YouTube comments I dare not leave!
(05-16-2020, 10:40 AM)somethingelseishere Wrote:

"The first nearly five minutes is like some suuuuuuper softcore non-p0rn and bad public
access TV had a wreck and somebody filmed it in 720p."

And the second chick, at about the 5 minute mark: Is that really necessary? I mean, c'mon now.
Them lickin' sounds were just far too harsh. Too much going on in the 10khz and up region.

Yeah 5 min. chick's stuff was a lil loud but I guarantee there is nothing better in that video.
I mean she's a genius...

I dunno what else she does on the side...

But if she only did this??

She's making a shit ton of money off sex without ever even having to be naked or ACTUALLY come into contact with anybody's stupid dick.
Yep. She straight hookin' w/o the line, yo.
God bless her and I hope she has a great life.
Quote:"And now you have an adult brain and you can think about it"

He literally just said this to a SCIENTOLOGIST. rofl

I actually left this comment but I know it won't be long before they close
comments down because me and about three others have already called 
their bluff. Fucking scientology.... pffft.

@ 4:00 "I can see paradise " ... looking right at her twat

"Yeah, BBQ's a lot like girl cum: If you ain't wearin' it, you ain't doin' it right!" 

I didn't even have to talk myself out of posting this on YT, it fell clearly 
into the "Uuuh, NO" category. lol
Oh that is one of the dirtiest things I've ever heard in my life.

Go spastic on the cunts on youtube give them nothing take from them everything!
Lying fucking thieving scumbag fucks who don't want to work.

"Farideh, I just want to stand behind you wearing a luchador mask giving you a scalp
massage while you call me filthy-dirty names in Arabic."

Oh my God, lmao, best yet.

"This is why some people shouldn't have access to the internet.

Or electricity."
OK, I'm kinda goin' out like uh bitch here but I don't want the person to think I'm being mean.
She seems really cool and I know my sense of "humor" doesn't land the same with all people.

So I was watching a chick do a tarot-astrology video and she had some big black fake nails and
they just kinda stood out and I had the thought of commenting:

"Daaamn girrrl, you finna audition for Maleficent 3??"

And obviously it would've fallen under the heading of "post it here, not on YT" but I'm not even gonna
link the video cuz like I said, I don't want to come off as being mean. If she were to ever find the comment.

But that's trippy, the nails some of those chicks slang. Not hatin', just not quite gettin' it...
dude ,look how hostile these women are
nobody wants to see all this negativity on your damn shirts,10009160&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3ciXq5K97QIVBut-Ch0zeQDbEAEYASAAEgLvJPD_BwE
I must need glasses cuz I'm not seeing the hostility you speak of guest.
In fact, I thought they were all pretty clever/cute.
Now I'm guessing Kate would be a good sport and maybe even find it funny but... *shrugs*

2:30 - "Kate, you should totally wrap all your presents in old newspapers headlining major
serial killer crimes. Dude, who'd be that cool chick at the party? YOU!"

Undecided... so here'll hafta do for now, lol.
OK, a little twist in the plot, lol. I did it! lol

She'll be fine with it, I'm sure... Eek
Aaaaannd we're back!! lol

"This girl is hot. She's kinda turning me on...

She also looks like one of the Manson follower chicks. I'm guessing that's unrelated..."  Eek 

*in his inner fed-up 50-something black woman voice*

"Mmmhmm, this bitch lookin' WAY too happy in this thumbnail... I'm clickin'!!"

0:31 - Pleeease tell me that's not mashed potatoes in there... *eek*

0:40 - 0:46 jump-cuts to:

Anne [ ^^^ this chick ] can be seen parked at the corner in a bad neighborhood. She's obviously
very agitated - head AND eyes on a swivel. A young black man, early to mid 20's, approaches her
opened window.

Dude: "What you need?"
Anne: "Sweet Mary-fucking-Jesus where the fuck you been??"
Dude: "Whoooa, baby, what's all this?"
Anne: "Don't baby me you smooth-daddy cocksucker, I'm hurtin' here, hurtin' bad!!"
Dude: "That's all you needed to say. You want yo' regular?"
Anne: "No! I need somethin' with more sperm in the tank! Momma needs her pain to go away..."
Dude: "So you lookin' fo' some real shit - aight - I'ma hook you up..."

He slaps the roof of her dirty Ford Taurus twice and turns to walk away when she screeches.

Anne: "Hey, jheri curl, get the fuck back here!!"

He stops, turns and moves back towards her very out of place early 2000's model vehicle.

Dude: "Aay, if you want it I gotta go get it..."
Anne: "Fuck that, I ain't waiting here that long. What you got on ya??"
Dude: "Little glass. Little rock."

Her left eye was twitching. She needed it. Bad. While this wasn't exactly what she had in mind, it would
have to do. Previous shortfalls taught her a thing or three. That's what graduated her from those dirty
broken light bulbs to the finer, more respectable glassware she now carried in that secret compartment
in her glove box. A girl for all occasions.

Anne: "Well let's have it!"
Dude: "You got what I need??"

She looks up at him in a strange cocktail of gratitude and disgust. That well-wore leather purse sitting
shotgun held the key to her survival today. Grabbing it, she jerks it over into her lap. Quickly retrieving 
what was inside. Her friend's eyes widened as the now revealed black & shiny gets too close for comfort.

Anne: *calmly* "Take it all out and throw it in my floor, do it now before I shoot you in the dick."

He stands, staring in utter shock. Her eyes, wild & dangerous, looking more unpredictable as the seconds
tick away.

Dude: "You sure you wanna do this?"

Anne extends her arm out the window, closing the already small gap between the barrel and his jewels.

Dude: "Aight, keep yo head on."

He reaches into both pockets and removes several - maybe a dozen - small plastic baggies. Locking eyes
with her, still VERY aware of the piece, her leans only close enough to drop the dope into her car as
demanded. He backs away, raising both hands in front of himself, as to say don't shoot

Anne: "I'm sorry. And this isn't personal."

The car starts and she slams the gas pedal through the floor and disappears around that corner. 

Dude: *watching her speed away* "Oh I'ma kill me a crazy white bitch..."

*sighs*  I wonder why I don't have any more friends than I do??

Legend has it he never finished watching that grocery haul video.


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