Five Word Chain Story
(((Proceeds to blatantly defy 5 word rule)))

Detective Delicato inched toward the bartender like a tigress stalking her prey...

"I received word via telephoning device that an infamous interplanetary sex offender by the name of Chester the Molester was here attempting to assault an earth girl."

The bartender's eyes darted toward the pool table where Chester and his wife were hiding, using patrons' legs and a cloaking shield with failing batteries to conceal themselves.

"He's a Martian, about 7'6"... ringing any bells?"

The bartender took a step back, tossed his towel onto the bar and threw his hands up. "Listen lady, I didn't see a thing. Ain't no Martians allowed in this joint anyway. You tryin' to trick me? I'm tired of your kind coming around here pokin' your noses in our damn business!"

"MY kind??" Detective Delicato sharply arched a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. She laughed. "There's nobody like me, fella."

She turned and set her gaze upon the patrons gathered around...

"I'll be seeing you."
Anybody wanna guess what classic actress Det. Delicato looks like?!

"I couldn't help but follow her. I was like a moth to the flame."

Our trenchcoat clad narrator gets up from his dimly lit corner seat, trailing behind the clip-clop of Detective Delicato's high heels...
Delicato moved toward the exit and paused under the door jam. She casually moved her long dark hair over her shoulders and let it cascade down her back. Her ass seemed to float outward like the face of a seal emerging from the foam. Her beauty gripped the establishment and all of its patrons like a soft palm covered in KY Warming jelly. For a second, nobody breathed, and this is what she needed. When a Martian gets erect, it makes a distinct sound, like a dog whining while being choked. She listened intently, and sure enough, there it was. She spun around and pointed directly at the Martian's hiding place.

"Get the fuck out here, bucko", she commanded.
[Gently stepping on the five-word rule as well]

She whisked away towards the door, catching every eye doing so, stopping short
of exiting to say "This is the kind of place that could get a person in a lot of trouble..."

And with that, she flung the door wide and disappeared from view.
Only her razor-sharp demeanor and sweet-scented perfume remained.

"Well, I'll drink to that!" said the bartender as he nervously poured himself a double.
(10-21-2020, 06:08 PM)Guest Wrote: her long dark hair

SHE'S BLONDE, BUCKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10-21-2020, 06:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Anybody wanna guess what classic actress Det. Delicato looks like?!


Rita Hayworth!!!! Or not... lol

Because only a Scorpio would do.
(10-21-2020, 06:10 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: SHE'S BLONDE, BUCKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I meant to say was...

"She flung her long golden hair--made dark by the shadows that lingered near the exit--over her shoulders..."
Good grief golly goodness. That second picture got me thinkin' sum thaaaannngs!!! lol
She's a gorgeous lady, MO! No doubts to be had.
(10-21-2020, 06:17 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Because only a Scorpio would do.

Wow, that second picture reminds me so much of your old avatar. <3
Thaaaat's better.
(10-21-2020, 06:20 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: Good grief golly goodness. That second picture got me thinkin' sum thaaaannngs!!! lol
She's a gorgeous lady, MO! No doubts to be had.

Perfect for the role.
Things took an unexpected turn. Ohyeah
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
And most disappointingly of all: The fucking Martian got away! lol *clenches fists*
The stars were as bright as Johnny's curiosity as he tailed Detective Delicato down a dark alleyway...

They were a few blocks from the saloon when she disappeared into an unmarked side door.

He stood there studying the door and wondered, "Does she live here?"

He walked around to the front of the building where a small sign hung on a barred window...

"IPA HQ"...

"Ahhh, of course. It's the Interplanetary Police Agency Headquarters."

Officers assigned to special cases stay at the IPA building in modest accommodations while they carry out their investigations. This told Johnny that Detective Delicato wouldn't be there for long. She must be working a case surrounding Chester the Molester.

. . .

"Fiera, why do you think he did it? Was he really so unhappy with me?" Delia Delicato brushed her long blonde hair, peering into the mirror with sad eyes and traces of a pout. Fiera was a tiny blood red Venusian crater nymph who had been adopted by Delia and her late husband Charles. On holiday a few years ago, Delia and Charles decided they wanted to adopt a rare breed of nymph, and this was how it all began. Delia, a widow at only 25, was betrayed by Charles after he had been caught in the trap of a Venusian seductress employed as creature rescue worker.

"He wasn't unhappy, Miss Delia, he was hypnotized. I know you can't understand it. Venusian seductresses and their charms have no power over earth women. Charles loved you very much. I'm sure of it."

Delia set down her brush. "Maybe I should ask for a reassignment. This base is so boring! I'm done chasing Martians! I want to go to the dark side. They have the best discos."

Fiera rolled her eyes. "Delia, you've never even been to a disco."

"All the more reason to go! I could put on a shiny jumpsuit, and some big hoop earrings. You could come too!"

Fiera crossed her arms, "Miss Delia, be reasonable. You're doing very important work on this case. You're the best the agency has. You know all those damn dirty Martian tricks. You'll catch the guy. They're counting on you."

Delia sighed.

"Then you can go to a base on the dark side and have your fun. Asking for a reassignment never looks good on your record, and I know a good record matters the most to you."

Delia knew Fiera was right. She stood up and walked toward the bath, removing her robe as Fiera sauntered out of the room, her pointy tail swaying behind her...

"What would I do without you, Fiera?"

"Silly things, Miss Delia... very silly things."
"So, this is the wench!" Gail Atwood shrieked as her dark wavy hair bounced and framed her devious grin.

She held Detective Delicato's picture to the light and squinted hard.

"She's no match for me!" Gail exclaimed.

Vickie Meyer, Commander of Sector 56, had been at the head of a 2 year covert mission to destroy Detective Delicato... and she was not amused. She sat back in her chair and looked toward a tall file cabinet in the corner...

"I suggest you keep in mind that you're one of many in a succession of agents who have been assigned to her. You weren't exactly our first choice."

Gail spun around and pierced through Commander Meyer with her pale blue eyes...

"Failing to choose me first was your mistake."

Vickie feigned a smile...

"Agent Atwood," she began in a stern tone, "Delia Delicato is the best detective this side of the 57. If you mess with her, you had better win."
Anybody wanna guess who's playing the villainous Gail Atwood?

Okay, okay, I won't make you guess...


4:08 Detective Delicato's blueprint.

1:15:00 - 1:18:10 Agent Atwood's blueprint.

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