I'm done looking at the world in a doomy, dingy, shite light...
I'm still being plagued with videos about Devo. Not just the Mothersbaugh brothers, but other band members and the band as a whole. Various channels are getting in on the action. I don't recall having ever clicked a video about Devo.
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LOL. Predictive Programming.

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This world is a giant toilet.
(08-02-2021, 01:17 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've seen WAY too much good lately to keep looking at the world through a shit splattered lens...

For real.

Implying previous to as of late-you've been looking at the world through a shit splattered lens...?
Sounds like a commercial for Nestle. 
I can't even imagine what that's like. 
Horrible, but disgustingly sweet. 
Not sweet in the taste but the intoxicating feel
of the drug of hate, disgust, dysphoria...dread.

Good to hear you've attenuated your freak frequency. Directional amplitude determined by dilation by aptitude. 

Do you like flying kites? What about when you were little?

Ever seen white light twist into an 8 and fall down in a sea of electric blue clouds?
(08-01-2021, 10:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Screw that shit.

Fuck the news.

Fuck the agenda.

Fuck the propaganda.

The shit is meaningless.

You can get lost in it... (or become part of it's cycle and cycle out as you burn and fade out)

Or you can create your own reality. (except when you go in public, reality is theirs unless you're on acid or blind and deaf)

When you choose what reality you want to experience, all the players will come out of the woodwork and animate the matrix. (I think you may have taken lsd about an hour ago judging by this statement)

The idea that you need certain places, people, things, etc. is illusion to keep you stuck in an obsolete paradigm.
Actually it's to make cold hard cash. 

I know the future... Me too. I'm dead in it. 

It's what the fuck I want. (DMT Toads are only 65 dollars online)

Which means that if you are with me here... black and white dogmatic statements backed by literally zero logic. mmkay

It's what you want too.

So congratulations, my friends...

We are en route to our destination, (death is the ultimate and last destination unknown)
and we are closer than we've ever been before. (I really hope not)

In fact...

Dare I say, we have arrived... yes you should say you dare, lol. DORK!. omg. jk. 

Cheers! So funny!
^^^ Somebody who reads the news.
the world was never your forever home.
however, the world will ready you for your forever home.

in case anything happens to you in your forever home,
you will come back to this world and start all over again.

eternal continuum

when considering these things,
the world only has one purpose,
to reassemble you to pre-selected specifications
once completed, the world ends and you are delivered.

therefore, the world will get dingier and dingier
for if it did not, you would never want to leave the cradle.

it is by design that you outgrow the world,
your forever home is waiting for your return.
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That chocolate icing is thicc.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
You'd have some quality shits after eating all that chocolate.

It will also look the same coming out.
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(11-07-2021, 12:45 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: It will also look the same coming out.

That in itself should raise a red flag.
I dunno if all that chocolate would give you a hearty shit, but I do know the coloring on Oreos makes your turds black.

If you're going for a hearty turd, I'm gonna have to recommend a big ol' bran muffin with some lil fruit bits in there.
One of you fellas should perfect a muffin recipe, you could share oversized, pillowy topped bran muffins with your fellow bros in order to maintain healthy shits.
Look at the size of those popovers...


Amirite though?
I ain't eating no bran muffins. Oatmeal is about as far down the high-fiber road as I'll travel with you.
Dude i found some cool shades for you
Smoking and drinking with melanie kinda days
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