Michael Malice Interviews Alex Jones

I probably should have vetted it before posting, but with a Ukrainian-born Anarchist interviewing "the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America"... what could go wrong? 
4:14 "I'm this card in the Tarot deck that is 'Conspiracy'". Great analysis and analogy from AJ about how he's perceived.
Alex closes hard with some of his most beautiful stuff to date regarding "what's so concerning about the elitists".
I find Malice to not be all that interesting (yet; not enough to go on), and I thought the interview style was anti-dialog; no real follow ups or sense of free-flowing conversation; but it allowed Malice to get a shit-ton of questions in, and keep the interview around an hour in length instead of three hours. Is that good or bad?

AJ started getting pretty drunk toward the end and repeatedly forgetting Malice's questions, but on the other hand, he started getting a lot more flowery and intense with his responses, so in my view, it closed when it was just starting to get good. I'll happily take AJ forgetting questions and slurring, if what's coming out of his mouth is markedly more glorious than what he's doing when sober.
AJ once again proves he's box office gold. This video, after only being up for a week, is not only Malice's highest viewed video after a year of podcasting, but it crushes the next highest by almost half a million views.
This is gonna be a treat.
(07-15-2021, 05:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: This is gonna be a treat.

How? If you can tell me how, with evidence, I will bless the ground you walk on?
(07-15-2021, 05:39 PM)THEFUNGBRO Wrote: How? If you can tell me how, with evidence, I will bless the ground you walk on?

I read this and started to process the weirdness/relevance(?) of it, and immediately my brain was like "nah FUCK that shit", and I was like "but..." and my brain was like "NO, SERIOUSLY" and then >bam< a headache kicked in. I mean... holy fuckin shit.
Okay I am watching the video!

Wow this intro sequence is pretty hardcore! I love it! It's got that almost kinda old school YouTube feel to it.

2:20 I fuckin' totally agree with him about Bigfoot. Alex is going on gut right here and that's what's fucking beautiful about him.

7:00 God, Alex just straight up knows his shit. He really does. One of the most fucking legendary humans of all time.

7:56 Malice played off 'not knowing that' really well... never heard of this dude before but he seems pretty decent.

13:45 Alex addresses the hardships he goes through to keep his show on.

17:42 Alex tells us he's circumcised.

42:30 he starts telling the Megyn Kelly story.

44:18 they address the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. His answers and the details he gives are a surprise... news to me, though I've heard bits and pieces of some of it before.

50:30 they talk about Bohemian Grove.

51:55 Alex says that July 15th is when they do their Moloch ritual. I wonder if they did it yesterday?? Because if so, it must have been very powerful... the cosmic energies have been fucking intense in serious ways lately, people losing their minds everywhere, things changing. It's just very interesting that they would have a ritual at the height of that kind of energy.

56:50 this whole conversation reminds me of Mae Brussell. They do come after peoples' families. They came for her daughter Bonnie in 1970. And she withstood that... went on the air the next year and questioned the Warren Commission report which she had been studying for years. Then in 1988, they came for her.

58:15 this is where the excellent closing words by Alex begin.

58:45 so well said. I too have befriended death, I made a thread about the whole concept... https://www.sectual.com/thread-8689.html

1:00:10 extremely important points, and everyone should listen to this.

Another wonderful interview with Alex... he never fails to entertain, tell the truth, go with his gut, and he answers from the heart.
Did you notice the vibe when Alex tried to address the technical people helping produce the podcast, when Malice was like "don't talk to the help". It was clearly supposed to be a joke, but Alex looked back at them and then when he returned to Malice, he seemed to have a subtle 'oh okay, you're that kind of asshole' blaze in his eyes, like even though it was meant as a joke, it subtly revealed something. I could be overanalyzing. I probably am.

Also found it interesting he felt the human/animal hybrid thing is the topic that most warrants continued discussion and probing.
Lex Fridman and Michael Malice discuss Malice's interview with Alex, and in the process Michael comes up with a fairly penetrating assessment of the problems surrounding the term "conspiracy theory".


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