Woman is the slave of the slaves...
These vids have a matching aesthetic.

Nothing more, nothing less.

women have been catered to for thousands of years , with is this lady talking bout ?

even the flinstone women were bossing around those dudes
Lol, well the truth is always somewhere in the middle isn't it, Guest ;)
(04-29-2021, 05:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Lol, well the truth is always somewhere in the middle isn't it, Guest ;)

Night night little sprite.
(04-29-2021, 03:37 AM)Raven Wrote: These vids have a matching aesthetic.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Its the Raven the gark :o
(04-29-2021, 10:48 PM)ELFUNGUSMAXIMUS Wrote: Its the Raven the gark :o

Enjoying your gangster lean homie?

3:42 people wanna blame Yoko but come on, listen to him, he wanted to do this...

Lol, personally, I love/hate it. I think it's something that shouldn't be done in concert, but that never stopped them...

Dick Cavett done seen some shit...


This is who we're talking about here.

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE who made the epically true OP statement, a pretty controversial statement in the year of 1972...

LOOK at this shit.

3:40 I mean COME ON.

It HAS to be presented this way and if you read the words, it becomes pretty clear why...

John and Yoko together were calling people out and trying to tell the masses too much.

Maybe Yoko really does err on the side of a lil too crazy and that's why they left her alone?

Did they really leave her alone? Is killing John Lennon in front of her (and everyone else) not a pretty strong message?

As far as I know, Yoko's never really stopped doing her thing, but without John Lennon, the message is less... threatening to the elite, I guess.

Of course there are the rumors that Yoko was an agent from the start and I think the other members of the Beatles definitely felt she was an intruder. Whether they knew the scope of it, or whether there was anything more to know, I guess we'll find out someday. There has to be a paper trail if Yoko is an agent.

I don't think the rest of the Beatles' (including managers, etc.) stories/opinions should be entirely overlooked, and what DO they say about Yoko? Well I'm not really sure. All I ever heard was that they just didn't like her because she stole John away.

And it wasn't because John needed to finally settle down and start a family either, he was freaking married and had a child in the early '60s. That's throughout most of his career. So I really think what happened with Yoko is deeper than that.

Who knows what kind of person John really was... but I don't think he was a bad fella. I think he might have been capable of weaving a story though, and hearing his account of Yoko and his meeting each other sounded very fanciful. It was something he wanted to portray as mystical, and sort of beyond. Larger than life.

The biggest controversy was always the statement that Yoko made about not knowing who John/The Beatles were. There was proof she knew who they were. Later it was explained that she simply didn't know who John was when she met him. Allegedly this was misconstrued that she was implying she'd never heard of the Beatles, when she really just meant she didn't recognize John at first or some shit!

Who knows...

But let's see what the Beatles have to say about Yoko.

So here is Paul these days, speaking about the situation apparently...

I think he addressed the whole thing very respectfully...

1:04 really was intense because I think this is completely true and I'm glad that Paul sees that now.

Paul and the rest of them were young men back then, they've lived a lot of life after those years.

John Lennon was only 40 when he was assassinated...

That's quite young. Maybe eventually he would have gotten over his obsession with Yoko but I kinda don't think so because they were still together after all those years.

He was very much in love with his family.
I know some people are rolling their eyes and shouting "Yoko Ono was John Lennon's handler" at the screen...

I get you, but I have never looked into the theory about these two before, so it's new to me.

Here's the thing though...

Just from what we KNOW is true about their lives...

Yoko did some very weird shit that went a little too far.

When they broke up for a year, Yoko set John up with her colleague who was a young hot chick...

Yoko controlled that whole situation.

It makes the "handler" theory a lot more believable.
It's almost a Kurt Cobain-esque situation wherein the girlfriend/wife has the hubby murdered.

That, or the wife was always a handler in the first place (more likely).
Sad Nana 
I made the mistake of trying to look into the John/Yoko conspiracy theories and now I'm just shook.

Quote:The doorman called David Geffen (who was at that nights recording session) to come get Yoko and take her to the hospital.
. . .
Yoko in shock and holding John’s wedding ring, was taken back to the Dakota building by Geffen so she could tell their son Sean the news before he saw it on TV or the Nanny told him.

Kurt Cobain made mention of David Geffen as well...

"Angry Letter From Kurt Cobain To David Geffen Going Up For Auction"

1:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEMm7gxBYSc

"Yeah, I even asked David Geffen personally if he'd buy it for me." - Kurt Cobain

As an archivist, I have to admire Yoko for her dedication to John Lennon's body of work.

Now, of course, people are gonna say that she's only doing it for the money and she's pilfering his legacy yada yada...

But I do not agree.

I think she genuinely loves what we see her doing in this video...

Making art exhibits, continuing to organize and display John's art, releasing well presented personal footage...

It's actually very honorable and I think she's done wonderful work preserving John Lennon's life/legacy.

There's a lot of hating on Yoko... but I dunno.

1:04 I don't think anyone can blame him for loving her, maybe he really was just in love of his own volition and it wasn't influenced.

1:47 I think she's honest.
Maybe it really was all innocent and she didn't think the consequences would be so severe.

From the way she said it, it seemed like they were both aware even in the '60s that they were playing a dangerous game.

People often say John would have probably lived if he'd never gotten with Yoko and started being "real"...

But I think being real is for the best, and you have to make an impact on the world.
I think TPTB had him killed but I dunno if I believe Yoko was involved.
I never really cared for the beatles , they can all suck my dick
mo's hero

Yeah, the Beatles are lame. Bunch of pussies.

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