The crypto pets industry needs to be revolutionized...
solsea is back up on devnet if you wanna fuck around
Thanks for updating me!!!

I've been focusing hard on creating artwork for NFTs the past several days...

I'm in the planning and envisioning stage mostly.

I want to think out every facet of how I will actually create the art (computer wise, once I get to that phase of the creation).

Sort of pulling a Nikola Tesla and imagining it all in my head before I do it.

I think the timing will be pretty on point with this whole thing, and I think that creating crypto collectibles is going to be a huge part of my life for the next few years.
I mean, I just cannot even tell you how far up my alley this kinda thing really is.

It's something I feel legitimate passion for, which is extremely rare.

these guys seem to have some serious licensing in effect and yet their coin has like no marketcap or exposure.

from how their pages are worded, seems like you can open show your gallery to other veve users, but this is what i want to see in the future, just using an open standard so any piece of compatible software can be used to see your and others NFTs.
(09-16-2021, 03:36 AM)genba Wrote: these guys seem to have some serious licensing in effect and yet their coin has like no marketcap or exposure.

They kinda don't, man...

Quote:Copyright Notice - All images, illustrations, logos and artwork is copyright to their respective owners - All Rights Reserved. All artwork used in this document is for demonstration use only

They're basically jacking all those images...

I'd be suspicious of it somewhat because I ran across an NFT scam site a few weeks back.

There's about to be a massive effort to scam people surrounding the NFT craze.
their marvel comic NFTs are legit.
their star trek NFTs are legit.
went ahead and downloaded their app to check it out. should've figured due to it being on iOS that it'd be crippled imo, in that you're forced to buy gems through the itunes/play store and then use those to purchase things. shame, this was really starting to pique my interest. give me a good PC version of this that uses crypto! i want to own comics like this.
It's all so new... in time, the kinks will get ironed out. This is crazy man.
NFT obsession is what will get a lot of normies who've slept on crypto so far to wake the fuck up.

nice place to view your solana based nfts

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