on this one.
And maybe a little bit of disinfectant."

Yeah, I know, straight to Hell.
Do Not Pass GO. Do Not Collect $200.

11:53 - 13:22

"Damn, Kat, I bet you'd be one Hell of a sub in some light to moderate BDSM!" 

Glad she's always up to taking one for the team cuz McD's makes me
physically sick. Every single time. Even just one small double cheeseburger.
Nausea, headache, just gross feelings. Sucks cuz I like McD's, knowing that
it's just straight poison. *sigh*

0:06 - 0:58

"Hmm, I didn't know Katie was a lesbian..."
@ 8 min well at least the dude has a good sense of humor and looked a little more Manley for the taste test
(04-30-2020, 05:24 PM)Guest Wrote: @ 8 min well at least the dude has a good sense of humor and looked a little more Manley for the taste test

I didn't make it that far.  Blush
Fuck them kill them with fire burning, who cares what dumpkins think.
(04-30-2020, 10:57 PM)ELFUNGNINO Wrote: Fuck them kill them with fire burning, who cares what dumpkins think.

Divine Rapturous Ungnowing Knowingness.

Happy endings are not ALWAYS cringey.

"The first nearly five minutes is like some suuuuuuper softcore non-p0rn and bad public
access TV had a wreck and somebody filmed it in 720p."

And the second chick, at about the 5 minute mark: Is that really necessary? I mean, c'mon now.
Them lickin' sounds were just far too harsh. Too much going on in the 10khz and up region.

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