The Matrix Resurrections looks like a total fucking mistake...
I'm sure it'll be great in its own way...

But classic Matrix great, I doubt it.

Even some the two original Matrix films after the first one weren't AS good.
Where the fuck is Kill Bill Vol. 3?

That's what I wanna know.

That's about the only continuation of a story that I wanna see from back in that time period.

Apparently they'd cast Maya Hawke (Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman's daughter) in the role of The Bride's daughter...

Fucking brilliant.

That's a movie people REALLY want.
bitches with swords are hot
i don't even have matrix 2 or 3 in my archive. it changed from a psychological and philosophical thing to a sci fi action thing.
They just weren't as important. They were great, but not as good as the first movie.

Turned into romance stuff, which I am not really into TBH. Especially not with a story like The Matrix.

Still loved 'em, but it is what it is.

I'm sure the new movie will have all kinds of propagandistic, totally dated add-ins like gayness and transgenderism.
Nothing dates a story more than throwing in the propaganda du jour.

It's kind of like tattoos...

Pretty soon they won't just be unstylish, they will be disapproved of altogether...

And that means that anyone who has them will be a relic of a time when they were popular.

Doesn't matter how young you look otherwise...

If you have tattoos, it'll be a dead giveaway of your era.

I am not trying to shit talk tattooed folks, don't get it twisted...

It's a trend countless people have followed, and I'm not saying those people suck.

I'm just saying that they have dated themselves and unless those tattoos get removed, there's no changing that.

I respect people who have gone to great lengths to have their tattoos removed, and one of the best examples I can think of is YouTube's Channon Rose...

She's endured a lot of pain, spent a lot of money, and given it her best to remove them...

It's very hard to get rid of them completely once they're there.

Bottom line, no fucking red or orange, and no big pieces.
i saw one still pointing out a coffee shop named `dia latte` which is hilarious with the trans shit. dilate.

you never know, maybe that one wachowski has regrets about what was done to him. the one that isn't on for this project is the one that seemed to be the bigger public cunt.
I'm sure in the future they'll come up with something that will truly remove them...

There will be a huge demand, and where there's a demand for something that makes money, you know they're gonna meet that demand.
i'd argue that tattoos are a lot less harmful and unattractive as the plastic surgery she's had done to her face.
(09-23-2021, 10:12 AM)zenba Wrote: you never know, maybe that one wachowski has regrets about what was done to him. the one that isn't on for this project is the one that seemed to be the bigger public cunt.

Those two had a very fucked up crossroads agreement...

That's the price of telling some truth in old guard hollywood.
(09-23-2021, 10:17 AM)zenba Wrote: i'd argue that tattoos are a lot less harmful and unattractive as the plastic surgery she's had done to her face.

Yet she doesn't seem too upset about THAT...

In fact she probably keeps getting the same fillers over and over.

Tattoos and the vibe that encompasses them comes from an entirely different place.

I agree with you though, it's a bad look...

All these fuckers need to get the hell out of insipid vanity poisoned places like LA, Miami, etc.

A lot of them are moving to Texas, but the plastic surgery butchers will just set up and make bank there too.
what was real was simulation what was simulation was real
both true both false connected and flowing like a sideways 8

if a movie that's supposed to be a mind twister (predestination, naked lunch, et al)
doesn't give you chill bumps at a revelation... an epiphany maybe...
then it's not doing it correctly.

underestimation is a YUGE mistake

the best were all nerds. neurotic

I think the movie will satiate any leftover hunger for more matrix movie mechanics
metaphors fans.

1st film made for normies. If this film is made for normies I will be back to textually shit on this

one of the parts of the animatrix translated into a non-animated movie would do well I think; the
one with the robot revolt and ensuing war started by the humans against the machines for one
thing: money

robots posed no risk. isolationist and masters of commerce around the globe. 
a one totalitarian economically dominant master which there was no competition against their computations
to sell the best for the least.

It will undoubtedly be, indubitably the The reverse of the 1999 film. 
It will be like a 6661 film. 

glad it's streaming. paying for movies is so 1999...
i'm gonna go ahead and override any potential realities and make it the best movie to come out in the 2000s onward.

badda boom.
I think the trailer is kind of amazing. I've watched it too many times. At first I was a little underwhelmed--but not sure why, exactly. I realized it was because I went into it with such a clean slate, in terms of zero expectations, that I forgot to bring my feelings with me. I watched it as a pure machine, taking in whatever data there was to be gleaned, impartially. Systematically. But then I was like "wait a fucking second. That was Grace Slick. That was White Rabbit. And there was a lot of music and sound in back of it, not found in the original". So then I watched it again and was like "ohhh, okaaaay, I get it: this is fucking amazing. Of course". The editing--visually and sonically--yields something akin to cinematic poetry.
(09-23-2021, 08:41 PM)Atma Wrote:  cinematic poetry.

And that's what Keanu Reeves IS at this point in the collective.

i see a lot of people panning it, talking about woke shit. i don't think they got the movie. better than 2 and 3, probably not as good as 1. too much re-used footage. visuals were extremely impressive.

i like this digital streaming era where you don't have to rely on shitty pirated camcorder footage, now it's all high quality webrips. yarrr.
(12-23-2021, 04:09 PM)zenba Wrote: better than 2 and 3, probably not as good as 1.

That actually sounds really promising.

Digging the new avatar...

I see a dwarf elf with a bitchin' beard.

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