Elon Musk pumping Dogecoin...

They conveniently left the most important lyrics out of the lyric video (and the best part of the song musically too), but they included them in the official vid...

5:08 sequence begins, I am notoriously bad at hearing lyrics correctly but this is what I gather...

Quote:Beauty loved the beast
But he just stares into the sun
There ain't no heaven
The angels here are the only ones
They fall like lucifer
They can't be God
I fall like lucifer
They can't be God
And now I'm here on Earth
Because I love an angel baby

Pretty much 100% speaks for itself.

What I gather from the video is that Grimes is basically saying she let Elon 'kill' her because "If she loved him any less, she'd make him stay"...

He stabs her in the stomach and I think this represents the fact that he basically chained her up for life with their child (her first/only baby as of now).

She's 'bound' to Earth because she loves the angel baby.

Of course maybe there's supposed to be a comma after that "I love an angel" lyric...

But I interpret it as Grimes being chained to Elon because of the child.

This is also sort of represented by the clip at 1:01 with the sword between her legs...

Symbolically I think it's all talking about their kid.

Another thing that backs up the "angel baby" idea is one of Grimes' NFTs...


I think somewhere she claimed the "angel baby" was supposed to be her...

Or maybe that's something I read in an article and it was just an assumption.

In any case, it's all pretty interesting.

Sounds like Grimes loved Elon, but he was also probably a nightmare to be with in a lot of ways.

I wish her the best being the babymomma of "the world's richest man"... she's gonna need strength.
Also, X Æ A-12 (their kid's name) is a reference to the Archangel 12 aircraft.
Tesla just started accepting Doge as payment for select merch items as a test...

One was some kinda 4 wheeler bike, there was a dog whistle, and a bitchin' belt buckle.

The quad looked pretty cool but WTF would I do with that? LMAO! It sold out pretty fast...

The whistle probably sold out first. By the time I got the word, all that was left in stock was the belt buckle, so I snatched that fucker!

I'm so stoked, this is historical... really glad I got a chance to participate.

It was kinda trippy to pay for something tangible in crypto... neato.

I loved the whole process, it was cool... you submitted your order and then they gave you a 30 min. countdown timer and their DOGE address so you could send payment.

Once I sent it, the page updated and said my order was confirmed. It was epic y'all.

I love it!

Now if only Elon would show up on my doorstep wearing that belt buckle and deliver it to me personally...

(01-14-2022, 01:42 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I'm so stoked, this is historical... really glad I got a chance to participate.

Like yeah, they'll get stuff back in stock or whatevs, but...

To me, in this first run, it was important to show them we intend to back up our crypto payment options requests with real action.

I'm gonna figure out a way to masturbate on it.
I'm gonna pleasure myself with the Tesla belt buckle.
(01-14-2022, 01:42 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: It was kinda trippy to pay for something tangible in crypto... neato.

first time i had done that was with crypto i had mined. my computer was on doin stuff so that meant i got a physical good. profoundly affected my view of the entire system of money and value.
Absolutely... it just FEELS different, and so good. Amazing experience.
I've been looking at Twitter a bit lately, for like the past few days...

And man it's retarded. LMAO but beyond that (and it's hard to get beyond that)...

I've noticed A LOT of young people hating on crypto. They'll make these disease laden tweets about how they're sick of seeing crypto ads everywhere, sick of hearing people talk about it, sick of seeing it on Twitter...

Calling the whole thing stupid, etc.

I dunno, I just feel like that shit is SAD.

When I was a youngster, especially before I was 18, I barely had any paper money, so I guess young peeps don't really have much money in general, let alone enough to start playing with crypto.

But I think it's a shame that some of them seem to have this attitude about it.

I feel like they're missing out in a big way. If you're 18+, there is no excuse whatsoever not to be into crypto, at least get your foot in the door.

In addition, I tend to notice that there are A LOT of people of all ages and walks of life who still just don't understand crypto AT ALL. It's kinda staggering.
MY ORDER HAS SHIPPED VIA FEDEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cranks music up way too loud*



Deal With It
*loudness boost*
My belt buckle comes tomorrow, I'm so EXCITEDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to rub it all over my titties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna sleep with it and if you think I'm bullshitting you, think again!!!!!!!!!!
I want it available at all times.
Absolutely never will it be used for its intended purpose...

But it's gonna be used for my intended purpose...

Rub Hands
(01-18-2022, 12:00 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: Absolutely never will it be used for its intended purpose...

Well, it MIGHT if someone inherits it when I die or buys it from me for an exorbitant amount of [insert crypto here].
Okay I've decided what I'm gonna do...

I have some belt-width black elastic band material...

I'm gonna sew a wrist strap onto the belt buckle so I can drag it along my body.

I'll be able to run my hand along my body and the belt buckle should lay down perfectly (longways) following behind.

I will take pics of the buckle and show you when it's done.

I could also just tie some material on it and simply drag it along, it doesn't have to be a wrist strap. But I kinda want it to be a wrist strap.
This elastic banding feels so sexy...

It's so stretchy, it's making me so turnt and lit.
I can't wait to make the vision real.

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