Bad Habits
Yeah, those things...

So I, kinda have one... that I'm about to openly admit to... right here... in front of God and everybody.

Sometimes* I use the underside end of my t-shirt as a napkin... while/after eating.

I know, I'm a dirty bitch, but it's true. I do it. Now about that little *

I only ever do it when I forget to bring napkins/paper towels/wet wipes in here with me.
And NEVER with a decent t-shirt - One that I would wear outside of the house.
It's always with a funky-ass, hole-infested, ripped, torn, stretched-out sleep shirt.

Koala Jesus doesn't hold a thing against me... and neither should You!  Wink2
MO and I both eat our own corona boogers. There's a thread about it here somewhere.

OK, so I don't know if this is a habit or some kind of biological tick. [Years now]

This happens mostly when I'm watching stuff, laying on the bed YouTubing or Netflixing.
But I catch myself biting my tongue as it's pressed firmly up against the roof of my mouth.

Sometimes kinda gently sucking on it, inwardly. It's weird. But the biting part is what kinda
concerns me. It's a default I've noticed that I go into daily. I don't know if it's a bad sign
or just that I'm a weirdo. Like we all didn't already know that!

Another small peek into the gross little mystery that is me. Eek

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