Elon Musk pumping Dogecoin...
(11-04-2022, 03:32 PM)Guest Wrote: it has been alleged that harley pasternak, the former 'personal trainer' / mossad handler of kanye, who recently threatened to have him institutionalized again, has worked and may still be working with elon.

(11-04-2022, 03:53 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: "Conservatorship" incoming??


Imagine a person powerful enough to get the world in agreement to put Kanye in a conservatorship to "protect what's left" of his wealth because he's got a truth telling "mental illness" problem...

Who the hell is this strange new cabal REALLY??

Lex Fridman gaining a bizarre amount of influence, undoubtedly embarrassed that Kanye made him look like a total dumbass...

And where does Joe Rogan stand on this? He's in tight with Lex, in tight with Elon, was the first big name to interview Kanye.

Elon now in control of a large online platform that is still actively censoring Ye's tweets as of TODAY?

Every single last one of these people are in bed together to varying degrees...

Elon, Lex, Joe, Alex, Tucker...

What're they all really up to??

I'll tell you what sets Kanye apart from every single last one of the aforementioned...

His willingness to tell the real, absolute truth.
The only other person of the aforementioned who may eventually have the balls to tell the truth is Tucker Carlson.

Kanye has proximity to Candace Owens, who is in bed with Tucker.

Are Tucker and Candace going to be the two main figures dragging the red herring across the trail so that Kanye can't find his way to stability and security??

Kanye stands alone.

I think he's surrounded by covert opposition and is in a more dangerous position than even Elon, simply because Elon is in on it at the end of the day.

It's a grand conspiracy and Kanye West is the target.
Kanye has a direct line to coveted ears that even Elon and Candace can't reach... he's the most dangerous threat to their whole operation.
Ellen page
Amanda Bynes
Elliot page
Miley Cyrus
Kid Sister
Kanye West
Mac miller
Kobe Bryant
Brittany Murphy

partial list of 'clients' of harley's.

you don't get big in the media without being a part of the family or being under the thumb of it. step out of line, and they will assassinate your character, turn you insane, and potentially outright kill you. lex obviously came out of nowhere due to his familial ties to the KM. nearly half of rogan's guests are KM. bullhorn guy married KM multiple times.

kanye was forcibly institutionalized and over medicated by this person after publicly supporting trump. the only hope for this planet is for the KM to fall, and it will.

it's gonna get messy.
Tucker Carlson came from the MSM, Kanye came from the MSM...

These two are on each other's level, therefore they will probably join forces the most publicly.

Candace Owens will get an automatic in due to her proximity to both of them.

But who's geared to take who down? Tucker takes down Alex Jones? Alex takes down Tucker?

If Alex drops, he takes down Tucker. In turn, this takes down Candace and Kanye.

This casts the eye of doubt on Joe Rogan, who is frequently called out by Alex Jones. Rogan will be forced to take a side.

Depending on what side he takes, this can bring down Lex and all others associated with their strange group.

ALL of these figures are now intricately linked together and in threat of takedown from a multitude of angles.

The only question is, WHO is the mastermind? Is it Elon? Is it somebody above Elon and everyone else in the group, an unknown figure?

Who are the billionaires that Alex repeatedly mentions having private meetings with wherein they discuss whether it's time to run away to South America? How many billionaires would really meet with Alex? Guarantee you that Elon is one of them.

Something's definitely rotten in Denmark.
the entire media complex is corrupted and coopted, even most of the 'alternative' stuff. you simply don't get pushed by the KM algorithms unless you suit their purposes. none of them will maintain clout when all is said and done. the best any of them can do is openly admit what they've been a part of, show as much proof as they have, and then stfu and gtfo. everyone connected by the KM tentacles will be considered poison.
(11-04-2022, 04:07 PM)Guest Wrote: lex obviously came out of nowhere due to his familial ties to the KM.

100% for fucking absolute certain. The most obvious out of all of them, TBH.

(11-04-2022, 04:07 PM)Guest Wrote: kanye was forcibly institutionalized and over medicated by this person after publicly supporting trump. the only hope for this planet is for the KM to fall, and it will.

it's gonna get messy.

I was going to bring up Trump in all of this, obviously he's the granddaddy connection of them all.

(11-04-2022, 04:07 PM)Guest Wrote: forcibly institutionalized and over medicated by this person

This part just keeps echoing in my head and I just keep remembering the Amanda Rabb story and the Aura virtual reality brainwashing cult that was responsible for Bam Margera's conservatorship...


It's a deep, dark, crazy rabbit hole and they are ALL connected, down to the 'little names' nobody's heard of.

Elon is trying to bait women into fierce competition to be his future babymommas by sharing adorable photos of himself as a babychild.

He's done this several times.

It's a very transparent scheme.
Elon's genes are dominant when he reproduces, all his kids look like him for the most part...

He is trying to secure more and more women to reproduce with.
He's essentially saying "Look how cute I was! Why risk having ugly babies with an inferior man?"
I mean, he's right.
(11-04-2022, 04:07 PM)Guest Wrote: partial list of 'clients' of harley's.

Jessica Simpson is allegedly a client of Harley Pasternak as well, and she doesn't appear to be doing too well...



People are concerned she's on drugs and they keep mentioning Harley.
elon seems to have a lot of time available to troll on twitter. while i enjoy his bantz, this raises some significant questions, like how he can do that while also allegedly working so many hours at so many companies. does he have a dedicated team for shitposting opportunities? is he really just a front man for in-q-tel activity?
(11-09-2022, 02:38 AM)Guest Wrote: is he really just a front man for in-q-tel activity?

This was my original impression of Elon... it was my original theory. I then diverted into a lot of different ideas and concepts about him. Most likely the first impression is the truth. There's no way he has even 10 minutes of free time per day to read/post on Twitter, AND be successful with even one of his other endeavors... let alone several.
Even regular millionaires who continue to pull in substantial $$$ yearly don't have time to jerk off on Twitter or elsewhere... if they did have that time, they'd spend it doing something else.
(11-09-2022, 02:38 AM)Guest Wrote: does he have a dedicated team for shitposting opportunities?

And he definitely doesn't.

He's got a pretty recognizable typing 'voice'... even his emoji usage is recognizable.

Elon has sockpuppet Twitter accounts as well... that's how much 'free time' he really has.

To me, it's a dead giveaway that he's just a frontman, and it's kinda irresponsible to let him run around proving it to anyone who's smart enough to notice as well... IMO.
Then there's also the idea that he plays video games (Elden Ring) which, if you ask me, is even more ridiculous than the claim that he has time to jerk off on Twitter.

The video game mentions, in-world landscape screencaps, etc. could all just be clever sponsor situations, there's never been any proof he actually plays the game.

Listen, I'm not saying that mega successful/rich folks don't have ANY time to do ANYTHING outside of whatever their business is... but they generally tend to manage their time in extremely serious ways and unless they're retired or letting things totally hit the skids, they don't do stupid shit like post memes on Twitter and play video games. They just don't.

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