Elon Musk pumping Dogecoin...
Turkey bans crypto currency.

Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I appreciate Elon teaching the masses how to buy crypto and participate in lighthearted pump 'n dumps...

It's been a fun ride so far.
It's a great opportunity to make fast profits.

I am starting to enjoy Elon's personality.
Dancing Banana 
This email from Gemini exchange...

Quote:Dogecoin continues Bitcoin's tradition of giving the control of money back to the people. Yes, it's a meme coin, but all money is a meme. And all money is both an idea and a matter of faith or belief in it. Over the multi-milennia history of money, the majority of money (be it shells, beads, precious metals, etc.) has been what we the people say it is and believe it is.

Sounds like fucking Elon himself wrote it.
Dogecoin @ an 80 Billion dollar marketcap is insane. It's the 4th Largest crypto right now. I've seen lots of low level celebs promoting the pump. Rapper meek mill posted 2 days ago saying he had bought $50,000 worth but only posted a robinhood screenshot that had that amount entered on the order screen but he had not actually hit the purchase button. Elon or someone is paying these "influencers" to say this and get normies into the PnD scheme. I hope it works out and doesn't hnder the current bullrun.
They appear to be endearing Doge as a sweetheart coin...

It'll probably be one of the most famous coins in history just because of how it started out as a literal meme, yet birthed a whole generation of new millionaires.

No shit.

I think it'll be up to $2 pretty soon as well.

Elon will be deified for this shit too...

It's just perfect for him and gives him all the support he needs for his future endeavors, no matter how crazy they are...

He has just earned mass trust and lined countless pockets...

That is a dangerous man.
would be kinda interesting if they forced it in a ratio of X [thousands of dollars USD] BTC is X [cents of USD] in DOGE.

^ That's an international only YouTube livestream link for Elon's SNL show tonight for the ENTIRE WORLD TO VIEW (besides the USA), from the official SNL channel...

Meaning whatever he says or doesn't say is going to have Doge either crashing hard, or going to the moon...

That's my guess.

We will see what Elon is truly made of tonight.
Let's never forget...


Well, he did it.

He did it.

He made his mom do it.

It was all done in the most Americana way possible.

It was...

Intensely, intensely American.
It was very very Christian.
Well we definitely found out who Elon is tonight...

I think he's gonna need a hug.

Everyone just try to be supportive...

I truly think the guy has done the best he can.
It's all very controlled from what I can tell, most likely being studied.
Wow man well I gotta tell ya...

Elon's really made me re-think all my opinions and conclusions...

Not that I suddenly think I was wrong about everything...

But seeing the truth of who Elon is lastnight really changed shit for me.

A lot of people are salty that Doge crashed, but I don't give a shit about that...

Elon's on my mind with his inevitable questioning, "Do they just not like me?"

I felt like the Doge crash during the show was sort of a rejection of Elon himself.

Elon, the richest man in the world?

Elon, the awkward genius?

Elon, the Aspie?

I feel bad for being critical of him on the Joe Rogan podcast that one time, even though I eventually did discover I had some compassion for him...

I should have been more compassionate right out of the gate.

I am not too sure where it's gonna go from here for Elon, but I'd like to give that guy a hug and I think he did a good job.
I can honestly feel Elon's pain.

I should have never tried to get inside his mind because now I just can't unknow it.

SNL itself didn't even do him dirty...

That show lastnight was the least offensive political disease laden slop they've produced in a while...

For the most part it was dumb as shit, but at least innocuous.

They tried to put on a very respectable show, and I didn't think they were even capable anymore.

So all in all, it isn't SNL's fault Elon got looked at all strange lastnight...

I think it's a lot of things mixed with the fact that Elon acts like he just learned English last year and then came here from an intensely foreign country.

I don't think he can act very well but he was in great company because there were a shit ton of noobs there, a lot of the cast brought their moms in.

I think everything was done to try and make it a somewhat decent spectacle and at the end of the day...

It was the way that the viewership masses responded to Elon that caused the Doge to crash right then and there.

Maybe he is almost the richest man in the world, maybe he does live in luxury and there's nothing to feel bad for the guy about...

But fuck that. I feel bad for him and I hope he has a shoulder to cry on.
Poor thing.
Hopefully this will make people love him even more somehow once the initial shock of it all wears off.
It's just a small world and supposedly Elon already sees it as small enough since he can't wait to go to Mars...

It's a dangerous place to get to, viewing the world that way and being that large.

Must make all the typical feelings everyone else has seem even harder and more hurtful for somebody like Elon.

The loneliness, the rejection, constantly being misunderstood, misinterpreted...

*shakes head*
I thought it was interesting that Elon tried to address some of the points I made when I was commentating on his Joe Rogan podcast...

The stuff about not having a lot of inflection in his voice or whatever, that kinda stuff. Other things too.

I guess these are things people say about him a lot and he would prefer people knew they aren't true.

I'm sorry Elon.

I still stand by my conclusions though because Elon is only human (I'm assuming) and he can't be trusted to have the purest intentions all the time.

Nevertheless, I don't think he's who I thought he was.

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