I'm done looking at the world in a doomy, dingy, shite light...
Screw that shit.

Fuck the news.

Fuck the agenda.

Fuck the propaganda.

The shit is meaningless.

You can get lost in it...

Or you can create your own reality.

When you choose what reality you want to experience, all the players will come out of the woodwork and animate the matrix.

The idea that you need certain places, people, things, etc. is illusion to keep you stuck in an obsolete paradigm.

I know the future...

It's what the fuck I want.

Which means that if you are with me here...

It's what you want too.

So congratulations, my friends...

We are en route to our destination, and we are closer than we've ever been before.

In fact...

Dare I say, we have arrived...


Come and see...

Hand in hand in hand in hand...

4:48 that's us...

We will pass through this place, to the other side.
I understand your pain and angst my fine feathered friend.

But choosing your own reality is in effect attempting to escape from reality.
Which becomes a delusion.
History has shown us that some delusions can become reality.
But if you live outside of reality to much it risks becoming a total Facade.

The Hominid is still being chased by the Saber Tooth Tiger even though there is none.
Most addicts are creating their own reality which destroys them.
Creating your own positive reality can be good.
But its kind of like flipping a coin whether it will be in the long term.

The happiness trap is a thing its reproducible.
When the walls fall down from your delusion it can be catastrophic.
You know and I know it all goes back to one thing.
Balance. :)
You're here so I guess you're supposed to be here...

You're contributing to the reality being forged.

You're clearly going where we're going.

Resistance is futile though.

It can be fun! But futile ;)
Dancing Banana 
Fung accompanying us on our journey...

(08-01-2021, 11:42 PM)THEFUNGBRO Wrote: fine feathered friend

Very nice early 2000s nostalgic blast, Dev...

Beautiful Thread, happy to be here.
That is an amazing video, never seen it before even though I was a fan of the song back in the day...

Gotta tell ya, I might have gotten a lil misty-eyed...

I've seen WAY too much good lately to keep looking at the world through a shit splattered lens...

For real.
Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you.
Just because you're aware of reality and your surroundings doesn't mean you have to be sad.
But remember the Happiness trap its a thing.
Just have fun and be silly and enjoy the ride as much as you can but remember the darkness is real.

"Money can't buy life." - Bob Marley
"But it can buy you an Asian wife." - THEFUNGBRO
It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

But Good will inevitably triumph over Evil.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." - John 1:5
This thread is love.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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