Elon Musk pumping Dogecoin...

Actually, Elon, it WAS your fucking choice.

You could have chosen to stand for something, stand for the sanctity of your own body, but you didn't...

And now, even though it's good that you're raising awareness, it's also been made clear (psychologically) where your line is.

So while it may help people for you to speak out about this, it also gives your enemies ammo and shows them that there is a point at which you put yourself on the line against your better judgement and you do stupid things.

It is what it is...

I just hope you froze plenty of that genius seed before you decided to take the VAIDS because now you are compromised.

Would be surprised if he lives to go to Mars at all. And I mean, really, let's be honest...

With so much of the Earth's population compromised by this mRNA trojan horse, the whole Mars thing is probably indefinitely suspended anyways.

It's fine, I always said it was futile to try and colonize space...

But it's sad because he may not live long enough now to even get us to the point of having single-manned space vehicles that can travel short distances to the moon, to asteroids, etc. and mine them.

It's just too bad.
How fucking warped would it be if the only existing untainted babybatter left from Elon are the embryos he created with Amber Heard??

Dry Heave
Planet Psycho.
It's such a shame because I do think Elon is super mega hot (no BS)... but now I wouldn't touch him with somebody else's 10 ft. pole.

People are gonna lie about their vaxx status to get laid in the future... we need a test that can show whether they've been vaxxed or not, cuz I wouldn't believe a single word a motherfucker says.
Just horrendous.
Yeah I am glad I broke my femur before all this stuff cuz I need a bunch of random blood during surgery
Agh my God...

Don't even get me started on the topic of tainted blood.

For real.

There's a serious problem lurking in this world, but...

Hey, there always is.

Seems they've royally fucked it up this time though.

Seems a little more FUBAR'd than usual.

Lol, they really went for it.
So Elon Musk died for a Tesla factory in a place that had no business even having a Tesla factory in the first place...

Got it.

Giga Berlin always rubbed me the wrong way and now I see why.


And he dares to say he didn't have a choice.

Such a cop out.

No Elon, you had a choice, you just chose the wrong damn thing.
Money, I guess.
He needs to take full responsibility for his idiocy instead of saying he didn't have a choice.

The whole thing is a massive chink in his armor on every level imaginable.
They got him.

He better make good progress real fast with whatever span of time he has left.

I really liked that guy.
Well, sometimes.
(01-22-2023, 02:16 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: So Elon Musk died for a Tesla factory in a place that had no business even having a Tesla factory in the first place...

And how ironic is it that in the Nazi era, you couldn't get out of Germany...

In the CV era, you couldn't get into Germany...

But both times, they were doing medical experiments on you.

Fate loves irony indeed.

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